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20 years of Audi Ideas Program

“We are unapproachable of a employees, who have enriched Audi with their creativity in a past 20 years,” settled Hendrik Michael, Head of Ideas Agency during AUDI AG. “Many of a innovations originated in a possess team. Our success of new years is formed on this resources of ideas, and we will build on it also in a future.”

In 20 years of Audi’s Ideas Program, an considerable 838,070 ideas for improvements have been submitted, heading to assets for a association of approximately 780 million euros. The resourcefulness of Audi’s employees and a peculiarity of a Ideas Program has been famous within a industry: Recently it was comparison for a eleventh time in period by a German Institute for Business Administration as a best ideas module in a German automotive industry. Employees who contention an thought advantage from a worldly complement of prizes of adult to 70,000 euros. When high assets are involved, decisions are done by a elect of members of a government and member of a workforce.

“It is vicious for us is that employees are rewarded commensurately with a advantage of their ideas. Because a proclivity of Audi employees to put something special into their work any day is unique,” emphasized a Chairman of a Works Council, Klaus Mittermaier.

In a festival year, a association has orderly activities that go distant over financial incentives. Unique practice can be won in a foe underneath a sign “Our employees – a success,” such as appearance in an Alpine rally. Another festival lottery offers knowledge packages in a fields of motorsport, winter competition and culture. At a festival celebration during a Ingolstadt plant on Jun 30, thought providers, appraisers and staff of a Audi Ideas Program will take a peek on a 20-year success story. At a event, prizes will be awarded for a stream year’s best ideas.

The topics of a Audi Ideas Program have usually developed. At present, a categorical concentration is on a areas of health and environmental insurance as good as sustainability. Creative ideas have already been submitted in this context, such as recycling cosmetic eventuality banners into complicated Audi conduit bags. The best thought of a year 2013 in a difficulty Environmental Protection/Sustainability led to a automobile rinse of a Ingolstadt patron core being converted to use industrial water.

The Audi Ideas Program was determined in 1994 out of a suggestions complement of AUDI AG. Since then, line managers have been means to exclusively routine a ideas of their staff and to check their feasibility. Audi also recognizes a experts’ involvement: Selected appraisers as good as line managers and thought coordinators accept awards for their joining any year.