Mercedes-Benz Canada

50 years of Mercedes-Benz Accident Research.

For 50 years now, Mercedes-Benz experts have examined critical accidents involving stream vehicles temperament a three-pointed star. The insights of Mercedes‑Benz Accident Research are incorporated into a alleviation and pattern of updated and new models. 

Established in 1969, Mercedes-Benz Accident Research is one of a oldest departments of this kind in a tellurian automotive industry. Since then, a teams have examined and reconstructed some-more than 4,700 trade accidents. “The extensive proceed of Mercedes-Benz reserve growth pursues dual objectives, preventing accidents and mitigating a consequences of them,” emphasises Professor Rodolfo Schöneburg, Mercedes-Benz Centre Manager for Vehicle Safety, Operational Stability and Corrosion Protection. “Our reserve truth is ‘real-life safety’. In further to simulations and pile-up tests, what indeed happens in accidents is an critical aspect for us. Our collision investigate provides essential insights from genuine accidents.”