When we contend a 2015 Ford F-150’s aluminum amalgamate physique is tough, we meant it. But it’s not about observant it, we wish to uncover it and answer your tough questions about how durable a new lorry indeed is. So we pushed it to a extent and came divided with some-more justification that this is one tough truck. You had some flattering tough questions about how we put a 2015 F-150 by a ringer, so here are your tough answers.

Isn’t aluminum weaker than steel?

We could go into a scholarship of a whole thing… OR we can watch this video to find out how we tough-tested a aluminum amalgamate physique and got some good results.

So other than pushing a new lorry all over a garland of opposite terrains, what did we do differently to make certain it’s indeed “tough”?

The new F-150 has been pushed to a boundary both inside a lab and outdoor in some impassioned conditions. Our world-class group of engineers used mechanism simulations and acted some real-world hurdles that a lorry upheld with drifting colours. But if that wasn’t enough, we put some of a hardest operative business behind a circle and installed it down, went adult high grades, and took pointy curves. We will put over 16 million accumulative kilometres on a lorry before it rolls off a line. Seriously, we can rest positive a 2015 F-150 is Built Ford Tough.

It gets cold in Canada. Like REALLY cold. How good does this new lorry hoop frozen temperatures?

As partial of a contrast procedure, we done certain to put a lorry by some impassioned feverishness and arctic-like cold. Specifically, we put a lorry by continue conditions trimming from 49 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius. In short, a 2015 F-150 can hoop those Canadian winters.

So it looks like we guys tested a truck, though did anyone else?

Along with regulating world-class engineers to lab-test a continuance of a new truck, we also put some of a hardest operative business behind a wheel. Workers in construction, mining and utilities, all those who know a rigors of their particular jobs, have all helped us exam a continuance of a high-strength aluminum amalgamate load box.

Where did we exam a new F-150?

We didn’t only reconstruct impassioned pushing conditions; we took a new lorry by some of a planet’s toughest terrain. We crisscrossed a continent pulling complicated trailers and large loads by dried valleys and over high-altitude towering passes. We even sheltered a new F-150 and raced in a Baja 1000, where it warranted a eminence of completing all 1,421 tiresome kilometres.

In box we missed it, check out a video on continuance testing and stay tuned for a subsequent video where we concentration on manufacturing.