World’s initial electric highway opens in Sweden

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The world’s initial electric highway was non-stop in Gävle, executive Sweden, and it was an electrically-powered G 360 4 x 2 lorry from Scania that done a initial journey. Sweden’s joining to tolerable transport

Swedish Government Ministers, heading open zone figures, a business village and a informal management where a electric highway is located were assimilated by ubiquitous media and members during a launch. The record is a outcome of several years of team-work between a Swedish Government, open zone and private sector, and shows a strength of Sweden’s joining to tolerable ride solutions.

Scania and Siemens’ corner technology

Claes Erixon, Scania’s Head of Research and Development, described how a Scania lorry has been versed with a pantograph energy gourmet that is mounted on a support behind a cab. This connects in spin to beyond energy lines that are above a right-hand line of a road, regulating conductive record combined by Siemens.

The lorry can openly bond to and undo from a beyond wires while in motion, handling as electric vehicles when on a electrified highway and as unchanging hybrid vehicles during other times. All a Scania trucks that will be on a highway are hybrid and Euro 6-certified, using on biofuel.

The new record has been pioneered by Scania and Siemens, with a subsidy of several Swedish private and open zone bodies including a Swedish Transport Administration, Gävleborg Regional Authority, a Swedish Energy Agency Authority and Vinnova.

Good for a environment, good for expansion and good for jobs

The launch was attended by dual Government Ministers, Anna Johansson, Minister for Transport and Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Energy, as good as a ubiquitous directors of a Transport Administration Lena Erixon and a Energy Authority Erik Brandsma. Both a Ministers were really tender with a technology, hailing it as good for a environment, good for expansion and good for Swedish jobs.

And, as you’ll hear in a film of a event, Ibrahim Baylan had sold regard for Scania’s role, describing a association as being during a “forefront” of efforts to foster tolerable ride solutions.

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