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Nissan brings automotive creation to a universe of technolog
  • Nissan announces singular self-healing iPhone box – a Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case
  • The box uses innovations from a automotive universe to emanate a clever iPhone case, including Nissan’s pioneering self-healing paint finish
  • Nissan’s Scratch Shield paint is a universe initial in paint record that allows excellent scratches to fast mend themselves
  • Addition advantages such as scratch-resistant and easier-to-grip than normal silken phone surfaces
  • The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone box is done from ABS cosmetic – a high class square widely used in a automotive attention to emanate a some-more rigid, robust, and tighter-fitting case
  • Trial underway with initial collection of prototypes

Nissan currently announced a latest square of must-have pack for a iPhone* – a ground-breaking self-healing iPhone case. The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone box facilities a brand’s pioneering self-healing paint finish, a universe initial in paint record grown in 2005 and already used on a series of Nissan and Infiniti models. Now this ground-breaking record has been practical to a product that’s disposed to scratches by bland use – a smartphone – with Nissan’s new Scratch Shield box definition iPhone-lovers can keep their phone looking during a best for longer.

Developed by Nissan in partnership with University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc., a singular Scratch Shield paint finish was primarily designed for automotive use and is accessible on a Nissan Murano, 370Z and X-Trail along with a Infiniti operation of products. Now, interjection to Nissan’s pioneering approach, this record is being trialled for a initial time on a non-automotive product in Europe, with a Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone box has been designed regulating several automotive engineering innovations to broach a some-more durable and long-lasting paint coat, and closely fitting, parsimonious case. The box has 3 pivotal benefits: a rarely stretchable and effervescent properties of Scratch Shield paint record allows excellent scratches to fast mend themselves**; a pleasing gel-like rather than silken aspect is some-more scratch-resistant than required paint and provides a improved grip; and a box itself is done of ABS cosmetic – a high class square widely used in a automotive attention that is some-more firm and clever than other plastics. The outdoor ‘paint’ is done from polyrotaxane, that means that when repairs occurs to a cloaking in a form of a excellent scratch, a chemical structure is means to conflict to change behind to a strange figure and fill a opening – ‘healing’ a blemish.

An initial collection of prototypes of a innovative Scratch Shield iPhone cases has been constructed by Nissan for BETA contrast with comparison reporters and customers, though if direct proves strong, it will demeanour to put a cases on ubiquitous sale after this year.

Bob Laishley, Overseas Programme Director Business Development for Nissan in Europe, said: “We like to consider aside by holding a good innovations we’ve got from an automotive indicate of view, and looking during how they could be practical to urge bland issues. The Scratch Shield iPhone box is a good instance of us holding a Nissan automotive record that has had a outrageous impact for a customers, and afterwards changeable a bounds to request it to another bland product.

“We’re unequivocally vehement about a possibilities supposing by this technology. In Japan, we’ve already related adult with world-leading mobile user NTT DoCoMo to concede them to use a Scratch Shield record on a Style Series N-03B mobile phones, and we consider this record has genuine operation over a automotive world. We’re ardent about innovations that get people excited, and that means not being limited to one attention or genre.”

Nissan has been chartering a singular technologies for several non-automotive applications given 2004. Other technologies that have been protected embody a Miniature Thermal Imaging Sensor: primarily designed to make pushing during night safer by detecting a participation of people even in places not bright by a car’s headlights; a record has been protected to emanate a device that allows business to guard feverishness generation, or collect heat readings around infrared sensor. Nissan will continue to investigate and rise breakthrough technologies that can advantage other industries, and foster these non-automotive applications globally.

Nissan has prolonged been an dignitary when it comes to advancements in a automotive world, heralding a start of a conspicuous new epoch in motoring when it launched a initial Crossover, a Nissan Murano, followed by a hugely-successful Qashqai and recently assimilated by a Juke – with a innovative alloy of compress SUV and sports automobile styling. Nissan’s operation of crossovers has given left from strength to strength, with a Nissan Qashqai offered some-more than a entertain of a million models final year in Europe and a newly launched Juke carrying now notched-up 120 thousand sales. Built in Nissan’s prolongation plant in a UK, these dual models helped a plant mangle a all-time prolongation record to build 480 thousand units in 2011.

Currently a Nissan Juke-R, another Nissan Innovation mixing a transmission, expostulate sight and engine of a Nissan GT-R with a Juke, is being put to a exam on a streets of Dubai. To applaud this event, Nissan has assimilated army with Ministry of Sound, who will be hosting a pre-race celebration for Nissan with internationally eminent DJ Pete Tong, to recover a initial 100 of a Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone box prototypes.

Notes to editors:

* The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone box is concordant with a iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 S

**Scratch Shield can reanimate tiny scratches in as small as an hour, though some-more serious cases can take adult to a week’s time to heal.

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About Nissan in Europe
Nissan has one of a many extensive European presences of any abroad manufacturer, contracting some-more than 12,500 staff opposite locally-based design, investigate development, manufacturing, logistics and sales selling operations. Last year Nissan plants in a UK, Spain and Russia constructed a operation of vehicles including mini-MPVs, award-winning crossovers, SUVs and blurb vehicles. Nissan now offers 24 different and innovative products for sale in Europe today, and is positioned to turn a series one Japanese code in Europe.

About Nissan
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan’s second largest Japanese automotive association by volume, is headquartered in Yokahama, Japan and is an constituent post of a Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with some-more than 248,000 employees globally, Nissan supposing business with some-more than 4 million vehicles in 2010. With a clever joining to building sparkling and innovative products for all, Nissan delivers a extensive operation of fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles underneath a Nissan and Infiniti brands. A colonize in zero-emission mobility, Nissan done story with a introduction of a Nissan LEAF, a initial affordable, mass-market, pristine electric car and leader of countless general accolades including a prestigious 2011 European Car of a Year award.


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