World champions Päivarinta/Kainulainen: “This pretension is something really special.”

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Munich (DE), 21st Oct 2016. The dual “flying Finns” wrote history
this season: Pekka Päivarinta and Kirsi Kainulainen won a pretension in
a FIM Sidecar World Championship (SWC). Thirty-year-old Kainulainen
was a initial lady ever to be crowned universe champion in highway racing.
Their 44-Racing sidecar is powered by a BMW S 1000 RR engine, and the
BMW Motorrad Motorsport experts upheld Päivärinta/Kainulainen in
environment adult a components. Together with a team, a specialists
mutated and set adult a absolute BMW engine in sequence to perfectly
compare a special mandate in a complicated sidecar.


Päivärinta and Kainulainen – a integrate also in private life – finished
all 9 races of a deteriorate on a podium. At a Hungarian turn at
Pannonia-Ring, they claimed an ancestral victory, with Kainulainen
being a initial lady ever to win a universe championship foe in road
racing. At a deteriorate culmination in Donington (GB), they finished second
on a lectern and cumulative a universe championship climax with an
advantage of 18 points over their closest rivals. For Päivärinta, it
was his fifth universe championship title, for Kainulainen it was the
ancestral initial one.


In an interview, Päivärinta and Kainulainen pronounce about a meaning
of this title, a mindfulness of sidecar racing and a close
co-operation with BMW Motorrad Motorsport.



Congratulations on this ancestral universe championship title.
What does this pretension meant to you?


Kirsi Kainulainen: “Of march it feels great! It is extraordinary and
something unequivocally special for me that my name will be created in the
story books.”


Pekka Päivärinta: “This pretension has a unequivocally special definition for me
since we won it together with Kirsi.”


Can we report your emotions after we had won a world
championship title?


Kainulainen: “I could do it and we did it! What a relief!”


Päivärinta: “It is unequivocally us! We are a universe champions!”


Your sidecar is powered by a BMW S 1000 RR engine and you
worked closely together with BMW Motorrad Motorsport in preparing
and environment adult a engine. How critical was a support from Munich?


Päivärinta: “The support from BMW Motorrad Motorsport has unequivocally been
critical for a career. We are unequivocally beholden for that. This
co-operation has been a best we have enjoyed in a career so far.”


Kirsi, do we feel like a purpose indication for other immature women in motorsport?


Kainulainen: “I have listened that there are concerns about women in
racing that they would be too vulnerable and not as good as men. But this
is not true, and we am happy to have proven a opposite. we see myself
as a good purpose indication for masculine passengers as well: they came to me and
asked about tips and recommendation for training after they saw a good shape
we am in.”


What is a mindfulness of sidecar racing?


Kainulainen: “Sidecar racing is unequivocally exciting, and it is also hard
work. You also have to be intelligent if we wish to ideally understand
what your partner skeleton to do next. This is not easy, though a driver
and a newcomer need a kind of blind understanding.”


Päivärinta: “Well – sidecar racing is my life, what else can we say?”


How critical is it in sidecar racing to entirely trust your partner?


Kainulainen: “You need to trust any other 120 per cent. And we also
contingency be committed by 120 per cent. If this is not a box in a team,
it can be dangerous.”


Pekka, since is Kirsi a ideal passenger?


Päivärinta: “For many reasons. She is lightweight and physically fit.
And, as she is a motorcycle racer herself, she has an enormous
bargain for a motorist and knows a ideal lines in corners.”


Kirsi, since is Pekka a ideal driver?


Kainulainen: “Pekka is a good motorist since he is unequivocally quick and
clever. He has a unequivocally issuing and well-spoken pushing character and creates no mistakes”.


You are a partial of a BMW Motorrad Motorsport family and
always among a tip positions in a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. How
do we like a worldwide village and this special foe –
and how did we deposit a esteem income we won final year?


Päivärinta: “The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is a unequivocally good concept, and
we are unequivocally beholden that we are a partial of a BMW family. That all
this is probable creates us unequivocally happy and it is critical for us.”


Kainulainen: “And a esteem income we won final year went completely
into a sidecar. We invested it in parts, tyres, fuel and everything
we need to go racing.”


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