BMW Canada

2018 Dakar Rally Media Guide

Dear media representatives

January 2018 will see a start of a 40th book of a Dakar.
Each year a Dakar organising group lay out a thespian racing arena,
full of healthy challenges, to exam a continuation of male and machines.
The 2018 Dakar promises to be no reduction of a plea than its
predecessors; this strange competition takes a competitors opposite the
deserts, plateau and plains of Peru and Bolivia before a final
finish line in Argentina.


Dakar is a truly general eventuality that brings indebtedness and
honour from opposite a creation to all competitors, though generally those
that attain in completing this continuation spectacle.


Having prisoner 4 uninterrupted Dakar titles for MINI from 2012 to
2015, as good as 5 four-wheel expostulate category wins and 4 FIA Cross
Country Rally World Cup titles, MINI Motorsport, a motorsport
partner X-raid and a MINI Family of racing crews will conflict Dakar
2018 with even some-more integrity than before. The success these
partnerships have already achieved extends a birthright of MINI’s
sporting bravery that began over 50 years ago with victories in the
Monte Carlo Rally among other shining convene competitions.


In serve to a already successful MINI John Cooper Works Rally
and a MINI ALL4 Racing, a Dakar 2018 will also be a universe stage
for a competition entrance of an all-new motorsport vehicle: a MINI John
Cooper Works Buggy. This sparkling serve completes a MINI
Motorsport choice and extends a MINI participation into a highly
rival two-wheel expostulate category for a initial time. 


To contest within dual categories of cross-country convene typifies the
sporting inlet of MINI opening sub-brand MINI John Cooper Works –
and serve underlines MINI Motorsport’s destiny joining to this
severe territory of motorsport. Of course, to entrance a MINI John
Cooper Works Buggy during Dakar – a many perfectionist cross-country eventuality –
will itself be a challenge. However, MINI’s long-term strategic
partnership with X-raid has already proven a MINI code is some-more than
adult to a severe charge during hand.


MINI Motorsport partner X-raid has, over a years, safely guided the
MINI Family of general crews to success with finish mastery
interjection to a gifted teams of engineers, managers and support
personnel. Then there are a crews themselves; drivers and co-drivers
from all-corners of a universe who combine to disturb spectators and
grasp a ultimate success of completing a Dakar.


On interest of MINI, we wish all competitors, support teams and
spectators a protected and sparkling Dakar 2018.


Yours sincerely

Sebastian Mackensen, Senior Vice President MINI.