Ford Canada

8 Winter Driving Safety Tips

In a Canadian winter, pushing by snow, and ice is expected. Since a colder months are entrance because not take a time to get brazen of winter. We’ve suspicion of 8 Ford Winter Safety Driving tips to get we by a season.

Proper Inflated Tires

Cold temperatures can means tire vigour to decrease. Always keep your tires scrupulously arrogant and magnitude them frequently for optimal tire pressure.

Gas Tank Half Full

With a half full gas tank, a combined weight to a automobile helps keep ice crystals from combining in your fuel line.

Windshield Wiper Cracks

Keep an eye on your windshield wipers for cracks as they can means streaks. Regularly tip off your windshield washer liquid and keep an additional jug in your vehicle.

Cell phone charged

Emergencies can strike during any time and mostly it’s a one time your dungeon phone isn’t charged. Have a automobile horse accessible in box we need to call for help.

Booster cable

With indeterminate weather, upholder cables in your automobile can be a lifeline. You never know when you’ll need them or if we can assistance another motorist.

First Aid Kit

At a vicious time, a first-aid pack and warning devices, such as highway flares can make all a difference. When not in use, make certain to reinstate equipment and keep a pack adult to date and toss lapsed items.

Spinning tires

Inevitably, there will be a storm, that causes sleet to raise high and removing stranded might occur. Get out of a jam by pouring sand, gravel, or salt to assistance urge traction. If we have Traction Control™, spin it off and accelerating kindly both brazen and in reverse.


Black ice is wily to mark generally during night. If your automobile starts to skid, take your feet off a accelerator, gradually spin in a instruction of a movement and kindly request solid vigour to a brakes. Don’t siphon a brakes, as it might means loos of control.

It never hurts to be prepared and consider ahead. Stay comfortable with winter prepared accessible featuers like: exhilarated seats, exhilarated steering wheel, and remote start, it’s easy to get into a Ford. On name 2015 and 2015 vehicles, get a no-extra-charge Winter Ready package. See your internal play on how we can get brazen of winter.