BMW Canada

Above a clouds: The new BMW 7 Series – prepared for a oppulance knowledge during a top level.

Munich. With a new BMW 7 Series, pushing pleasure
and float knowledge strech an rare new turn in a luxury
segment. After a universe premiere of a oppulance sedan in Shanghai, now
a marketplace launch debate for a new BMW 7 Series follows with a
strenuously romantic film during a centre. The debate film, designed
for use on opposite communication channels, presents a new BMW 7
Series regulating windy imagery as a ideal choice for
individualists who are not deterred by any obstacles in their way, but
who follow their possess trail with confident confidence.

The brief film patrician “Above a Clouds”, destined by a American
Dan DiFelice, shows a commander of a private craft who is prevented from
holding off in his craft by bad continue and who afterwards creates a
extemporaneous decision. He swaps his “cockpit” for that of his new BMW 7
Series and accelerates down a dim and stormy runway unhindered. His
tour takes him into stately towering view and he travels higher
and higher. Finally we see how he breaks by a cloud cover on a
towering pass highway in his car, heads towards a object and leaves
a black charge behind him. The pivotal stage of a film describes a
lush knowledge during a top turn formulating a high moment,
that is generally indifferent for a commander of a plane, though in this
unfolding can literally usually be gifted in a new BMW 7 Series.

The new oppulance sedan becomes a pitch of how boundary can be overcome
by your possess beginning and self-confidence, how a leisure of
particular mobility can be stretched and how new horizons afterwards open up.
“With a confident character, a new BMW 7 Series embodies the
approach of life of a aim organisation who follows a aims and ideas in a
self-determined and eccentric demeanour regardless of any external
obstacles”, says Uwe Dreher, Director Brand Communication BMW, BMW i
and BMW M.

After a new BMW 8 Series Coupé, a new BMW 8 Series Convertible
and a new BMW X7, a new BMW 7 Series is a fourth indication to be
presented and launched opposite a credentials of a new code presence
in a oppulance segment. The launch is characterised by a newly designed
signet and a association name Bayerische Motoren Werke, that is fully
created out. For a BMW Group, a brand’s stream beginning in the
oppulance shred is one of a objectives set out in a NUMBER ONE
NEXT association plan to safeguard tolerable expansion on a worldwide
car markets. In further a new BMW 7 Series facilities a unique
accumulation on innovations in a 4 future-oriented ACES fields
(Autonomous, Connected, Electrified, Services/Shared).

The whole BMW 7 Series launch debate has been designed in line
with a new cultured coming of a code in a oppulance segment.
Just like a debate film, all other communication materials
including a sales novel and a online channels of a new BMW
7 Series are harmoniously concurrent with any other in sequence to
yield a aim groups in this car category with an integrated and
holistic universe of experience.  “The launch debate for a new BMW 7
Series highlights a oppulance sedan’s singular multiple of presence,
exclusivity and creation regulating absolute imagery and emotional
staging”, says Kirsty Skinner-Gerth, Head of International Campaigns,
Artwork, Film, Entertainment Marketing. The debate was devised by
a BMW Group in and with Serviceplan Campaign International.
In further to a debate film, a product prominence film as good as
several cutdowns for opposite amicable media channels have been
produced. In this approach a cinematic atmosphere, that symbolises the
impression of a new BMW 7 Series, is authentically eliminated to all
communication channels.

For a BMW Group a following persons were obliged for the
Uwe Dreher, Director Brand Communication BMW BMW i BMW
Kirsty Skinner-Gerth, Head of International Campaigns, Artwork,
Film, Entertainment Marketing
Ann-Kathrin Geertz, International
Campaigns BMW, BMW i, BMW M
Gabriele Lemmle, International
Campaigns BMW, BMW i, BMW M, Project Manager THE 7