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24 Hours of Le Mans: Toughest competition of a year for Audi

The generation of 24 hours is singular on a FIA WEC calendar as well. In return, a personal entrants are awarded twice a series of points compared with a other rounds. The “marathon” during La Sarthe is arguably a world’s many prestigious continuation race. Audi has won it an extraordinary 13 times – many recently in 2014 with Marcel Fässler/André Lotterer/Benoît Tréluyer (CH/D/F). As a result, a reward code from Ingolstadt is ranked in second place of a all-time winners list that was begun in 1923. Audi’s choice this year consists of Fässler/Lotterer/Tréluyer in automobile series “7” and di Grassi/Duval/Jarvis in automobile series “8.”

Audi is a usually code to rest on a rarely fit diesel hybrid powertrain. In 2006, Audi was a initial manufacturer to win a Le Mans 24 Hours with a diesel engine, has clinched 8 victories with a TDI given afterwards and set a new stretch record in 2010 that has not been damaged to date. Ten years of TDI are a ideal arise to demeanour during numbers reflecting a swell that has been made: In 2006, a Audi R10 TDI had a V12 TDI engine with 5.5 liters of displacement. Now, a 4-liter V6 TDI powers a R18 – it uses 46.3 percent reduction fuel and a competition automobile achieves improved path times. In serve to a powertrain done adult of an inner explosion engine during a back spindle and a hybrid complement during a front, Audi has tapped vital aerodynamic potential, polished a lightweight design, converted innovative ideas in a suspension, complement solutions and other minute areas into reality, and plays a pioneering purpose in lighting record during Le Mans. With that, a 24-hour competition during La Sarthe stays a ideal laboratory for contrast technologies for tomorrow currently and subsequently creation them accessible to Audi’s customers.

Eurosport will be airing live TV coverage of a use sessions, including subordinate and warm-up, and a competition with pre-race reports starting during 14:15. Actor Brad Pitt will be fluttering a cars off in his titular starter purpose before a competition starts on Saturday, Jun 18, during 15:00. Audi will be providing endless reports on a Facebook (AudiSport) and Twitter (@audisport) channels. The brand’s fans can additionally watch on-board footage with telemetry information and serve information during

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During a competition week a Le Mans press pack will ceaselessly be updated with serve calm in a Audi Media Center.…

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