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24-hour classical during La Sarthe: BMW Team MTEK earnings to Le Mans.

Munich. BMW Team MTEK is in France for a world-famous 24
Hours of Le Mans this weekend (15th/16th
June), for what promises to be an sparkling culmination to a 2018/2019
World Endurance Championship (WEC) Super Season.


The group from Garching (GER) will again margin a span of BMW M8 GTEs,
that have both had lectern success in a manufacturer’s entrance WEC
season. In a #81 car, Martin Tomcyzk (GER) and Nick Catsburg (NED)
will once again be assimilated by Philipp Eng (AUT). Jesse Krohn (FIN) will
make his Le Mans entrance alongside deteriorate regulars António Félix da
Costa (POR) and Augusto Farfus (BRA) in a #82 sister car.


BMW celebrates a special anniversary during Le Mans this year, as it
outlines 20 years given a BMW V12 LMR claimed a altogether win in the
24-hour race. To honour this success, a race-winning automobile will be on
arrangement this weekend during Le Mans.


Comments brazen of a 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“The 24 Hours of Le Mans is an eventuality that plays a outrageous role, not only
in a universe of motorsport, though also automotive. Although we decided
to quit WEC after a finish of this ‘Super Season’ in light of us
heightening a concentration as partial of a plan for a future, we are
all unapproachable to get another possibility to competition on this mythological circuit.
It’s a prominence for everybody concerned – a team, drivers,
engineers, mechanics. Every singular member is pulling tough to finish this
section on a high. Our Le Mans story might be holding a break, though our
passion for a competition remains.”


Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):

“It’s good to be behind during Le Mans though it’s unhappy that it’s a final
eventuality in WEC. We have to concentration on removing a best opening for BMW
and for MTEK and do a plan proud. Whatever a conditions are
that we have to competition under, we will make a many of it. Le Mans is a
prolonged competition with a lot of changing conditions so it’ll be tough. We’re
as prepared as we can be though it’s going to take ideal plan and
some good fitness to take a tip step. Luck is always preparation
assembly opportunities so we wish to be means to gain on some this weekend.”


Martin Tomczyk (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“After a pre-test we were utterly okay. We ran by a programme
though any issues on both cars. It was good to be behind during Le Mans and
to do a initial metres there. Basically a automobile is using good and
set-up seems to be fine. We are usually lacking a bit in performance. I
know it’s a formidable charge though as a motorist we always demeanour out for the
limit performance, and when we see utterly a large opening between a cars
it’s not that easy to know given a automobile felt utterly good. But
altogether we consider we are prepared for a race. The group did utterly well,
they’re prepared themselves unequivocally nicely. It will be a final competition for
BMW Team MTEK and myself in WEC this year so we wish we can suffer it
and hopefully with a good outcome to finish adult WEC.“


Nick Catsburg (#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“Le Mans is apparently one of a highlights of a season. It has a
bit of both extremes of emotions given it’s one of a coolest races
of a year though it’s also a final competition for us during BMW Team MTEK in
WEC. That is apparently not so nice. But let’s try and finish off with
a good result. we consider we have a automobile to do it. Last year we were okay,
we were rival though not reliable. we consider this year we will have a
bit some-more trustworthiness after one year of operative on and removing to know
a car. So hopefully we can do a improved result. For sure, me, Martin
and Philipp will try as tough as we can.”


Philipp Eng
(#81 BMW M8 GTE):

“It goes though observant that Le Mans is a all-time classic. In my
eyes it is one of a biggest automobile races in a world. After a big
win during Daytona it would be unbelievably extraordinary to win during Le Mans with
BMW. It would be a unusual highlight, not usually in 2019 though in
my career, and alongside BMW. I’m impossibly happy, and unapproachable of this
opportunity. I’m unequivocally most looking brazen to a whole week during Le
Mans. For opening in a race, we will have to see. After the
test, we were unequivocally happy with a change and with a drivability of
a BMW M8 GTE.”


António Félix da Costa (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to my second go during a 24 hours of Le
Mans. It’s one of a biggest races in a universe and final year was
such an extraordinary experience. This year, we’re entrance in with a lot more
experience, not usually me, though a team. We know a automobile most improved and
it’s most some-more reliable. So hopefully we can lift decent outcome as our
goodbye to WEC.”


Augusto Farfus (#82 BMW M8 GTE):

“It is a final competition in a WEC for us so it’s going to be very
romantic for a whole team. We’ve been operative together given before
WEC to try and win this race. We are unequivocally well-prepared though we hope
that we are given adequate gait to challenge.”


Jesse Krohn (#82 BMW M8 GTE): “It’s my initial time at
Le Mans though it’s been a dream of cave for as prolonged as we can remember.
To finally get a possibility to competition here creates it additional motivating to
succeed. It’s a best-known continuation competition on a world and we can’t
wait for a week to get stated. The lane is extraordinary – it’s exactly
as we illusory it. You can feel a birthright and, given it’s so rare
to expostulate there, we feel like it is a genuine payoff to start every
path that we do.”