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16.6% sales expansion in Jan +++ All 3 brands make estimable gains

BMW Group starts new year with momentum

16.6% sales expansion in January
All 3 brands make estimable gains

Munich. The BMW Group began a new year with a clever boost in sales of 16.6%. A sum of 82,120 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles were delivered to business worldwide in Jan (prev. yr. 70,419).

Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing: We started a new year good with healthy expansion in sales, and are stability a ceiling trend of a final few months. We have set ourselves desirous goals for a full year 2010. Thanks to a vast array of new, highly-attractive models, such as a new BMW 5 Series and a MINI Countryman, we are aiming for expansion in a single-digit commission operation for 2010, and intend to sell some-more than 1.3 million vehicles.

In a month underneath review, sales of BMW code automobiles climbed 15.9% to a sum of 69,852 (prev. yr. 60,262). Strong gains were again reported by a vital series, including a BMW 7 Series with 4,742 deliveries (+89.8% / prev. yr. 2,498), and a BMW X5 and X6 models with a sum sum of 10,565 (+9.3% / prev. yr. 9,665) deliveries. The BMW Z4 was also among a expansion drivers with 1,552 (+278.5% / prev. yr. 410) deliveries. All 3 indication array sojourn transparent tellurian marketplace leaders in their segments. BMW also done gains with what is traditionally a largest-volume indication series: Volumes for a 3 Series rose by 7.1% altogether to strech a sum of 22,501 (prev. yr. 21,001) deliveries in January. Although a inheritor indication is already scheming for launch in late March, direct for a stream BMW 5 Series Sedan is strengthening, with 9,314 business purchasing this highly-successful indication (+4.9% / prev. yr. 8,880) in a past month. Overall, a BMW 5 Series was means to compare a prior years turn of 11,036 deliveries (-0.1% / prev. yr. 11,042). Ian Robertson: We have already sole probably all of a stream BMW 5 Series Sedans, so there will be a comparatively tiny volume of final deliveries of this indication over a subsequent dual months. Robertson added: The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is receiving an eager response from a media and a public. From a second entertain on, a new indication together with a new, recently launched BMW X1 and BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo models will give sales a serve boost. The dual new models, a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and a BMW X1, assimilated a BMW indication operation in late October. Although they are not nonetheless accessible in all vital high-volume markets, no reduction than 4,093 BMW X1 and 933 BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo models were already delivered to business in January.

The MINI code also saw a estimable boost in sales volumes in a month underneath review. With 12,181 (prev. yr. 10,120) units sold, 20.4% some-more vehicles were delivered. Volumes increasing for all 3 indication series. In Jan 1,191 (+510.8% / prev. yr. 195) MINI Convertibles were delivered to customers. The MINI Clubman was sole to 2,003 business final month (+5.2% / prev. yr. 1,904), while a MINI available 8,987 deliveries worldwide (+12.0% / prev. yr. 8,021).

The Rolls-Royce code can also demeanour behind on a successful start to 2010: Demand for a new model, a Ghost, launched in December, is strong, with clear orders until a center of a year. In January, Rolls-Royce delivered a sum of 87 automobiles to business (prev. yr. 37) and was means to boost sales volumes by 135.1%.

The BMW Group reported aloft sell volumes on all continents in January. A sum of 41,087 vehicles were sole in Europe (+2.4% / prev. yr. 40,118). The vital determined markets of Western Europe accounted for a largest share of 38,495 units (prev. yr. 37,930 / +1.5%). The rising markets of Eastern Europe confirmed their clever expansion rates. With 2,237 vehicles sold, expansion in a segment reached 18.7% (prev. yr. 1,885). The Russian marketplace also posted a estimable boost in volumes for a initial time in months, with 1,129 deliveries (prev. yr. 937 / +20.5%).
The American markets also reported sales expansion of 11.6% (18,501 vehicles / prev. yr. 16,572) in January. Middle and South America done gains of 10.4% (836 / prev. yr. 757) and 98.3% (1,057 / prev. yr. 533) respectively; while in a North America region, 8.7% some-more vehicles were sole (16,608 / prev. yr. 15,282). Despite continued mercantile problems in a US, a BMW Group once again softened a sales sum in a pivotal US marketplace by 7.7% to strech a sum of 15,410 vehicles (prev. yr. 14,314) in January.
In a Asia region, 74.6% some-more vehicles were sole (18,523 / prev. yr. 10,610) final month. The largest Asian market, China, was means to some-more than double sales volumes, with expansion of 122.4% to 11,919 automobiles (prev. yr. 5,360). At 11,369 (prev. yr. 5,200 / +118.6%) vehicles, a BMW code for a initial time exceeded a threshold of 10,000 units sole in one month. Ian Robertson: We will continue on a expansion lane in a Chinese marketplace in 2010. Although we already saw a really clever opening there final year, we are once again aiming for expansion in a double-digit commission range. In Japan, Asias second largest market, a BMW Group sole 1,908 units and was therefore means to say final years turn (prev. yr. 1,910 / -0.1%).
In January, BMW Group volumes were also adult 21.2% (2,209 deliveries / prev. yr. 1,823) in Africa and 40.3% (1,692 deliveries / prev. yr. 1,206) in Oceania.

The sales opening of a Motorcycle Segment was also certain during a start of 2010. With 3,814 units sold, 2.2% some-more vehicles were delivered to business than in a same duration final year (3,731).

BMW Group sales in Jan 2010 during a glance

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