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21st Century Beetle, 21st Century Beats: Watch The Black Eyed Peas Live from a MTV World Stage Event as Volkswagen Unveils a 2012 Beetle

Dust off your dancing boots and symbol your calendar: on Apr 18, 2011, watch The Black Eyed Peas live as Volkswagen and MTV World Stage betray a 2012 VW Beetle in a array of disdainful tellurian low-pitched events. The exhibit starts in Shanghai with MTV Sound System and continues with MTV World Stage events during E-Werk in Berlin, where Belgian twin 2manydjs will title and perform a DJ set, and New York City, where general cocktail superstars The Black Eyed Peas will take a theatre during Terminal 5 to perform hits and element from their latest album, The Beginning.

Starting during 8 PM EST, we can watch a live tide of a Black Eyed Peas New York eventuality on (except in a UK). With highlights promote after on MTV networks around a world, this will be a many widely distributed World Stage eventuality to date. Highlights from both a New York and Berlin events will also be accessible online.

The 21st Century Beetle is an automotive icon, reinvented. Its extraneous reinterprets a conformation of a famous Volkswagen Beetle, mixing stylistic elements borrowed from a strange joined with a latest technology. The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle guarantees drivers a fun and singular pushing experience.

For all a latest info on a 2012 VW Beetle, pointer adult here or stay tuned to this blog, and dont forget to balance in to a live tide of a phenomenon starting during 8 PM EST on Apr 18.

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