Works assembly during Wolfsburg plant: discussions on agreement for a destiny creation good progress

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During a works assembly hold currently during a Wolfsburg plant, a Chairman of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen brand, Dr. Herbert Diess, a General Works Council Chairman, Bernd Osterloh, and a Member of a Board of Management obliged for Human Resources, Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, sensitive a employees about a standing of negotiations on a agreement for a future. They emphasized that a agreement for a destiny could make a Volkswagen code some-more rival in a prolonged term.

In his debate to about 20,000 employees, Dr. Herbert Diess, a Chairman of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen brand, said: “The agreement for a destiny will lay a substructure for a poignant boost in a competitiveness of a brand.” He combined that Volkswagen would be sustainably augmenting a productivity, shortening bureaucracy and creation e-mobility, digitalization and programmed pushing core competences of a company.

With honour to practice and a destiny of a plants, Diess said: “We will need to revoke a workforce, though there will be no redundancies. At a same time, we will be charity a viewpoint for a destiny of any plant. This will be a concrete, picturesque viewpoint that can be achieved in viewpoint of a tough foe in a industry. We will be negligence down a enlargement of compulsory technologies and instead investing in destiny technologies such as E-mobility, digital networking and new mobility services.”

General Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh emphasized: “There are to be no redundancies for business reasons and no changes to existent common negotiate agreements. Nevertheless, if it is a matter of steering Volkswagen to a destiny that will guarantee a jobs in a prolonged term, we can speak about it. We are certain that a workforce is prepared to master this formidable conditions together as it has so mostly shown in a story of a company. However, this will usually request with a transparent viewpoint for a destiny of plants, new products and jobs that are secure in a prolonged term. Otherwise, a agreement for a destiny can't be a success.”

In a speak event following a meeting, Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, Member of a Board of Management obliged for Human Resources, commented: “We are creation a Volkswagen code and a plants fit for a future. However, we will usually grasp postulated success if a workforce is fit for a arriving hurdles and is also prepared for change. This is because we are training a employees for new technologies, for digitalization and for tasks in new business areas.” As regards a rebate in a workforce, Blessing added: “Where tasks are no longer required, we will not be stuffing vacancies. We will use a age structure of a workforce. In addition, we have a really effective apparatus in a form of prejudiced early retirement. Where future-oriented tasks arise, we will also emanate new jobs.”

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