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2013 Eco-Run: A Different Type Of Race

Here’s a trivia doubt for you: Do we know where a longest-running motoring eventuality in a universe is held?

The answer is England, where a annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run takes place. A glorious showcase of selected cars, a convene between a dual cities began in 1896.

Though this eventuality takes place opposite a pond, it’s indeed had an impact in Canada, as it served to enthuse a new origination of a Automotive Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) Eco Run.

Now in a second year, this eventuality gathers reporters from AJAC for a three-day competition of fuel-efficient rides, including hybrids, electrics, and other vehicles with modernized required technologies.

This year, a Eco Run track extended from Ottawa to Montreal, around Montebello and St-Eustache, Que. In sequence to plea a vehicles in a opposite conditions, a event’s track concerned transport on both highway and internal roads.

The purpose of a Eco Run is to showcase a latest automotive technologies for fuel potency and to denote to Canadians that there are changes they can make to their pushing character that will outcome in assets during a pump.

An Honor

Three Ford vehicles participated in a 2013 Eco Run – a C-MAX Hybrid, Fusion Energi and Focus Electric. And we’re generally celebrated that Joe Oliver, Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, kicked off a eventuality in Ottawa by holding a spin in a Focus Electric!

The Verdict
Check out a video to see what a AJAC members had to contend about a blue oval’s fuel fit vehicles and technology. Also, take a demeanour to see that publisher won a race!

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