From hard-hitting hockey to heartless winters, when it comes to “toughing it out,” no one does it improved than Canadians. So to unequivocally put a All New 2015 Ford F-150 to a test, who improved to put it by a ringer?

The scholarship guys have already had their possibility during woe testing, though come on – you’re a ones who unequivocally know tough. Because either it’s towing, pulling, hauling or carrying your many changed load on a roadtrip, we put your F-150 to a exam each day.

You’re no foreigner to all a tough jobs out there, so we wish we to assistance us infer that a new F-150 has what it takes to make it where it matters many – in a genuine world.

Real lorry owners, real-life tests.

Share your story and enter a YouTest contest for a possibility to take a circle of an all-new 2015 F-150 before everybody else and theme it to a ultimate test…your own.

You know F-150. You possess tough. Now, YouTest.

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