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40 years of BMW Motorsport talent promotion: A assembly of generations during a anniversary event.

Maisach. The large assembly of generations was a prominence of
Monday’s celebrations to symbol a 40th anniversary of BMW
Motorsport talent promotion. The BMW and MINI Driving Experience in
Maisach (GER), that had incited 40 years in 2017 as well, was the
venue for a anniversary event, during that a heroes from a early
days met BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt (GER), as good as
graduates and a stream mount of drivers on a BMW Motorsport
Junior Programme. The guest enclosed Jochen Neerpasch (GER), the
initial handling executive of BMW Motorsport GmbH and owner of the
initial BMW Junior Team in 1977, as good as Eddie Cheever (USA) and
Marc Surer (SUI), dual of a BMW Motorsport Juniors from that time.

It was a initial time in German vehicle racing that a
manufacturer had put together a group consisting usually of juniors.
This prolonged tradition creates BMW mount out from other manufacturers
concerned in motorsport. Ever given a pioneering efforts of Jochen
Neerpasch, a graduation of immature drivers has been one of the
executive pillars of a BMW Motorsport philosophy, and is now more
critical than ever.


The day began with a turn of discussions, during that a different
generations chatted about their personal knowledge of BMW Motorsport
talent promotion. Neerpasch, Cheever and Surer spoke of their time in
a BMW Junior Team and what done a “Wilder Reiter GmbH” so special.
They also listened delicately to today’s Juniors, and offering profitable advice.


Among those benefaction was Jesse Krohn (FIN), who successfully graduated
from a programme as “BMW Motorsport Junior of a Year 2014” and is
now a permanent tie in a BMW GT motorist line-up. He was assimilated by
this year’s BMW Motorsport Juniors, Beitske Visser (NED), Ricky
Collard (GBR), Mikkel Jensen (DEN), Dennis Marschall (GER) and Nico
Menzel (GER). Joel Eriksson (SWE) was incompetent to take part, as he was
in movement during a famous Formula 3 Grand Prix in Macau.


As good as interviews and video recordings, a anniversary event
focussed essentially on a print fire with a ancestral BMW 320 Group 5,
with that a initial BMW Junior Team caused such a stir in 1977, as
good as a BMW M6 GT3 and a BMW M4 GT4 – a dual cars a current
BMW Motorsport Juniors are racing with. Surer also finished a number
of deposit laps in a BMW M automobile with a stream Juniors.


Over a march of a past 4 decades, a BMW judgment for
compelling youngsters has constructed countless successful racing drivers,
who have won races and titles in a far-reaching operation of array around the
world. They embody obvious drivers such as four-time Formula 1
champion Sebastian Vettel (GER), as good as stream BMW works drivers
Timo Glock (GER) and Martin Tomczyk (GER).


Quotes on a BMW Motorsport talent graduation anniversary event.


Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport Director:

“40 years of BMW Motorsport talent graduation – this anniversary is a
unequivocally special one for all of us during BMW Motorsport. With his idea,
Jochen Neerpasch laid a foundations for something that has has
accompanied us ever given and proven itself right by to today.
When we demeanour around a general motorsport scene, we find
countless drivers who came into hit with BMW Motorsport’s talent
graduation programme in a early stages of their career. This shows
that a trail we embarked on behind in 1977 was successful and remains
both a right trail and important. The aspects that were fundamental
when a BMW Junior Team was founded 40 years ago still request to the
approach we sight a immature drivers today. We ready a talented
youngsters technically, physically and mentally for a challenges
they face in engine racing. Our thought is to be means to use them in our
cars within a opposite engine racing programme. This graduation is
profitable dividends today, usually as it did 40 years ago.”


Jochen Neerpasch, initial handling executive of BMW Motorsport
GmbH and owner of a BMW Junior Team:

“I was gay to see Eddie Cheever and Marc Surer again, and to
accommodate a stream Juniors. we was tender by how mature they are
already, notwithstanding still being so young, and how professionally they are
being prepared for their destiny careers. BMW Motorsport deserves a big
enrich for that. we founded a Junior Team behind then, since even
Formula 1 drivers were not good prepared physically for a challenges
they faced in a racing car. It is good to see what an outstanding
youth programme has grown from that idea.”


Eddie Cheever, BMW Motorsport Junior 1977:

“I find it illusory that BMW Motorsport has continued along a same
trail we took for a initial time behind in 1977, in terms of a approach they
sight immature drivers. The new generation, who we had a pleasure of
assembly today, unequivocally tender me. Compared to us, they have
totally opposite means of scheming for their careers. However, I
can feel a same passion we had 40 years ago. As we were behind then,
a stream mount of Juniors is unequivocally unapproachable to be partial of a BMW family.”


