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2019 Hyundai Kona Electric Recalibrates a Eco CUV Formula with an Impressive 258 Miles of Estimated Range

10/12/2018, Hollywood, CA

  • Generous 258-Mile Estimated Range Meets More Varied Lifestyle Needs
  • New Electric CUV offers Youthful Design, Sporty Driving Character, Leading Safety Technology and Advanced Infotainment Features in an Affordable, Compact Footprint
  • Abundant Suite of Standard Safety Equipment
  • Kona Electric battery is lonesome by Hyundai’s attention heading Lifetime Battery Warranty

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 12, 2018 – Hyundai currently introduced a convention-breaking Kona Electric crossover to U.S. media during a pushing introduction in Southern California. Kona Electric rides on an all-new CUV height and is Hyundai’s initial compress electric crossover for a U.S. market, appealing to consumers with active, eco-focused lifestyles of all kinds. Kona Electric’s extraneous styling comforts voluminous, assertive physique styling complemented by a low and far-reaching position for good looks and assured doing in a accumulation of civic and adventure-oriented pushing environments. It joins Hyundai’s successful new Kona, Tucson and Santa Fe in a full choice of Hyundai crossovers for a U.S. market. 2019 Kona Electric models will be constructed in Ulsan, Korea and will be accessible in a commencement of 2019, with initial accessibility in California and subsequently in a ZEV-focused states in a western and northeastern regions of a U.S. market.

“Our new Kona Electric crossover is a stylish and fit compress CUV, tailored to a needs of business who pursue eco-focused active lifestyles requiring inexhaustible range,” pronounced Mike O’Brien, clamp boss of Product, Corporate and Digital Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “We’re assured it will set new standards for a electric-propelled compress CUV segment, with superb operation flexibility, appealing design, cutting-edge connectivity and class-leading accessible reserve features.”

2019 Kona Electric Highlights

  • Compact electric CUV segment-leading 258-mile estimated range
  • Bold, uninformed pattern elements with extroverted tone options
    • LED headlight, taillight and daytime regulating light enlightenment signature
  • High-efficiency 201 horsepower (150 kW), 291 lb.-ft. electric engine powertrain
  • High-voltage 64 kWh lithium-ion battery
  • Standard floating touchscreen with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support
  • Hyundai Smart Sense (HSS):
    • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection
    • Driver Attention Warning
    • Lane Keeping Assist
    • Blind-Spot Collision Warning
    • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist
    • High Beam Assist
  • Premium record availability:
    • 8-inch Navigation System
    • Shift-by-wire core console expostulate controls with additional storage below
    • Next era Blue Link® connected automobile system
    • Heads-up Display (with active pop-up arrangement screen)
    • Rain-sensing Wipers
    • Qi Wireless-device charging

Kona Electric offers a powerful, fit electric drivetrain and a stylish, ample interior. A horde of modernized reserve comforts are also accessible on Kona Electric, including Lane Keeping Assist, Blind-Spot Collision Warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist, Parking Distance Warning and Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection.


Kona Electric employs polished aesthetics with organic geometric physique forms and sporty contours for a modern, eco-oriented appearance. Its particular pattern is reinforced by a car’s voluminous, unconventional physique styling that emphasizes a well-proportioned, enterprising silhouette. A low and far-reaching position complements a profile, with a prolonged wheelbase and brief overhangs, ensuring sporty, nimble doing and control, in serve to delivering higher pushing fortitude during highway speeds. Its refined, aero-tuned circle arch and back fascia cladding combines strenuously with unconventional LED lighting to emanate a high-tech eco appearance.

The front of Kona Electric presents a future-focused, complicated presence, with a cross-hatch, debossed pattern member for a grille area. The electric charging pier is seamlessly integrated with this grille area for convenient, head-in parking during charging stations. The front perspective is flanked by aero-tuned flared fenders that raise a highway presence. It’s serve extended by a separated-headlight pattern signature, with LED Daytime Running Lights above and accessible high-efficiency LED headlights below. The visible attribute between a combination lamps, a unconventional grille and singular side cladding formula in a particular electric crossover character.

Side-profile pattern elements strengthen a complicated and fit qualities. A bright-finish revoke wave-like member visually connects a front and rear, as do resisting gray buffer flares. Lightweight, eco-spoke aero pattern wheels supplement a singular evidence to a form while providing aero potency benefits.

As with a front LED arrangement, a back light pattern also creates a unique, signature appearance. The slim stop lights, spin indicators and retreat lamps are in a distant configuration, surrounded by protecting skin that starts during a C-pillar garnish. The back fender fascia conveys an opposite wave-form pattern member that concurrently conveys ruggedness and a future-oriented powertrain. The Kona Electric fellow of drag is a wind-cheating 0.29 Cd, an considerable aerodynamic rating for a rarely organic compress CUV bodystyle.


The singular comforts of a extraneous continue inside with a clever plane impression line formulating a far-reaching and atmospheric feel. Even with a compress measure and low roof line, a Kona Electric delivers superb interior roominess, generally front headroom.

The neat and elementary interior accentuates a complicated and fit extraneous design. Kona Electric disdainful shift-by-wire expostulate controls are upheld by a core console tip overpass member with an integrated open-access revoke storage bin for convenience. The audio/navigation arrangement incorporates modernized infotainment comforts and a accessible floating eight-inch seamless navigation touchscreen includes customary Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability. The floating arrangement adds serve to a occupants’ clarity of interior honesty and puts information front and core for a driver. Further, HVAC (heating, transformation and atmosphere conditioning) controls are surrounded by soft, liquid sum that raise a comfort-focused environment. Interior environments are accessible in possibly black (cloth interior only), or a light gray and blue dual-tone tone intrigue in leather interior options.


The Kona Electric powertrain employs a high-efficiency 150 kW (201 horsepower) permanent-magnet synchronous electric engine granted by a high-voltage 64 kWh lithium-ion battery. The engine develops 291 lb.-ft. of torque distributed to a front wheels. The powertrain inverter has a appetite firmness of 25.4 kVA per liter. The battery complement is liquid-cooled and operates during 356 volts. Battery container appetite firmness is 141.3 Wh/kg (greater than Chevy Bolt), with a sum battery complement weight underneath 1,000 lbs. In addition, Kona Electric EPA-estimated MPGe is 132 city, 108 highway, and 120 combined.

Kona Electric Motor Drive System

The Kona Electric utilizes a customary Level-II on-board charging complement able of a 7.2 kW rate of assign for fast recharging characteristics. Kona Electric estimated operation is a segment-leading 258 miles, assembly a varying needs of owners lifestyles. An eighty percent assign can be achieved in 54 mins with a Level-III discerning assign (zero to 80 percent assign @ 100 kW charging capability), regulating a SAE-Combo charging port, while a 7.2 kW Level-II horse takes 9 hours and thirty-five minutes. This fast-charging capability is customary on a Kona Electric. For charging convenience, a charging pier is located in a front grille area for head-in parking palliate whenever charging is needed.


Kona Electric was grown with a concentration on extended pushing dynamics and manageable opening for a accumulation of civic and multi-surface pushing conditions. The prolonged wheelbase, brief overhangs and far-reaching line emanate a planted position that formula in well-developed lively in civic environments with extended linear fortitude and float comfort. The front cessation comforts a MacPherson strut complement regulating an innovative sub-frame bushing pattern for extended comfort and reduced NVH. The MacPherson strut pattern uses gas-filled startle absorbers and a vale stabilizer bar for revoke weight and extended responsiveness. Standard 17-inch amalgamate wheels with 215/55R17 tires give surefooted, flexible doing impression on a accumulation of highway surfaces.

All Kona Electric models occupy a worldly multi-link back cessation pattern for altogether agility, float comfort and fortitude with minimal float vs. doing compromises. Its geometry was privately designed for polished physique transformation on a accumulation of surfaces. Rear cessation control arm pattern also minimizes cove and toe changes around a cessation transport range.

Kona Electric also offers Drive Mode Select, that allows a motorist to customize enterprising responses, such as steering feel, delivery and altogether powertrain responsiveness to their preferences, and to changing highway or trade conditions. Differentiated pushing modes (Normal, Eco and Sport) optimize torque distribution, tailoring Kona Electric to a accumulation of pushing preferences and purposes. In Sport mode, there is a incomparable importance on acceleration, while Normal and Eco modes gradually prioritize operation over opening with some-more regressive power-delivery strategies.


Kona Electric’s motor-driven appetite steering is some-more fit and quieter than normal hydraulic systems, shortening customary parasitic waste from subordinate belts and their continual drag on a powertrain. Further, a steering complement was engineered and tuned privately for Kona Electric’s accurate and fast adjustments in steering feel with changing pushing conditions. The steering circle itself offers a far-reaching operation of lean and telescopic composition for incomparable motorist comfort.


The Kona Electric compress height has been grown to give business CUV-like belligerent clearway and an elevated, authority seating position to yield improved prominence and comfort on prolonged journeys, as good as easy accession and egress. Rear cessation member penetration is minimized, permitting for a revoke bucket building and seating position to broach considerable headroom and palliate of entrance for back occupants. Designers maximized interior space for storage versatility, assembly a mandate of eco business with active lifestyle pursuits. Split-folding back seats overlay prosaic around a dual-level bucket building that yields additional straight space and allows easy entrance for a accumulation of recreational equipment. As a result, Kona Electric offers a inexhaustible 19.2 cubic feet of back load volume, accurately a same volume as a Kona with an inner explosion engine.


Hyundai is a usually tellurian automobile manufacturer to furnish a possess steel for automobile prolongation for specific advantages to Kona Electric constructional firmness and safety. The lightweight nonetheless clever unibody structure has been grown with Advanced High Strength Steel to broach heading levels of safety.

Proprietary hot-stamping methods furnish lightweight, ultra-strong constructional elements to maximize a cabin’s executive reserve cell. Structural adhesives used in Kona Electric prolongation yield additional torsional acerbity and serve shortening altogether structure weight for improved fuel efficiency, acceleration and handling. The height also comforts an innovative multi-load trail structure – an modernized appetite apportionment record that dispenses pile-up appetite opposite mixed structures to assistance strengthen passengers in a eventuality of an accident. In addition, there are vital reinforcing elements to effectively sunder collision appetite around battery and pivotal electric components for augmenting pile-up safety.


Kona Electric also offers accessible modernized active reserve features, including customary Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), that uses a car’s front-facing camera to assistance detect an coming collision and equivocate impact or minimize repairs by braking autonomously. Three additional accessible systems also implement a customary front-view camera to boost reserve and convenience: Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), High Beam Assist (on LED-headlight-equipped models), and Driver Attention Warning (DAW).

By intuiting highway markings, Lane Keeping Assist helps to forestall random line depart by automatically steering a automobile if required. High Beam Assist automatically controls a high lamp headlights depending on surroundings, while a Driver Attention Warning complement monitors a spectrum of driver-related characteristics to assistance detect motorist tired or drifting driving.

Available Kona Electric radar systems also support with a Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) to assistance detect coming vehicles that might be vaporous from perspective during highway driving. The Rear Cross-Traffic Collison-Avoidance Assist helps detect when another automobile might have entered a car’s rearward path, such as subsidy out of a parking spot, and might yield a motorist warning and involuntary braking assistance.


Kona Electric offers a full apartment of worldly technologies interconnected with user-friendly functionality to keep passengers sensitive and entertained. The reward infotainment complement offers several modernized connectivity features, including customary Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM® Radio, HD Radio and next-generation Blue Link® LTE-powered connectivity. The customary seven-inch tone LCD arrangement includes AM/FM/MP3 touchscreen audio, auxiliary inputs, voice-command approval and Rear View Monitor. The accessible eight-inch touchscreen navigation arrangement includes next-generation Blue Link, trade upsurge and occurrence information around HD radio, Infinity® reward audio with 8 speakers, subwoofer and Clari-Fi music-restoration technology. Smartphone formation is also enclosed in a reward system.

Because some Kona Electric buyers will have downsized from a incomparable CUV, Kona Electric offers comforts that they would be accustomed to in incomparable CUV segments, such as a seven-inch tone LCD electroluminescent sign cluster, appetite driver’s seat, leather exhilarated seats, involuntary atmosphere conditioning and vicinity key. A Heads-Up Display complement is available, raised a practical picture onto a pure row mounted behind a instrument panel, that helps a motorist to keep his or her eyes on a road. With a generous, eight-inch projected-image distance and superb luminance, a Heads-Up Display provides both glorious day- and night visibility. Information projected includes speed, navigation instructions, reserve and audio complement information. Deployed plumb by a elementary hold of a symbol beside a steering wheel, a arrangement disappears into a dashboard when not in use.

