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40 years of BMW Motorsport talent promotion: Milestones, anecdotes and quotes.

BMW Motorsport distinguished a 40th anniversary of
a talent graduation with a large eventuality in Maisach (GER). BMW
Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, a initial era of a BMW
Junior organisation from 1977 and a stream BMW Motorsport Junior
Programme recruits came together. This press recover contains the
best statements from a turn list of all participants, a video clip
with ancestral and stream images, a brief overview of a story of
BMW Motorsport talent promotion, quotes from famous graduates, and
some-more photos from a photoshoot of a eventuality participants with
ancestral and stream BMW foe cars.


Meeting of generations.

At a anniversary eventuality final week, a unequivocally initial BMW Juniors and
their successors got to know any other during a BMW and MINI Driving
Academy premises in Maisach. BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt
(GER), Jochen Neerpasch (GER), a owner of BMW Motorsport GmbH and
a BMW Junior team, a members of a initial BMW Junior organisation from
1977, Eddie Cheever (USA) and Marc Surer (SUI), a BMW Motorsport
Junior of a Year 2014, Jesse Krohn (FIN), and a stream BMW
Motorsport Juniors Ricky Collard (GBR), Mikkel Jensen (DEN), Dennis
Marschall, (GER), Nico Menzel (GER) and Beitske Visser (NED) were all present.


See here for a highlights video with ancestral racing scenes:


See here for an talk with Jens Marquardt and Jochen Neerpasch:


Statements from former and stream Juniors from a turn table.


Eddie Cheever, BMW Junior 1977:

“It was Jochen Neerpasch and a BMW Junior Team that unequivocally got my
career going. It was my initial eventuality to foe underneath professional
conditions. Back afterwards there was zero anywhere in a universe that
could have been compared with a BMW Motorsport talent promotion
programme. we came to this anniversary eventuality to appreciate Mr. Neerpasch and BMW.”


“You were  all comparison for a stream BMW Motorsport Junior
Programme formed on your talent and determination. That means you
already have an advantage over everybody who is not partial of the
programme. Learn from winners who are somewhat improved than we during what
they do.”


Marc Surer, BMW Junior 1977:

“If we hadn’t been enclosed in a BMW Junior team, we wouldn’t have
been means to pursue a career in motorsport behind then. The good thing
about those days was that we were totally giveaway to expostulate though any
restrictions. We competence have driven into any other’s cars during times,
though we had leisure nonetheless.”


“You are many improved prepared for racing these days than we were back
then. If customarily since we start during a many younger age. Then there are
a simulators that we didn’t have behind then.”


Jesse Krohn, BMW Motorsport Junior of a Year 2014:

“I would adore to have been a racing motorist in a 70s and 80s. Back
afterwards there was no ABS and no traction control. There was only the
motorist and his car.”


Ricky Collard, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“The stream Junior programme is a many critical step in all of
a careers. Personally, we can contend though a doubt that we wouldn’t
still be racing though a support from BMW.”


Mikkel Jensen, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“BMW Motorsport works in partnership with Formula Medicine. That
gives us a eventuality to learn mental training techniques in
serve to earthy training. That unequivocally helps with scheming for races.”


Dennis Marschall, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“Teamwork plays a vital purpose in GT racing and thereby also in a BMW
Motorsport Junior Programme. When we share a cockpit with another
driver, we need to remember to palm over a good automobile with good tyres.
You can’t be egotistical.”


Nico Menzel, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“Some of a immature drivers currently have mislaid honour for a risk of
removing harmed in a foe car. Safety aside, we need to remind
yourself of a dangers as a driver.”


Beitske Visser, BMW Motorsport Junior 2017:

“Simulator training is partial of bland life for us these days, and
is also partial of a training. The advantage of this is that we can
try out things that would be too unsure in genuine life. You would never
risk carrying an collision on a lane to try out a potentially faster
line though we can do that in a simulator.”


See here for a video gathering of a best statements from the
turn table:


Overview of a story of a BMW Motorsport talent graduation programme:


1977: The BMW Junior Team.

