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2013 Focus ST: What Colour Says About Your Personality

Have we ever listened a countenance ‘Your automobile is an prolongation of your personality?’ Some contend this is generally constant when it comes to automobile colour, desiring that we can tell a lot about a chairman by a colour of their ride.

With that in mind, a 2014 Ford Focus ST comes in several colours that paint many opposite personalities. Let’s take a closer demeanour to see that colour is right for we and how a Focus ST caters to your traits.

Tangerine Scream (Orange)  

A singular colour on a road, orange screams unique. People who expostulate this colour automobile customarily like being a centre of courtesy and adore to have fun.

And what’s some-more fun than conference a bark of your engine as we expostulate down a street? The Focus ST has a sound symposer that pipes a engine’s sound into a newcomer cell of your float so we can hear it growl. The roars are issued from a tailpipe, though given a Focus ST’s interior is hermetic so tightly, engineers still wanted to safeguard that drivers could hear a overwhelming sounds of a engine. Pretty cold eh?

There’s also a singular feel of a RECARO seats, that hang around your physique and give we a constant feel of a racecar.


Race Red

Red is an easy colour to read. Owners of red cars are customarily passionate, effusive and impulsive. They suffer a thrill.

The Focus ST’s absolute 2.0L EcoBoost engine with 252 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque make for a stirring ride. Slam a gas pedal to a pad and feel your adrenaline start pumping.



Performance Blue

Owners of blue cars are pronounced to be really arguable and loyal. They suffer fortitude in their lives.

Features like AdvanceTrac electronic fortitude control with anti-lock stop complement (ABS), customary on each Focus ST, make for a fast and arguable drive. AdvanceTrac constantly monitors a highway conditions and your responses, afterwards adjusts engine energy and relates ABS to keep all 4 wheels planted. This provides higher doing for drivers.

However, for a control weird Type A’s – we can simply spin all this record off and only put your skills to a test.


Ingot Silver

Simply put, china cars imply sophistication. They’re not indispensably flashy, though they get a summary across.

It’s a small things on a ST that uncover sophistication. Take for instance a distinguished confidant ST lettering on a black grille – it shows others that you’re not only pulling a unchanging whip. Also value mentioning are a 18-inch amalgamate wheels, leather hang steering wheel, separate straight tail lamps, and High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps.


Oxford White

Owners of white rides are organized, logical, and suffer morality in their lives.

The Focus ST is installed with facilities that facilitate your life. SYNC with MyFord Touch enables we to use voice commands for several tasks, including navigation, regulating a phone, changing a radio hire and even branch on a atmosphere conditioning — all but your hands withdrawal a steering wheel. Another underline that promotes morality is a Intelligent Access, that will open a doors of your Focus but carrying to use your pivotal fob. Just have a pivotal in your slot when we lift on a hoop and voila – you’re good to go.


Tuxedo Black

When we expostulate a black car, it signifies that you’re in control and really confident. Also, we compensate courtesy to details.

The Focus ST keeps we in authority during all times. The Electric-Power-Assisted Steering ensures that we have finish control of a automobile by delivering accurate steering. And high opening brakes and sport-tuned cessation work together to put a energy in your hands.


What colour is your ride? Does it compare a celebrity traits we’ve listed? Let us know in a comments below.

*Editor note: The following websites were used to collect information about colours/personality traits: