Works assembly during a categorical plant in Wolfsburg: "Safeguarding a destiny of Volkswagen together"

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A accordant bid for a future: with a corner presentation, a Works Council, politicians, a Group and a code all appealed for support for a one trail out of a Volkswagen crisis. “Despite a opposite views that people will of march have within a company, we know that we can usually do it together,” pronounced Matthias Müller, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, during a works assembly in Wolfsburg. He speedy a workforce to see a ensuing mutation “not as a hazard though as an opportunity”. Müller: “Together, we contingency make a required changes to guarantee a destiny of Volkswagen.”

Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of a Group Works Council, and Herbert Diess, Chairman of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen brand, emphasized that everybody would need to lift in a same instruction to make a association fit for a mobility of a future. “We are in comprehensive agreement; we are dynamic to move Volkswagen behind on a highway to success together,” pronounced Osterloh, vocalization to an assembly of some-more than 20,000 employees in Hall 11 during a Wolfsburg plant. And Diess emphasized: “It is a common charge and shortcoming to beam Volkswagen safely into a new epoch of mobility.”

In his speech, Stephan Weil, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, clearly settled that Lower Saxony was giving a association a full support as a vital shareholder: “Lower Saxony has had a really tighten tie with Volkswagen for decades. The state is station by Volkswagen and a employees – in good times and in not so good times.” Weil betrothed a employees that this would continue to request in a future. “There is no reason to make any changes to a tighten links between a state and employees during Volkswagen. Let us lift on with certainty and joining on this basis.”

Works Council Chairman Osterloh underlined that a Board of Management and a Works Council were forging forward with construction with full power. “We are good wakeful that this is what a customers, a employees, shareholders, politicians and a open design – and righteously so.” Osterloh certain a employees that “relentless clarification” had a full support of government and Works Council: “Only when we have entirely simplified these events can we equivocate serve repairs to a association and to a jobs. As a workforce, we will quarrel tough to make certain that Volkswagen emerges from this predicament with new strength.”

Nevertheless, code CEO Diess sees certain signs in a stream situation. The Tiguan is a good opportunity, he said, vocalization where a new compress SUV is to be produced. “To date, about 15,000 Tiguans have been ordered. The start of prolongation has left really good to date and was excellently designed by a group in Wolfsburg. This is how we can and should continue.” Diess pronounced that a 12-point module of a Volkswagen code was a comprehend-sive remodel module that would make a association faster and some-more efficient, defence a future. “If we do a right things now, Volkswagen can turn a stimulating core code of a Group again in a few years’ time. The Wolfsburg plant has a pivotal purpose to play in these efforts,” Diess added.

In his speech, Group CEO Müller emphasized: “The core code Volkswagen and a categorical plant in Wolfsburg bear a special responsibility”. He thanked not usually a vital shareholders such as a State of Lower Saxony for their support, though also and generally a workforce. Müller: “I am deeply tender by a approach a employees are station by Volkswagen notwithstanding all that has happened and how everybody is operative to endorse a trust of a customers.” He pronounced that a reward that had been motionless on for 2015 was therefore “well-earned and justified”.

In Müller’s opinion, both a code and a Group are well-equipped for a future. He pronounced that a Group had already valid during a Geneva Motor Show “that Volkswagen is some-more than only a crisis.” Whether we are articulate about electro-mobility, digital networking or unconstrained pushing – “we have clearly shown that we are embarking on a destiny of mobility with determination.”

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