Marc Surer, BMW Motorsport Junior 1977:

“My appearances for BMW Group Classic meant we am still frequently in
hold with Jochen Neerpasch, and we am mostly reminded of that duration of
my life. However, this is a initial time we have seen Eddie Cheever for
many years – and we am unequivocally gratified to have met adult again. It was also
fascinating to accommodate today’s category of Juniors during this event. They are
all already distant some-more mature than we were behind then. They are very
advantageous to be upheld by a association like BMW. Nothing is more
critical to a immature racing motorist than being means to rise in a
veteran sourroundings and in worldly racing cars.”


Sebastian Vettel, four-time Formula 1 universe champion:

“Congratulations to BMW on this anniversary! When we was a young
racing driver, we was advantageous adequate to be upheld by BMW and Red
Bull. Without that support, we would presumably never have done it into
Formula 1. we am unequivocally beholden for that time, and demeanour behind fondly upon
it. we will also never forget my initial Formula 1 competition for a BMW
Sauber F1 Team. When we demeanour around a Formula 1 paddock today, a
series of a other drivers also started out in Formula BMW, usually as we did.”


Timo Glock, BMW DTM driver:

“I was propitious to advantage from BMW Motorsport’s talent promotion
programme. As such, BMW was instrumental in a approach my motorsport
career panned out. It is implausible to see how many large names the
programme has constructed over a decades. Thank we unequivocally most to BMW
Motorsport for their illusory joining to a BMW Motorsport talent
promotion. Hopefully it will continue for another 40 years.”


Timo Scheider, BMW works driver:

“Firstly, we would apparently like to honour BMW on the
40th anniversary of a talent graduation programme. Without
this kind of support, it is unequivocally formidable for youngsters to find
their feet in motorsport – for many reasons, including financial ones.
we also benefitted from a extensive support we perceived in 1998 as
a BMW Junior. Part of a training programme was for us to assistance out in
a engine dialect in Munich, to arrange a racing engines and,
in doing so, to benefit profitable experience. we still remember good how I
helped to build a engine with that Jockel Winkelhock raced during Le
Mans. we am unequivocally happy that we was means to benefit that kind of experience
during such a immature age, interjection to BMW. we am still benefitting from it today.”


Martin Tomczyk, BMW works driver:

“I gifted for myself usually how critical a graduation of
gifted youngsters has always been to BMW when we was 16 years aged and
competed in a BMW Formula ADAC Junior Cup. It was during that period
that we laid a foundations for my destiny career. we now suffer regulating my
knowledge to support a subsequent epoch of BMW Juniors whenever I
get a opportunity.”


Philipp Eng, BMW works driver:

“I have zero though lustful memories of my time on a BMW Motorsport
talent graduation programme. we was partial of a programme in 2006, and
it gave me a eventuality to uncover what we was means of. we won the
Formula BMW World Final in 2007, and perceived a exam in a BMW Sauber
F1 Team automobile as my prize. That was apparently a vital prominence in my
career. we can usually honour BMW on a graduation of immature drivers,
and appreciate them for it.”


Jesse Krohn, BMW Motorsport Junior of a Year 2014:

“It was illusory to accommodate a people who, 40 years ago, went down the
same highway as we are doing today. Hopefully we will be means to attend a
identical eventuality in 40 years, and can tell a new epoch of talented
youngsters about my career. we had roughly given adult on my dream of a
career in motorsport when BMW Motorsport gave me a eventuality to be
a partial of a realigned Junior Programme in 2014. Since then, we have
been vital my dream.”


Beitske Visser, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“This day is a good finish to my initial year on a BMW Motorsport
Junior Programme. It was fun to accommodate a former Juniors, and to find
out some-more about racing behind then. Personally, we am happy with my
season. we gained my looseness for a Nürburgring-Nordschleife and won
my initial competition in a BMW M4 GT4. That was fantastic.”


Ricky Collard, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“Thank we unequivocally most to BMW Motorsport for permitting me to be partial of
this programme, and this anniversary event. It was illusory to meet
adult with a stream Juniors and discuss with a legends from past years.
we consider we all share a same passion for motorsport. It was also
overwhelming to see a BMW 320 Group 5 adult tighten and personal. we love
selected cars.”


Mikkel Jensen, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“I found it fascinating to see how BMW Motorsport’s talent promotion
has grown over a past 40 years. Motorsport has changed
dramatically, and a programme has blending to it. For me, creation it
onto a BMW Junior programme was a large step. It is now adult to me to
uncover what we am means of.”


Dennis Marschall, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“Today was brilliant. we unequivocally enjoyed listening to Eddie Cheever and
Marc Surer tell their stories about racing in a BMW 320 Group 5. I
also had a feeling that they were meddlesome in how we ready for
a races nowadays. we am impossibly beholden to be partial of a BMW
Motorsport Junior Programme.”


Nico Menzel, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“I know from my father about a mindfulness of racing in a past.
It was unequivocally cold to accommodate a initial epoch of BMW Juniors and to be
means to discuss to such large names as Jochen Neerpasch, Eddie Cheever and
Marc Surer. we have been propitious adequate to expostulate a ancestral BMW M3 from
a 1980s twice during my deteriorate as a BMW Motorsport Junior. we am
preoccupied by competition cars from that era.”