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20 years of organisation work during Audi

Fitting dashboards, screwing on a underfloor, installing a steering circle – thousands of tiny jobs have to be finished before a automobile rolls off a public line. In a Audi prolongation system, this is finished by means of organisation work. In roughly all areas, employees are allotted into tiny teams in that 8 to twelve people work together. The thought behind this routine is to emanate a form of operative classification that focuses closely on a humans, integrates them some-more in a pattern of operative routines and a routine of continual improvement, and achieves some-more flexibility.

“As an appealing employer, a concentration during Audi is on a people. Group work is an ideal operative classification in that a employees can creatively broach submit to a operative process,” emphasized Dr. Frank Dreves, Board of Management Member for Production during AUDI AG. “Group work is duration a pivotal component of a Audi prolongation system.” It enhances compensation among employees, line managers and executives, and is an critical basement for swell in peculiarity and productivity.

Before Audi introduced organisation work in 1993, a classification of prolongation was really hierarchic. Foremen allotted workers to several tasks and were a pivotal hit persons in production. Employees had no change on a classification of their work; for example, days off were allocated automatically and absences were mainly controlled. Many employees carried out a same primer operations day in day out and their work was really monotonous. Contributing one’s possess ideas was probably impossible.

A lot has altered given then: Groups classify themselves and their work exclusively and fast solve problems. Their members confirm who carries out a several tasks and when. And they make suggestions about how processes can be softened and work can be orderly some-more ergonomically. Each worker masters mixed tasks and therefore moves to another position roughly any dual hours any shift. That provides accumulation and avoids biased stresses.

The organisation spokespersons have a special duty with courtesy to collating information: They make certain that all positions are assigned during a commencement of any shift, chair organisation discussions once a week, and yield assistance if anyone needs support on a line. Like Rudolf Heinzlmeier. He has been operative on A4 public for 35 years and has been a organisation orator for 20 years. He witnessed a start of a new form of classification initial hand. “When we introduced organisation work 20 years ago, it was a large change,” says Heinzlmeier. The fact that a workers done decisions was surprising for many of us during first.” The organisation corners were also new, that Audi employees can now use to relax during their 3 breaks per shift. The organisation discussions also take place there.

Another certain outcome of organisation work is that comparison workers and those with limited capabilities are integrated into a organisation as full members. Any tasks that they can't perform due to some reduction are compensated for by their colleagues. “If anyone can't take over a sold task, we plead it. We afterwards make a preference together, and that creates people some-more satisfied,” explains Heinzlmeier.

At present, 2,794 groups are active during a Audi sites in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Győr and Brussels – 1,227 of them are in Ingolstadt and 777 are in Neckarsulm. The judgment of organisation work has proven a value in a past 20 years; Karl Unger, Head of Production Strategy, is assured of that. In his prior position as a formulation manager, he had a vital change on a growth and introduction of organisation work during Audi 20 years ago. “Our employees optimize operative routines within their areas on a basement of their knowledge and ideas,” states Unger. “That is usually probable interjection to a prosaic hierarchy. Short decision-making processes, a high grade of problem-solving cunning and so also extended capability are quite certain formula of organisation work.”

The significance of organisation work is also underlined by Klaus Schweiger, Head of HR Ingolstadt: “Group work advantages not usually a company, though also a workforce – it gives employees larger liberty and ergonomically softened operative conditions, for example. Those who can lift out a core tasks of their possess organisation can, depending on their suitability, rise their skills – not only within one organisation though also over it.”

Audi intends to stay with a judgment of organisation work in a future. “The executive thought of organisation work will continue to apply,” says Unger. “But a operative universe is constantly changing – due for instance to electrification, a augmenting farrago and complexity of a automobiles as good as demographic change. Already today, these factors have a good change on operative mandate and contents.” That’s because a code with a 4 rings has set itself a idea of creation jobs even some-more appealing and of catering even some-more for a particular capabilities of any employee. For example, intelligent revolution concepts and softened training methods are being prepared for organisation work. In addition, a association is already meditative intensively about complicated standards for organisation work, such as with innovative concepts for organisation corners and a formation of new media.