BMW Canada

A BMW is as particular as the driver.

Munich. The BMW Group is focused on patron needs
and their mandate for complicated digital mobility. Sheer driving
pleasure is no longer limited to a automobile itself, though can be
consistently geared towards customers’ digital needs. Since 2014, with
options for engagement digital services by a BMW ConnectedDrive
Store, it has been probable to adjust a automobile to personal
mandate on an ongoing basis. The subsequent step towards greater
coherence will be to concede additional automobile functions to be added
later. Current examples embody a High-Beam Assistant, a Active
Cruise Control (ACC) motorist assistance complement with StopGo, and
a BMW Drive Recorder. Expanding a options charity by a BMW
ConnectedDrive Store to compulsory automobile functions will concede each
BMW after sale to be serve personalised.

From classical special apparatus to individual
The BMW Group’s expanded, customer-centric
digital charity enables a automobile to be updated over a duration of
many years. This means business no longer have to dedicate to certain
special apparatus when they buy a automobile – instead, they can adjust it
to their particular mandate over time. Peter Henrich, Senior Vice
President, BMW Product Management: “Digital technologies and classic
automotive growth are merging some-more and more. We wish to offer our
business opposite measure of perfect pushing pleasure – including
a latest digital services and a probability of engagement functions
as needed. All new BMW vehicles are now technologically enabled for
this and we will be evenly expanding this offering.” Customers
will ceaselessly be charity a choice of new digital options – which
competence not have been accessible during a time of shopping or leasing the
vehicle. The BMW Group will also be means to respond faster to digital
growth and new technologies. The ability to book and unlock
additional automobile functions is essentially enabled by a Remote
Software Upgrade record launched in May 2019. New digital services
and facilities can be downloaded directly into a automobile and then
commissioned over a air.

This means a BMW can be kept digitally present for years to come.
Peter Henrich: “In a prolonged run, we could also suppose digital
services no longer being related to a car, though to a patron who
books them.” This is a quite appealing choice for used cars.
In this case, delegate buyers are no longer tied to a digital
facilities of a prior owner, though can select whatever suits their
possess needs and requirements.

Vehicle functions can now also be digitally
The operation of digital services that can be
systematic during a after date, such as RTTI, On-Street-Parking Information
or BMW Music is now being stretched to embody a choice of activating
automobile functions. Since August, it has been probable to implement the
High-Beam Assistant, a Active Cruise Control (ACC) with StopGo
automobile stretch partner with Start/Stop and a BMW Drive Recorder
in this way. The BMW Drive Recorder uses a cameras commissioned for
motorist assistance systems to record video images of a vehicle’s
vicinity – for instance, when pushing by particularly
fantastic scenery. Depending on a indication and special equipment, the
compulsory hardware for these functions is already integrated into
vehicles*. The operation of additional automobile functions will be expanded
going forward. Peter Henrich: “Our idea is to yield the
patron with a best probable digital knowledge in their BMW. With
digital services on demand, we are aiming for a new indication that gives
business distant some-more leisure and coherence than has been probable so
far. For example, in a future, we competence also offer functions such as
Remote Engine Start or Adaptive M Suspension. 

As partial of a digitalisation process, a automobile itself has become
a touchpoint. The BMW Group has upheld this growth for 20
years with a BMW ConnectedDrive Store and, given 2016, a BMW
Connected App. “We wish a business to suffer all products,
digital and other services together as a seamless experience. They are
already connected currently around all a BMW Group’s digital channels –
from a web, by a BMW ConnectedDrive Store or around smartphone.
Our idea is to safeguard a patron no longer has to adjust to the
specifics of their vehicle, though for a automobile to be geared instead
towards their personal and particular requirements,” explains
Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President, Customer and Brand BMW. In a BMW
ConnectedDrive Store
, comparison digital services can be tested
for a time as a “teaser” but any obligation. Depending on the
service, teasers competence be charity as shortly as a automobile is delivered.
These services can afterwards be extended – or not – around a Store for a set
duration of time. 

* depends on special equipment. Example: The BMW Drive Recorder
is accessible in some new models in and with Parking Assistant
Plus. BMW Operating System 7.0. is compulsory for Remote Software Upgrade.