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60 years of MINI – disdainful highlights from a life of a character icon.

Munich. John Lennon gathering one, Peter Sellers roared
by his investigator comedies in one, and even a Queen was
chauffeured by a park of Windsor Castle in one. Countless
celebrities succumbed to a attract of a classical Mini, that was
initial presented to a open 60 years ago. The car’s distinctive
design, surprisingly inexhaustible space and flexible pushing characteristics
were all vital factors in a insubordinate tiny automobile being accepted
into a circles of high multitude during an early theatre – generally in its
home nation of Great Britain. Exclusive photographs uncover numerous
stars from a universe of music, film and conform selecting a classic
Mini as their elite means of transport, creation it an idol of a time.

To symbol a brand’s 60th anniversary furthermore, MINI is
commemorating those stately early years with some well-developed special
vehicles. Following a successful marketplace launch of a MINI 60 Years
Edition for a stream MINI 3-door and MINI 5-door, a classical Mini
will once again be during a forefront. A unique, elaborately restored
one-off in a charming striped pattern of a stream MINI 60 Years
Lifestyle Collection revives a select panache and lifestyle of
a furious sixties.

Even after a brand’s relaunch in 2001, celebrities all over the
universe were shortly enjoying a particular pushing fun offering by the
complicated MINI, that followed resolutely in a footsteps of a classic
predecessor. As a initial compress automobile for a reward segment, the
MINI immediately became a trendsetter. Its radical judgment has
desirous film-makers, musicians, conform designers and other artists
alike. With a huge recognition as good as a transparent tendency
towards extravagance and measureless pushing fun, a MINI has made
several appearances in Hollywood films and found a place in the
private fleets of countless showbiz stars.

Lord Snowdon introduced a classical Mini to a Royal Family.

The fact that a classical Mini was supposed into London multitude during an
early theatre was due to a member of a Royal Family: Lord Snowdon –
photographer, designer, crony of Mini engineer Alec Issigonis and the
father of Princess Margaret – was one of a initial to buy a new
tiny car. A family sketch taken in 1965 shows him with Princess
Margaret and their son David on a debate of London in a Mini.

Lord Snowdon paved a approach to a stately weekend chateau for a Mini
as early as 1960: his sister-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, was chauffeured
by Issigonis by a park of Windsor Castle. For a small
automobile, this was something of a chivalry – a top of royal
honours that Issigonis himself went on to accept 9 years later.

The Beatles, a Monkees, a Beach Boys, Spencer Davis, Mick
Jagger, Eric Clapton and David Bowie – a Mini was a strike for all of them.

In a years that followed, a Mini cumulative a organisation place in the
fashion, art and song stage of “Swinging London”. Its international
celebrity was not slightest due to a unrestrained it generated among all
members of a Beatles. John Lennon systematic a Mini in 1964 – even
yet he didn’t have a pushing licence. Historical photographs show
drummer Ringo Starr with one of a Mini Cooper S models that took
partial in a 1964 Monte Carlo Rally and Paul McCartney removing into his
private Mini in 1967. Guitarist George Harrison was a unapproachable owners of
a Mini de Ville, discriminating by eminent bodymaker Radford. When the
Beatles met in 1967 to fire their TV film “Magical Mystery Tour” at
West Malling Airfield in Kent, John Lennon also enjoyed racing across
a airfield in a Mini embellished in surprising colours.

The love of obvious musicians for a classical Mini lasted for
decades, and it was by no means singular to a British Isles. While
a recognition of a Mini became an increasingly tellurian phenomenon,
cocktail and stone bands from a US gained new fans in Europe. In 1966, it
was a Beach Boys who set off on an general debate with their
surfer sound, posing in front of a Mini Moke in Great Britain. This
picture of a Californian musicians with a beach mobile temperament the
band’s name widespread around a world. The American band, The Monkees,
reached a rise of their recognition during about a same time. There is
a sketch dating behind to this duration in that guitarist and singer
Michael Nesmith and his partner Phyllis are looking adult by the
folding roof of a Mini into a camera above. Like Beatle Harrison,
Monkee Nesmith had his possess personal Mini Cooper S done by Radford.
This impracticable and costly one-off citation not usually had a folding
roof though also a 100-hp engine and a wooden dashboard with additional instruments.