In a initial for a segment, Kona Electric offers smartphone wireless charging. To assign a device, simply place a concordant smartphone on a wireless-charging interface located in a core console storage, recharging though a need for cables. The complement indicates when a phone has entirely charged, reminds occupants to mislay their phone when exiting a vehicle, and detects when a unfamiliar intent is in a recharging area that could meddle with charging. The complement is entirely agreeable with WPC’s Qi customary for palliate of use.


In gripping with a complicated pattern demeanor, a series of extroverted tone variations concede buyers to serve demonstrate themselves by selecting colors such as Phantom Black, Chalk White, Pulse Red, Ceramic Blue and Galactic Gray. When versed though a sunroof, a Kona EV roof is finished with a color-contrasting white tone intrigue (black, gray and white extraneous tone choices only). The accessible white roof provides contrariety between a roof and physique for a particular coming and some-more effective solar feverishness rejecting to revoke HVAC complement loads, augmenting altogether potency in warmer climates.


All Kona Electric models embody nominal three-year Blue Link services, with extended safety, diagnostic, remote and superintendence services (models versed with bureau navigation). Blue Link brings connectivity directly into a automobile with technologies like Google Home®, Remote Start with Climate Control, Destination Search by Voice®, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. In addition, Kona Electric adds disdainful EV-oriented comforts such as Remote Charge Management, Charge Scheduling, EV Power History and EV Range.

Blue Link comforts can be accessed around buttons on a rearview mirror, a web portal, a Blue Link smartphone app, Amazon® Alexa Blue Link ability and regulating a Blue Link Google Assistant app. Some comforts can also be tranquil around Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatch apps. The latest recover of a Blue Link smartphone app includes:

  • Widgets for easy entrance to remote features
  • Access to Blue Link presentation settings
  • Access to a Hyundai accessories website

More sum on specific Blue Link-equipped vehicles accessible at


Owners can conduct and guard a Kona Electric remotely around a Blue Link smartphone app. With a app, owners can entrance real-time information from their Kona Electric and perform specific commands like starting a engine and locking doors. Plus, users can hunt for points of seductiveness regulating Google with voice or content and have a directions when they start their Kona Electric.

For Kona Electric owners who will assign during their residence, one of a many useful comforts of a app is a ability to conduct their charging schedule. Owners are given automobile charging options that they can name while in a car, though users can also conduct them remotely around their smartphone. Immediate assign is a simplest option, as charging starts as shortly as a Kona Electric is plugged-in. A particular instrument cluster provides Kona Electric drivers with additional information about a vehicle’s functions. A assign indicator is located on tip of a dashboard to make it easy to see a state of assign from outward a vehicle.

Individuals that have opposite electric rates during off-peak times might wish to report a assign to revoke cost as good as revoke rise direct on a electricity grid. Users can do that with a new app formed on time and date. For example, charging could be set to start during 10 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays on a weekly basis.

Connected Car Services:

  • Remote Start with Climate Control and defroster
  • Remote Lock/Unlock
  • Vehicle Diagnostics/status
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Car Finder

Connected Charge Management Services

  • Start or stop charging
  • Set-up charging report with days of a week and time
  • Current battery turn with real-time electric and fuel range
  • Real-time fuel range
  • Plug standing (in/out)
  • Charge status
  • Time left until entirely charged


“Kona” Electric is named after a halcyon west-coast segment of a Big Island of Hawaii. The Kona segment is famous among continuation triathletes and thrill-seeking travelers, and this enterprising picture is serve reflected in a innovative and organic pattern of this eco-focused CUV.


Hyundai Motor America is focused on delivering an superb patron knowledge grounded in pattern leadership, engineering value and well-developed value in each automobile we sell. Hyundai’s technology-rich product lineup of cars, SUVs and alternative-powered electric and fuel dungeon vehicles is corroborated by Hyundai Assurance—our guarantee to broach assent of mind to a customers. Hyundai vehicles are sole and serviced by some-more than 830 dealerships nationwide, with a infancy sole in a U.S. built during U.S. production facilities, including Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama. Hyundai Motor America is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, and is a auxiliary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea.

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