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30 years of partnership in China: Audi and FAW start a indication initiative

China has grown into Audi’s strongest enlargement engine and biggest singular market. In a past 30 years, Audi has delivered some-more than 5 million automobiles there. Sales volumes have increasing some-more than fivefold in a past 10 years. The models Audi A4 L, A6 L and Q5 L are generally renouned with Chinese customers, and China is a many critical sales marketplace also for a Audi A8 L. The fourth indication era of this oppulance sedan is once again a anxiety for Vorsprung durch Technik. The Audi A8 demonstrates this with style-defining design, innovative framework solutions, an innovative hold handling judgment and unchanging foundation of a expostulate system. The Four Rings were a initial vehicle code to launch services grown for China such as 3D maps and Chinese impression recognition, in sequence to respond precisely to a wishes of Chinese customers. China will continue to minister significantly to Audi’s growth.

Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen Group and Chairman of a Supervisory Board of AUDI AG, says: “30 years of Audi in China tell a success story of innovation, mutation and friendship. we am looking brazen to a subsequent 30 years.”

Alexander Seitz, Audi Board of Management Member for Finance, China, Compliance and Integrity, emphasized: “We will use a knowledge to locally rise and furnish even some-more models privately for China in a future. We will continue a common success story with a latest technologies, digital services that concentration on marketplace needs, and models like a Audi Q8 and Audi e-tron.” By 2022, Audi aims to boost a internal portfolio with FAW-VW to some-more than 10 models. The initial all-electric models from Audi will also be sole in China.

Audi now offers 6 locally constructed indication families in China. The Audi A4 L, A6 L, Q3 and Q5 L array are built during a Changchun plant in a north. The Audi A3 Sedan, A3 Sportback and Audi Q2 L expostulate off a public line in Foshan in southern China. A serve step in a team-work between Audi and FAW is a start of Audi prolongation in Tianjin. The Chinese plants are creation a poignant grant within a Audi prolongation network. Their stretchable structure will concede a ongoing light enlargement of capacities. In a entrance years, ability with a partner FAW-Volkswagen can be increasing to a sum of some-more than 700,000 automobiles, depending on marketplace demand.

Audi was a initial reward code to enter a Chinese marketplace in 1988. As partial of a permit agreement between Audi and FAW, a Audi 100 was a initial indication to be constructed from tools kits during a FAW plant in Changchun. In 1995, Audi prolongation was integrated into a FAW-Volkswagen corner try and a team-work was constantly expanded. As a pioneer, Audi put long-wheelbase versions of a Audi A4 and A6 on a highway and, with a Audi A6 L e-tron, offering a Volkswagen Group’s initial locally constructed plug-in hybrid. In 2013, a code with a Four Rings inaugurated a growth core in Beijing, so paving a approach for an creation boost in Asia. Another critical miracle for Audi in China is a arrogance of Group-wide growth shortcoming as a Center of Excellence for high-voltage battery cells.

In addition, a partners are heightening their team-work along a whole value chain, with connectivity services and mobility offerings. FAW CEO Xu Liuping: “Together we have achieved countless pioneering milestones and so combined a successful win-win cooperation.”