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Active summer for Audi Summer Kids

An sparkling summer module of events is entrance to an finish in Ingolstadt for some-more than 200 Audi Summer Kids. The immature brood of Audi employees were invited to play and have fun for 4 weeks in a module with a thesis “Summer Kids a time is distinguished 19!”: From a revisit to a plant glow department, a debate by Audi Restaurants and an inside demeanour during a Audi medical core – there was something for everybody in a wide-ranging module of activities.

The summer vacation module was grown by Audi together with a partner gfi gGmbH. Audi has been charity relatives a mangle from childcare during a summer given 2011, guaranteeing a kids a sundry and wide-ranging module of activities. Kids ages 6 to 14 years are looked after by pedagogically lerned staff.

On a next-to-last day of a summer mangle program, they got to accommodate award-winning sea biologist, investigate diver and adventurer Robert Marc Lehmann. They talked with him about sea life, palm oil, overfishing, environmental insurance and cosmetic waste, and they schooled how to commend how these things are connected. Lehmann, who was invited by a Audi Environmental Foundation, talked with a children about because these issues impact everybody and how they can improved assistance strengthen a sourroundings in their daily lives.

Audi also offers childcare for a children of employees during a Easter, Whitsun and autumn mangle holidays. Once again this year, 80 children can spend an sparkling day during Audi on Nov 20, a propagandize holiday for eremite penance and prayer. In further to this propagandize vacation childcare, Audi provides support with places in nurseries and kindergartens tighten to a plant as good as stretchable short-term caring in a miedelHaus in Ingolstadt. There is also a analogous module during a Neckarsulm site.