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2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Lets Loose with TracKey; Choose Stock or Full-Race Calibration

  • TracKey, accessible for 2012 Mustang Boss 302 owners by Ford dealers, adds TracMode powertrain control program to a automobile for lane use, providing full foe calibration and two-stage launch control in further to batch calibration, though compromising bureau warranty
  • Using a dual-path powertrain control procedure (PCM), TracKey program is commissioned after a automobile is purchased, accessed by a specifically automatic automobile key; new formula coexists with batch Boss software, permitting drivers to select between travel or lane use simply by selecting a key
  • No aftermarket chips or permanent modifications are finished when TracKey is used, permitting owners to lapse to a batch environment by starting a automobile with a unchanging key

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You reason dual keys: One has a black Boss logo, a other red: Either will start your 2012 Mustang Boss 302. Slide a all-black pivotal into a close cylinder, give it a turn and youre treated to 444 ponies value of smooth, streetable pushing joy. Or select red a TracKey and we have a competition-ready lane car.

To unleash a competition-ready lane automobile facilities enabled by a Boss red key, an certified Ford play installs TracKey powertrain control procedure (PCM) program after a patron takes delivery. The outcome is an aggressive, race-bred pushing knowledge all a approach down to a lopey idle rumbling by a Boss quad exhaust.

A corner plan between Mustang engineers and Ford Racing, TracKey adds a second set of PCM program to a business Mustang Boss 302, activated by a specifically automatic automobile key. When invoked by TracKey, a new TracMode program alters some-more than 400 engine government parameters, augmenting low-end torque and branch a manly though attractive batch Boss into a competition-ready lane car. Remove TracKey and start Boss with a customary key, and all bureau engine settings are easy for a gentle expostulate home from a course.

From an engine government standpoint, weve finished only about all probable to give TracKey users a full foe automobile experience, explains Jeff Seaman, Mustang powertrain engineer. Its not for use on a travel for example, a deceleration is set adult to safety a brakes, and a stifle response is unequivocally aggressive. A learned motorist on a sealed march will unequivocally conclude a benefits.

As partial of a TracKey program package, Ford engineers also devised a two-stage launch control underline identical to that used on a Cobra Jet foe car. Using a mixed of steering circle buttons, drivers can set a tach needle to a preferred launch rpm. Floor a stifle and a engine will rev to a preset rpm until a purchase is released, assisting assist acceleration and automobile control from a station start.

One key, hundreds of changes
Devised during an all-night garage brainstorming event among core Mustang group members, TracKey introduces a judgment famous as a dual-path powertrain control module. The industry-first, patent-pending origination allows dual apart sets of engine government program to exist on a singular PCM, comparison by a existent SecuriLock Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) transceiver found in stream prolongation keys.

Anything that could presumably impact all-out opening is deleted from a TracKey calibration, pronounced Dave Pericak, Mustang arch engineer. Throttle tying and torque government any daily driveability enhancements are private and transposed with a pristine Ford Racing foe calibration.

When a red TracKey is private and a automobile is started with a customary key, a PCM settings are automatically drawn from a bureau Boss 302 instruction set again though any additional modifications indispensable a outrageous advantage over aftermarket tuning chips and ECU reprogramming. The preference is useful for enthusiasts who wish all-out opening during a racetrack though batch driveability for a tour there and back.

An after-hours obsession
In a early stages of TracKey development, a vital plea was a complexity of installing mixed PCM computers and switching between them. However, Ford controls engineers grown a process to select between dual singular sets of program in a singular powertrain control procedure on a Boss 302: The dual-path PCM was born.

We commissioned a 302R program on a same PCM that hold a batch Boss software, says Seaman. Then a controls engineers grown a program complement to activate one or a other, depending on that pivotal was used to start a vehicle. Really, all a tools to make this work existed a Ford MyKey complement was already regulating a PATS transceiver to perform specific actions formed on a pivotal used to start a car, and a PCM was stretchable adequate to hoop mixed control modules. It was only putting all together.

As a plan unfolded, a group was driven by a aberration of what they were perplexing to accomplish, and TracKey became an obsession. Considering a dense time support in that a record was developed, proclivity was essential to a origination of a finished product.

Weve all been unequivocally vehement about TracKey, so it came together quickly, explained Pericak. The judgment was initial discussed in open 2009, and 18 months after we had a finished, tested, accurate product. Its a ideal instance of what can occur when we get a core, cross-functional group peaceful to minister 24/7 to move a good thought to life.

TracKey powertrain program designation and pivotal programming will be accessible to 2012 Mustang Boss 302 owners by Ford Racing certified dealers. Pricing will be announced during a after date.

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