World RX: Audi Sport gives wings to EKS

Posted on 04. Apr, 2018 by in Audi Canada

“We have noticeably some-more engine energy than ever before,” says Mattias Ekström who, following a initial exam laps with a new engine in Majorca, climbed out of a cockpit with a extended laugh on his face. “Putting a energy on a belligerent is even some-more important.”

The commission of full-throttle pushing tends to be rather tiny on a typically brief and circuitous rallycross tracks. At about 40 percent, it is a largest on a lane during Trois-Rivières, Canada. Therefore, a suspension, dampers and traction are of vital importance.

“It’s a sum of many tiny sum that comment for this progress,” says Mattias Ekström. “We’ve softened in all areas and know how most faster a new automobile is. I’m really happy with a work that has been finished and wish it’ll be adequate to applaud victories and finish on lectern frequently again. At a same time we have really clever competitors who haven’t slept either. We’re usually going to see where we mount during Barcelona.”

On a Spanish competition track, a new deteriorate will flog off on Apr 14 and 15. EKS Audi Sport has prepared dual new cars during a team’s bottom in Fagersta, Sweden. The Audi S1 EKS RX quattro with framework series 006 will be a competition automobile of new signing Andreas Bakkerud, Mattias Ekström will accept framework 007. 

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