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8 Funniest Ford Ads from Around a Globe

Watching a Super Bowl this year got a wheels spinning for us during a Ford Blog. We saw copiousness of good commercials and this done us think, “Hey, Ford contingency have done some flattering waggish videos over a years. Why not make a blog post to uncover them off?”

So, let’s get down to business. Here are a 8 Funniest Ford Videos from Around a Globe, gleaned from both TV and a web. 

Ford Explorer YouTube Video with Nelly 

Rapper/singer Nelly is a star of this commercial, that showcases a Ford Explorer’s sound system. We learn a lot about Nelly, like a fact that he doesn’t like fireworks. Who knew? And a humorous exchanges between him and a executive are really value a view.


Mustang Car Chase

A patrolman automobile chases down a Ford Mustang by a soiled streets of a city. Sure that’s cool, though a genuine warn is who’s indeed pushing a Mustang.


Giant Gorilla Meets a Ford Ranger

A King Kong-type chimpanzee uses a Ford Ranger as a toy. Unlike a monsters King Kong fights in a movies, this lorry doesn’t humour any damages. From a off-kilter song to a uncanny gorillas, we can see this ad freaking some people out. However, it’s a good instance of Built Ford Tough, don’t we think?


Rock It Like Block

This blurb facilities veteran convene motorist Ken Block regulating a Ford Fiesta to run his errands. we usually wish that when we dull a trash, it could be this cool.


Ford Everest Bear

In this ad, a little charcterised bear goes on an journey after removing mislaid in a woods divided from his family. The subsequent time I’m feeling idle and need impulse to strike a gym, I’m gonna watch this bear. Talk about perseverance!


1985 Ford Truck Commercial

How tough is Built Ford Tough? This blurb from a ’80s shows only how absolute Ford trucks are. The ad facilities an tangible Ford carrying a Chevy on a bed and towing a Dodge adult a mountain. ’Nuff said.


The Parisian Pinball Park

What happens when we implement a pinball appurtenance above an intensely parsimonious parking mark in Paris? Comedic genius. This video showcases some of a misfortune together parkers La VilleLumière (The City of Light) has to offer. And to tip it off, a misfortune motorist gets a prize.


Zombie Escape

Zombies are a monsters of a impulse right now. This video, combined by Canadian executive Patrick Boivin, takes a demeanour during what happens when a undead accommodate a 2013 Escape. Props goes to Patrick since these Zombies look scary — and carrying a zombie gnaw on a dismembered arm is a good touch. It should be remarkable that this video has a special place in a hearts since a Ford Blog helped emanate it. #JustSayin


Tell us that is your favourite in a comments section!