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70 years of Audi in Ingolstadt: 3 special exhibitions during a Audi Forum

“W49 – New Start in Ingolstadt” proxy muster during Audi museum mobile:

September 3, 1949, outlines an critical date in a story of AUDI AG. The initial of Auto Union GmbH in Ingolstadt on this day launched a new section in a story of a vehicle manufacturer, that had formerly been formed in Germany’s sovereign state of Saxony. Four years after a finish of a war, a association commenced prolongation in aged buildings of a former Ingolstadt fortress. This was a start of a success story for both a automobile manufacturer and Ingolstadt.

With a “W49” exhibit, Audi takes a really special demeanour behind on a tie between a association and a city. “49” stands for a year it all began. The “W” creatively meant “West” and renowned a initial motorcycle built in Ingolstadt from those built in a “East.” In a outline of a muster organizers, however, a “W” symbolizes some-more – including a many chapters of a mutual attribute between both partners over a years, described with German difference that start with a letter: “Weggang” (departure), “Wiederaufbau” (reconstruction), “Wagemut” (adventurousness), “Wachstum” (growth), “Wirtschaftskraft” (economic strength) and “Wandel der Zeit” (change over time). The tiny association named Auto Union GmbH has given grown into a reward manufacturer of automobiles with worldwide operations, and a tiny provincial city has grown into a energetic and economically clever city – Audi and Ingolstadt.

The new proxy muster shows a company’s initial 10 years in Ingolstadt from 1949 to 1959 – and utterly deliberately in a double sense: The images concede a caller to change perspective, charity a perspective by “Audi glasses” as good as from a outlook of a city. Audi is exhibiting a initial products of a newly founded Auto Union GmbH, including a DKW Schnelllaster and a DKW RT 125 W motorcycle, as good as other critical models from a early automotive production. The muster also examines a underlying conditions in a company’s new home, from a domestic restart with a immature democracy and a refugees of a day to daily life and a reformation in Ingolstadt.

“One Plant – 1,000 Stories” Special muster in a building Market and Customer (Markt und Kunde, A51): 

The plant in a north of Ingolstadt has been a heart of a Audi Group for some-more than 60 years now. Today a group of about 44,000 people work to say a company’s “Vorsprung durch Technik.” The code with a 4 rings altered into a new prolongation comforts in a summer of 1959. The muster in a building Market and Customer A51 focuses on a milestones and highlights of a Ingolstadt site from a finish of a 1950s to today. The plant is not a usually thing that has evolved. For example, a array of cinema also shows how a Audi trademark has altered over time. It still consisted of a supposed “Audi oval” in 1978. The 4 rings didn’t take a place until 1985. They designate a brands Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. The tour by time includes critical models like a DKW Junior de Luxe, a rebirth of Audi in 1965, and a comprehensive bestsellers for a site – a Audi 80 and Audi A4. The mythological quattro expostulate is also given a due in this special exhibition. One blurb from a past sparked a anger during a time: In 1986, convene motorist Harald Demuth gathering an Audi 100 CS quattro adult a Pitkävuori ski burst in Finland. A array of photos shows this chronological prominence and remakes of a blurb in 2005 and 2019.

“Consistently Future” special muster in a Audi Piazza:

Audi is positioning itself for a future. In a pavilion in a Audi Piazza, a association is presenting a preview of destiny investments in a Ingolstadt location. Among other things, a new “Ingolstadt Audi” sight stop and a IN-Campus are being presented. The sight stop, that will be Ingolstadt’s third sight station, is due to open in Dec 2019. The new executive height will underline a barrier-free tie to both a Audi plant and a open ride network. The IN-Campus is being built in a easterly of a city of Ingolstadt. IN-Campus GmbH, a corner try of AUDI AG and a city of Ingolstadt, is refurbishing a site of a former oil refinery for a plan and converting it into a record park – transforming it from a refinery site to a cutting-edge record center.