Four decades ago, in 1977, instituted by a handling executive Jochen
Neerpasch, BMW Motorsport GmbH founded a BMW Junior Team. It was the
initial time in German automobile racing that a works organisation had introduced a
organisation wholly consisting of juniors. The initial era of BMW
Juniors in 1977 were Marc Surer, Manfred Winkelhock and Eddie Cheever.
With their foe car, a BMW 320i mutated for organisation 5, they contested
a German Racing Championship to ready a BMW Junior Team for
entering a one-make universe championship in a future.


1978 – 1982: Formula 2.

The decrease of a Formula 2 engine regulations in 1973 done the
foe some-more appealing to an increasing array of manufacturers,
including BMW. With growth in a following years, a BMW
four-cylinder engine became a benchmark. From 1978 onwards, BMW
Juniors also competed in Formula 2. By 1982 drivers with BMW engines
had won a European championship a serve 5 times. All of the
drivers eventually progressed to Formula 1, that customarily incorporated
Formula 2 races as partial of a weekends.


1991 –
2001: The “First” Formula BMW.

In 1991 BMW and a ADAC assimilated army to rise talent. Numerous
racing drivers started their careers there. In a entrance year of this
partnership, Christian Abt won a altogether pretension and a following
year Alexander Grau carried a trophy. The categorical design of the
foe was to emanate a turn personification margin for drivers and teams
with a suitable budget, while adhering to all reserve regulations.
Successful graduates of a pushing propagandize embody former Formula 1
motorist Ralf Schumacher, who done his entrance in Formula Junior in 1992,
and Christian Klien. The final pretension holder, in 2001, was Timo Glock,
who now drives for BMW’s DTM team. “I was propitious to advantage from BMW
Motorsport’s talent graduation programme,” pronounced Glock. “As such, BMW
was instrumental in a approach my motorsport career panned out.”


2002 –
2010: The “Second” Formula BMW.

For many years Formula BMW was a universe personality in entrance level
regulation engine racing. The array took place in Germany, Great Britain,
Asia, and a USA. At a early age of 15, youth drivers were means to
make their symbol in engine racing in FB02s, state-of-the-art identical
cars. The gifted immature drivers valid themselves time and time again
within a Formula 1 framework. All of a array comprised a diverse
training and coaching programme, as good as a growth of
earnest new talent. The many famous connoisseur of this elite
investiture is four-time Formula 1 universe champion Sebastian Vettel.
“When we was a immature racing driver, we was advantageous adequate to be
upheld by BMW and Red Bull,” pronounced Vettel. “Without that support, I
would presumably never have done it into Formula 1. we am unequivocally grateful
for that time, and demeanour behind fondly on it.” Further well-known
graduates were Nico Rosberg, Nico Hülkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo and
Marco Wittmann. From 2005 to 2008 there was an annual Formula BMW
World Final, in that youth drivers from a 4 informal Formula
BMW array competed opposite any other. Between 2008 and 2010 there
also was Formula BMW Europe.


2011 – 2013: Formula BMW Talent Cup.

The Formula BMW Talent Cup took place over 3 seasons. In this
educational series, BMW Motorsport evenly introduced talented
youth drivers to a mandate of veteran motorsport. Driver
coaches and foe engineers supervised a participants in tiny groups
and worked on all from particular character of pushing by to
finish set-up. In 2011 Stefan Wackerbauer was a initial overall
winner, and in 2012 Marvin Dienst cumulative a tip mark during a final in
Oschersleben. Robin Hansson of Sweden triumphed in a third season,
in 2013.


From 2014: BMW Motorsport Junior Programme.

Successful graduates are given a eventuality to take a subsequent steps
in their growth as GT racing drivers during BMW Motorsport. The focus
is on GT and furloughed automobile drivers who already have some race
experience. Outings with a BMW M4 GT4, that replaces a BMW M235i
Racing as a starter automobile for a juniors, are an constituent partial of the
extensive training programme. The juniors are also concerned in the
car’s growth programme. They could also seem in a BMW M6 GT3.
As good as foe starts and exam drives, complete speculation courses
traffic with aptness and PR are planned, as are mental and simulator
training. As “BMW Motorsport Junior of a Year 2014”, Jesse Krohn has
finished a whole programme with success and is now partial of the
permanent motorist choice for BMW Motorsport in a GT sector.