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5G in production: Audi and Ericsson take a subsequent step together

Using 5G in prolongation offers many opportunities: Seamless communication in genuine time is a pre-requisite in permitting wireless prolongation robots and employees to work together uniformly in a future. Unlike other wireless technologies, 5G is some-more reliable, reacts some-more dynamically to high use levels and is therefore quite suitable for joining sensors, machines and inclination operated by tellurian beings. Together with Audi, Ericsson is now presenting a serve instance of how to use 5G in vehicle production: An industrial drudge installs an airbag procedure into a steering circle of an Audi.

The drudge dungeon is stable by reserve sensors. As shortly as a tellurian palm breaks by a cell’s light curtain, a drudge stops automatically. The high-frequency (fieldbus) communication compulsory for this is facilitated by a really low latency time, i.e. an end-to-end check of roughly one millisecond. Thanks to 5G technology, communication between humans and appurtenance is now probable wirelessly as well. “5G combines all points in a prolongation sourroundings and this leads to huge improvements in coherence and connectivity and shows how humans and robots can work together safely,” says Arjen Kreis, Head of Planning Body Shop Automation Technology, Audi Neckarsulm.

“As partial of a plan with Ericsson, that we announced in 2018, we are contrast a probability of 5G record for industrial applications in a intelligent bureau in a Audi Production Lab. These projects will learn us some-more about how wireless networks can be used optimally in a intelligent factory,” says Dr. Henning Löser, Head of a Audi Production Lab, in that industrial concentration scenarios for vehicle prolongation are tested and grown serve regulating 5G. Together with Ericsson, Audi places a executive concentration here on quite latency-critical use, such as communication with an industrial robot.

Since 2018, a reward vehicle manufacturer Audi and a Swedish telecommunications house Ericsson have been contrast a use of 5G wireless and network record for a prolongation of vehicles. The partnership between a vehicle manufacturer and a 5G creation personality creates it probable to commend a intensity of wireless communication in prolongation during an early stage. “5G offers a intensely low latency that meets a opening mandate of industrial automation,” declares Marie Hogan, Head of Mobile Broadband IoT during Ericsson. “Highly grown applications and system-critical IoT networking total with a advantages of larger flexibility, mobility and potency for a purpose of prolongation automation are so apropos probable for a really initial time. ‘Cutting a cables’ is a tangible branch indicate in a Industry 4.0 era.”