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2016 Ford Focus ST: The prohibited hatch

Remember a initial time we unequivocally gifted pushing a opening car? It might have been when we finally got to float shotgun with your cold cousin, or when your father tossed we a keys to his “mean machine”. The one thing that struck you, once a engine revved and accelerated, was your feeling of exhilaration during only how singular a opening car’s energy and control was. It’s a feeling that’s been with we ever since.

For you, and large other opening automobile fanatics out there, Ford introduces a prohibited induce that will make we feel like your initial genuine expostulate all over again—the 2016 Ford Focus ST. It’s all performance, though engineered for pushing in any situation.

Focus STmore than a only a opening compress automobile

“Some people hear a difference ‘performance’ and immediately consider that opening and practicality can't coexist,” says Marc S. Vejgman, Ford of Canada’s Product Marketing Manager for a Focus ST. “Thanks to a tellurian group during Ford Performance, a 2016 Ford Focus ST has perceived a power, highway manners, and a facilities that enthusiasts crave, though sacrificing an unit of bland practicality.”

Consider a well-spoken art of removing forward of a pack: With 252 horsepower on tap, a Focus ST’s 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine shouldn’t even mangle a persperate when we downshift to your elite flitting gear. In fact, a ST has copiousness of haven when needed. It’s only all partial of a singular calibrations that make a Focus ST so unique.

Conquering a Urban Jungle

Traffic is an ever-changing thing, with all a interlude and a starting, a weaving and a hoping—the Focus ST is during a prepared for a unexpected, with copiousness of facilities including all-new front springs and an electric energy steering complement that has been recalibrated with a new flat-bottomed competition steering wheel.

Your day in a Focus ST will positively see a share of off-ramps, cloverleafs, and trade circles. If it doesn’t, you’ll be looking to embody them, interjection to a car’s Enhanced Torque Vectoring Control—a complement that relates braking on a middle front circle during a corner, providing extended cornering performance. The complement stays active, even when a traction controls are infirm for lane use. Side effects might embody a wide-mouthed laugh that’s tough to lose.

Pretty on a outside, character and comfort on a inside

When it comes to interior comfort, a Focus ST gives we a big, comfortable cuddle with a exhilarated front leather sports seats (as standard), as good as an additional heat-treat in a flat-bottom steering wheel. A short-throw speed shifter adds to a fad of control, and a aluminum feet pedals assistance to finish a feel. And when you’re unequivocally prepared to let loose, oil temperature, oil pressure, and turbo boost levels are indicated with race-ready red pointers.

On a outside, a Focus ST commands attention, interjection to confidant front and back pattern and a position that’s both low and far-reaching (along with eye-popping signature LED lighting with HID headlamps). You can even take that demeanour from furious to whoa by upgrading to singular 18-inch wheels with red embellished stop calipers, ST racing stripes, and adding a colour dash that packs a punch (Focus ST is accessible in Performance Blue and Tangerine Scream hues).

As for bland practicality, a Focus ST has we covered: seating for five, SYNC connectivity, a USB intelligent charging port, and a customary rear-view camera. Power, control, and comfort might be what pull we in to a ST’s charm, though according to Vejgman, this singular automobile offers so, most more.

“The Focus ST is some-more than only a sum of a parts,” he says. “This is a truly finish prohibited induce opening car.”

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