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12-hour competition in Bathurst comes to beforehand finish for Walkenhorst Motorsport.

Bathurst. The Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 was incompetent to
finish a Bathurst 12 Hour (AUS), a opening turn of the
Intercontinental GT Challenge. One week after their highly-acclaimed
category feat during a 24 Hours of Daytona (USA), drivers Augusto
Farfus (BRA), Chaz Mostert (AUS), and their team-mate Nick Catsburg
(NED) were struck by set-back this time. An hapless collision
with a kangaroo primarily compulsory a prolonged stop for repairs and
forced a group to retire from a competition later.


The collision occurred roughly 3 hours into a race, shortly
after Catsburg had transposed start motorist Mostert behind a wheel. The
animal jumped on a lane right in front of a car. It was
unfit to equivocate a collision. This forced a #34 BMW M6 GT3 into
a pits for extensive repairs. By this indicate in a race, Mostert and
Catsburg had already fought their approach into seventh place after
starting 15th.


Farfus climbed into a driver’s chair in 24th place after the
unscheduled stop, after that a group primarily set about perplexing to
make adult belligerent again and measure profitable championship points.
Ultimately, however, they were forced to retire from a competition with
heat issues ensuing from a incident.


The BMW M4 GT4, run by a RHC Jorgensen / Strom team, with drivers
Daren E. Jorgensen (USA), Brett Strom (USA) and Danny outpost Dongen
(NED), achieved a tip result. The contingent took feat in a GT4 class.


Quotes after a competition in Bathurst.


Nick Königbauer, Team Manager Walkenhorst Motorsport:
“We are unequivocally disappointed, as this is now a third time in a quarrel that
Bathurst has not valid to be a friend. We did make it serve this
year than in a past dual years, though unfortunately a tough work once
again went unrewarded. Thank we to a whole group for their effort,
and to a illusory drivers. We fielded a unequivocally clever group here and
wish to come behind stronger in a entrance races. Generally we adore to
competition in Australia. Having strike a kangaroo so badly this time creates us
feel unequivocally sorry.”


Augusto Farfus: “On a whole, that was a difficult
weekend for us. We were not utterly means to compare a gait of the
front-runners. Despite that, we gave it a all until a very
hapless occurrence with a kangaroo cost us a race. I’d like to
contend a large appreciate we to BMW Motorsport and a Walkenhorst group for the
good pursuit they have done. The BMW M6 GT3 had no technical issues.
There are some-more large races to come for us.”


Nick Catsburg: “I feel unequivocally contemptible for a group that
we were again incompetent to finish a Bathurst competition in what was, after
2019, a second try together. Of march it is unequivocally unhappy to have
strike an animal so badly. After my collision with a kangaroo, a car
was so badly shop-worn that we were fearful of causing some-more repairs if we
continued. We knew that we were somewhat lacking a gait to run at
a unequivocally front of a field. However, during an continuation race, a top
priority is always to finish a full stretch and get a good
result. It is a genuine contrition that we were incompetent to do that.”


Chaz Mostert: “That was a tough competition for a automobile and
a whole Walkenhorst group – from a sporting viewpoint as good as
since of a occurrence with a kangaroo. It only wasn’t meant to be.
Despite that, it is always a unequivocally special impulse for me when we line up
in my home competition in Bathurst, and quite to expostulate a spectacular
initial army as a object rises. Thank we unequivocally most to BMW Motorsport
and a Walkenhorst group for permitting me to be here, and for all the
tough work. I’m gripping my fingers crossed for a subsequent competition now.”