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75,000 Euros in esteem income and a grand culmination in Munich: The BMW SIM Motorsport deteriorate is underway.

Munich. BMW Motorsport heads into a sim racing deteriorate with a
sundry programme and is prominently represented on a horde of virtual
racing platforms. In a BMW SIM 120 Cup, teams and drivers from
around a universe contest during a circle of a BMW M8 GTE on the
iRacing motorsport simulation. The BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup will be
hosted on a rFactor2 platform. Participants will conflict for prize
income of roughly 75,000 Euros opposite all competitions. Like last
year, a grand BMW SIM Motorsport culmination is planned: The best and
many successful veteran and pledge drivers validate for a BMW
SIM Live eventuality in Munich (GER).

“Our dual SIM Cups with a BMW M8 GTE on iRacing and the
BMW M2 CS Racing on rFactor2 form a basement for a practical racing
programme in 2020,” pronounced BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt.
“They concede us to residence gifted and eager drivers on many
opposite levels and yield them with a lane into a fascinating
universe of motorsport. We are also formulation continual enlargement of our
operation of cars on a applicable platforms.” 
Stefan Ponikva,
Vice President BMW Brand Experience, added: “With BMW SIM Motorsport
we are going a possess BMW approach in sim racing. We are closely joining the
calm and eventuality side of a joining with a activities during BMW i
and M Motorsport. At a same time, we are addressing new target
groups – in a sim village and outward of it. In 2020, a fans
will have a eventuality during many tangible racing events to validate for
a grand culmination in Munich – BMW SIM Live. In this way, we are
addressing both ardent sim racers and pledge gamers comparison and
will move them together during BMW SIM Motorsport. The whole shred is
unequivocally gaining movement and BMW is actively moulding the
The eSports zone has been a expansion marketplace for
years. eGamers opposite a universe go conduct to conduct online in competition and
non-sport simulations. As good as this, they also contest during popular
offline events all over a world. The fan bottom for a different
eSports disciplines is expanding during good speed. This is particularly
loyal of practical engine racing.
BMW SIM 120 Cup kicked off in Daytona.

On 12th January, around 800 drivers competed in a initial BMW
SIM 120 Cup eventuality on a iRacing sim racing platform. At a virtual
‘Daytona International Speedway’ (USA), Maximilian Wenig (GER) and
Maximilian Benecke (GER) from Team Redline GT claimed feat in the
BMW M8 GTE – any securing esteem income of 1,200 US dollars and a
sheet for BMW SIM Live 2020. 
A serve 5 BMW SIM 120
Cup events will be hold over a march of a season. The calendar
subsequent takes sim racers to Sebring (USA), a Nürburgring (GER),
Spa-Francorchamps (BEL), Road Atlanta (USA) and Interlagos (BRA). In
any two-hour race, dual drivers will share pushing duties during a wheel
of a BMW M8 GTE. Prize income is not limited to a winners, as
a second and third-placed drivers can also any demeanour brazen to
receiving 600 and 300 US dollars respectively. BMW works drivers will
also seem frequently in a BMW SIM 120 Cup. Nick Catsburg (NED) and
Philipp Eng (AUT) claimed 13th place as BMW Team CATENG during a first
competition of a deteriorate in early January. 
In further to the
BMW SIM 120 Cup events, iRacing also offers users a new BMW 12.0
Series. The BMW M8 GTE is a automobile of choice for these 12-minute sprint
races, that take place on opposite marks any week. The
championship debuted during a start of Dec 2019 and is really popular
among a users. The BMW M8 GTE is also a organisation favourite during a big
iRacing special events, where participants can select their possess cars
and contest in continuation races. At a practical 24 Hours of Daytona,
374 teams were competing in BMWs, completing some-more than 235,000 laps as
a competition progressed.
The Nürburgring as a practical propagandize – in a BMW SIM M2 CS
Racing Cup.

For a races in a BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup, BMW Motorsport is
operative with a rFactor2 platform. The new entry-level indication in the
BMW M Customer Racing operation will be used for a races. The BMW M2 CS
Racing done a practical and tangible entrance in open during 2019 BMW SIM
Live on 5th December 2019. The competition’s 10 events are all about
a Nürburgring (GER). Each eventuality takes a sim racers closer to
another aspect of a iconic racetrack – either it be different
layouts or impassioned continue conditions. This also creates a BMW SIM M2
CS Racing Cup a ideal theatre for a 3 members of a new BMW
Junior Team – Dan Harper (GBR), Max Hesse (GER) and Neil Verhagen
(USA) – who will contest in all a races on their simulators. The
competition winners any accept 1,000 Euros in esteem income and a starting
place during a season-ending eventuality in Munich. The leader of a BMW SIM
M2 CS Racing Cup culmination will also have a eventuality to expostulate the
tangible BMW M2 CS Racing out on a track.
Fans can also
turn BMW racing drivers during a circuit.
The BMW SIM Fan Cup
also gives BMW Motorsport fans a possibility to validate for BMW SIM Live
2020. At many tangible racing events in a IMSA series, a DTM and the
ABB FIA Formula E Championship, as good as a 24-hour competition during the
Nürburgring, they can essay to set quick path times over a march of
a competition weekend in a special sim area. The fastest time of the
weekend receives a starting place in a BMW SIM Fan Cup Finale during the
season-ending event. This will also underline a final races in a BMW
SIM 120 Cup and a BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup.
The BMW SIM Motorsport events during a glance*.

BMW SIM 120 Cup (iRacing):

12th January 2020        Daytona (USA)
1st March
2020             Sebring (USA)
10th May
2020              Nürburgring (GER) 
5th July 2020              
 Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) 
20th September 2020   Road Atlanta
8th November 2020      Interlagos (BRA) 
BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup (rFactor2, Nürburgring):

19th February 2020      Race 1
11th March 2020          
Race 2
25th March 2020           Race 3
8th April
2020                Race 4
17th June 2020             Race
1st July 2020                 Race 6
22nd July
2020              Race 7
19th August 2020          Race
16th September 2020   Race 9
14th October 2020        Race 10
BMW SIM Fan Cup:

24th-26th January 2020   Daytona (USA), IMSA
15th February 2020         Mexico City (MEX), ABB FIA
Formula E Championship
18th April 2020                Paris
(FRA), ABB FIA Formula E Championship
3rd May 2020              
   Seoul (KOR), ABB FIA Formula E Championship
23rd-25th May 2020
       Nürburgring (GER), 24-hour race
21st June 2020            
  Berlin (GER), ABB FIA Formula E Championship
10th-12th July
2020         Norisring (GER), DTM
25th /26th July 2020      
 London (GBR), ABB FIA Formula E Championship
2nd-4th October
2020     Hockenheim (GER), DTM
8th-10th October 2020    Road
Atlanta (USA), IMSA Series