As good as to enjoying pushing a classical Mini, London-born musician
David Bowie was quite tender with a parking capabilities.
He resolutely believed there was no other automobile designed so perfectly
for city life. To applaud a 40th anniversary of a original,
Bowie designed a classical Mini in 1999 that reflected a entire
vicinity – like a discriminating teapot done of British silver. German
thespian Nina Hagen was also photographed with a Mini Cooper for the
repository Paris Match in a French collateral in 1994.

Born to be an movement hero: a classical Mini as a film star on 4 wheels.

Sometimes as an extra, infrequently in a heading purpose – a classic
Mini has seemed in radio array and underline films travelling six
decades. It creates an coming in a 1966 cult film “Blow Up” as
good as in a crime comedy “Kaleidoscope” of a same year, in which
a afterwards still mostly different Warren Beatty played a heading role.
The film “A Cœur Joie” starring Brigitte Bardot also came out in 1966:
it comforts conform models travelling in a Mini Cooper. The fact
that French star Bardot had a tighten tie with a British automobile in
her private life as good is demonstrated in photographs taken in 1980
in that she can be seen accompanied by her dogs in a Mini Moke.

“The Bionic Woman” was a TV array that enjoyed considerable
recognition in both a USA and a UK. In 1976, heading actress
Lindsay Wagner acted in London in front of a classical Mini trustworthy to
a steel frame, giving a sense she was lifting a automobile with
one palm – apparently possessing superhuman powers like her character
from a TV series.

The scenes in that a classical Mini was used by British actor Peter
Sellers and executive Blake Edwards, were likewise radical and
humorous. Sellers and Edwards done a film “A Shot in a Dark” in
1964 as a supplement to a crime comedy “The Pink Panther”. As Inspector
Clouseau, Sellers drives a rather surprising Mini Cooper – here a actor
was also demonstrating his off-screen gusto for impracticable special
versions of a classical Mini. The film automobile is a Mini de Ville made
by Radford featuring a wickerwork pattern on a flanks of a body.
Over a years, Peter Sellers acquired about a dozen individually
extended classical Mini vehicles, including one he gave to his afterwards wife
Britt Ekland as a essence of an oversized birthday cake presented
to her during a Radford sales premises in London in 1965.

Probably a many fantastic big-screen coming of a classic
Mini was in a 1969 mafiosi comedy “The Italian Job”. In this film,
limb Charlie Croker played by Michael Caine joins army with an
confederate to devise a bullion burglary in a centre of Turin. They load
their plunder into 3 Mini Coopers – embellished red, blue and white –
before environment off on a monumental shun by a cesspool hovel and
over roofs and stairs in a midst of a trade misunderstanding in the
Italian city. 34 years later, “The Italian Job” was to strike cinemas
again: in a new chronicle featuring Hollywood stars Charlize Theron,
Jason Statham and Mark Wahlberg, a story of a fantastic bullion theft
was staged in even some-more effective and high-speed style. When it came
to casting a heading four-wheeled stars, a choice fell – how could
it be differently – on a new MINI Cooper S, that now demonstrated its
lively and sporty aptitude on and underneath a streets of Los Angeles.

On a highway as partial of a conform scene, too.

In a Swinging London of a 1960s, not usually were new low-pitched sounds
rising though also a stylish trends of a conform universe – and the
classical Mini was always right during a heart of a action. Lesley
Hornby – improved famous by her nickname Twiggy – upheld her pushing test
in a classical Mini in 1968.

Mary Quant, successful women’s conform engineer and contriver of the
mini skirt, was also desirous by a classical Mini. Shortly after
receiving her pushing licence, she systematic a black Mini and later
designed a special book – recognizable by a black and white
striped chair covers, among other things. The British engineer also
took a fondness to a new MINI: “It’s a fashionable, contented and
smiling car.”

At a finish of a 1990s, Paul Smith, one of Britain’s many famous
men’s conform designers, combined a singular special array of the
classical Mini with a paint finish in a shade of blue combined by himself
to compare a anthracite-coloured amalgamate wheels. Another singular edition
during slightest as renouned as this was presented for a 40th anniversary of
a classical Mini, that Smith embellished in his standard multicolour
striped design.


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