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20 years of Audi Space Frame – it all started during a Frankfurt Motor Show

Nature was a pivotal source of impulse for a engineers 20 years ago. For example, in a beehive usually as many element is used to make a honeycomb as is required to grasp best results. Audi’s lightweight construction experts drew on that element in devising a ASF, a horizon comprising extruded sections and vigour die-castings. The panels – a skin of a roof, a building and a side panels – are integrated into this support by means of a frictional tie so as to be semi-supporting. The particular components vaunt several shapes and cross-sections depending on their task.

Just one year on from a 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show, a Company went to marketplace with a initial world’s volume-production automobile with unitary aluminum body, a Audi A8. Panels accounted for many of a 336 particular components, followed by a sections and expel nodes. Assembly was achieved roughly 75 percent by hand.

The ASF element has turn timeless over a past dual decades: Other Audi models followed in a figure of a Audi A2 (2000), a Audi TT (2006), a Audi R8 (2008) as good as dual serve generations of a Audi A8 (2002 and 2010). In total, a Company has built some-more than 750,000 cars regulating a ASF construction element given 1994 – possibly wholly from aluminum or regulating aluminum hybrid designs.

Next Tuesday, a new Audi A8 creates a uncover entrance during a Frankfurt Motor Show. Thanks to a ASF design and an intelligent mix of aluminum and high-strength steel, a physique weighs only 231 kilograms. The same physique done wholly from steel would be around 40 percent heavier. The unladen weight of a standard-wheelbase Audi A8 3.0 TFSI quattro, for example, is 1,830 kilograms. That creates it a lightest indication with all-wheel expostulate in this segment.