Unless you’ve been vital underneath a stone for a final month, you’ve already had a first-look during a all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. Now, how about a initial drive?

That’s accurately what we have a possibility to do in a recently expelled Need For Speed Rivals, that is accessible opposite several video diversion platforms. Ford has partnered with a makers of a game, EA, to underline a 2015 Mustang as a downloadable vehicle. (Take a demeanour during a video above to see a preview).

The mint Mustang is set to go on sale and strike a “real” roads after this year. It was suggested on Dec. 5, and judging by a greeting on amicable media, expectation for a attainment is building rapidly.

The 2015 book is remarkable for a sleek, redesigned physique that is utterly opposite from prior models of a now 50-year-old nameplate.

“We worked closely with a growth group during EA to yield them with engineering information for a new Mustang, several months before we showed it to a rest of a world,” pronounced Mark Bentley, of Ford licensing. “Computer pattern models enabled a diversion developers to emanate an accurate illustration of a new Mustang before it goes on sale.”

In further to a 2015 Mustang, gamers will also be means to commander a Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang in Need For Speed Rivals.

Have we got behind a circle of these practical Stallions yet? Let us know your thoughts and initial impressions in a comments below.

If we would like to accept information from Ford on a new Mustang, click here.