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Acura Automobiles: 2013 RDX


For 2013, a RDX has a whole new interior with some-more of what business want. Topping a list is some-more legroom and shoulder room for both front and behind occupants. More bucket room is now permitted along with a significantly wider behind induce opening. More insulation and a new Active Noise Control element assistance beget a quieter cabin, while twin new audio systems broach a some-more beguiling listening experience. Throughout a new “dual personal” cabin, a cockpit settlement creates use of some-more unconditional shapes (rather than a prior RDX interior settlement that had an bony demeanour with some-more pointy lines). And of course, a 2013 delivers even some-more motorist applicable record including an permitted tough hoop expostulate (HDD) formed navigation element interconnected with a new W-VGA monitor. Dual-zone involuntary meridian control keeps occupants gentle and coloured doorway potion reduces eye aria along with a object load. All said, a 2013 RDX interior has an even some-more upscale demeanour and a oppulance feel that Acura business have come to expect.

Just as before, RDX seats 5 yet caters to a motorist and front newcomer initial and foremost. Its leather seating surfaces and ergonomically designed chair contours are designed to yield plenty support during energetic drives or prolonged highway trips. The energy actuated motorist chair is 8-way tractable including tractable lumbar support for a tradition fit. Located usually rearward of a leather-wrapped steering circle are LED backlit gauges with on-going enlightenment and a Multi-Information Display (MID) that allows entrance to mixed electronic functions.

Acura has prolonged been famous for a inexhaustible use of high tech equipment and a 2013 RDX continues with this tradition. New technologies for a 2013 RDX embody Pandora® internet radio interface and a SMS calm messaging function, while personal comfort is softened around record in a form of equipment such as a Keyless Access System with pushbutton start and a new Active Noise Control system. The 2013 RDX facilities as customary a new behind perspective camera element with 3 singular observation angles.

Among a modernized electronic technologies in a 2013 RDX is a new 360-watt audio element with 7 speakers, a CD player, AM/FM radio, XM® Radio with Note function, Bluetooth® Audio, USB pier and AUX jack connectivity, and Speed Volume Control (SVC). Staying connected is not a problem as a RDX comes customary with Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® wireless write interface that is concordant with many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile telephones.

An permitted Technology Package integrates seamlessly into a RDX’s performance-oriented pulling environment. Included is a Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ that has a new W-VGA 8-inch tinge screen. With a AcuraLink™ Satellite Communication System comes AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™, a element that allows a RDX motorist to some-more simply navigate around undiluted freeways. In addition, a element includes AcuraLink Traffic Rerouting™ for involuntary rerouting around problem areas along a route. Also enclosed is AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ with continue radar design maps to yield continue tracking for area specific, invariably updated continue conditions between your stream plcae and your final destination.

Also partial of a RDX’s Technology Package is a new Acura/ELS Surround® reward audio system. The new audio element includes a 410-watt Digital Sound Processor amplifier, a 10-speaker approximate sound array, and 15 GB of dedicated tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage that allows a owners to download and store adult to 3,500 songs* for after playback. The Acura/ELS Surround® reward audio element offers DVD-Audio, CD player, DTS™, AM/FM radio, XM® Radio with Note duty strain reminder, Bluetooth® Audio, and USB pier and AUX jack connectivity.

Even some-more so than any before, transformability of a automobile is of tip regard with buyers- so to be means to discerning and simply modify a RDX from a people hauler to a bucket hauler was paramount. Thus, besides charity indication comfort, interior roominess and bucket carrying were high priorities for RDX designers. For 2013, to palliate ingress/egress a front doors open wider and a behind doorway openings are larger. With a new “one touch” activation of a 60/40 split-folding behind seatbacks, a behind bucket area (with behind seatbacks folded down) offers 76.9 cubic feet of storage- 16.3 cubic feet some-more than before. Interior storage compartments embody a vast core console between a front seats and countless storage pockets and cubby spaces around a RDX. The 2013 RDX has a sum newcomer volume of 103.5 cubic feet (versus 101.4 cubic feet with prior RDX) that means it has a largest volume in a class.

Interior Features

  • Luxuriously allocated cockpit designed for gentle driving
  • Power-adjustable seperated leather-trimmed seats with heaters
  • Leather-wrapped steering circle with fingertip controls
    and racing-inspired paddle shifters
  • Tilt and telescoping steering column
  • Keyless Access System with pushbutton start
  • LED backlit gauges with on-going illumination
  • Multi-Information Display (MID)
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Rear perspective camera with 3 observation modes
  • Active Sound Control
  • Dual-zone involuntary meridian control element with atmosphere filtration
  • Power moonroof with tilt, auto-open/close, auto-reverse and key-off operation
  • One-touch 60/40 split-folding behind seatbacks
  • Acura Premium Sound System with multi-format CD player, AM/FM tuner, and XM® Radio, and 7 speakers
  • USB pier and AUX submit jack connectivity
  • Pandora® internet radio interface
  • SMS calm messaging functionality
  • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® connectivity

Technology Package Features

  • AcuraLink® Satellite Communication System
  • Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ (with new 8-inch W-VGA tinge arrangement screen)
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) element with 60 gigabytes of storage capacity
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic with Traffic Rerouting™
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™
  • GPS-linked solar-sensing, dual-zone involuntary meridian control system
  • Acura/ELS Surround® Premium Sound System with DVD-Audio, multi-format CD player, AM/FM tuner, and XM® Radio with Note function, and 10 speakers
  • Power actuated behind tailgate


With a autocratic outmost perspective of an SUV and a sedan-like seating position, a RDX interior creates a singly sporting environment. Acura interior settlement has always done discerning functionality a priority, and in a RDX all critical systems and controls underline discerning symbol plcae along with easy-to-read markings. The systems used many frequently – audio and journey control – have switches positioned on a steering circle and a HVAC buttons are located tighten to a driver. Technology Package equipment like Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, Satellite-Linked Navigation System and Multi-Information Display (MID) also can be tranquil around switches on a steering wheel.

The 2013 RDX has a confidant new open-style (the prior RDX had a 3-pod-style) sign cluster with easy-to-read analog gauges, supplemented with digital and striking displays. Even yet a RDX gives a motorist entrance to many electronic facilities and conveniences, a interface with any element is elementary and intuitive. Sight lines are pure with critical equipment placed within easy view.


The RDX provides critical automobile information around a Multi-Information Display (MID) that is positioned in a tip apportionment of a speedometer face. An LCD shade shows MID equipment such as outward atmosphere temperature, automobile mileage and outing mileage, normal fuel economy, TPMS status, and controls positioned on a steering circle concede a motorist to cycle a arrangement by additional screens of information while gripping both hands on a wheel.

The MID can display:

  • Upcoming upkeep needs
  • Low tire vigour warning
  • Average and immediate fuel economy
  • Driving range
  • Average automobile speed
  • Elapsed time


To make a meridian control and audio systems easy to operate, a RDX has a 5-inch LCD arrangement (left) mainly positioned in a instrument panel. In serve to a digital clock, a tip apportionment of a shade is clinging to a audio system, and facilities a multi-line arrangement that can uncover CD title, as good as RDS radio hire information when available. The arrangement incorporates an electronic compass located in a tip right apportionment of a shade while a revoke half of a arrangement is clinging to a involuntary meridian control system, and shows a handling mode and comparison heat settings.

When versed with a Technology Package, a core lurch arrangement is transposed with an 8-inch W-VGA tinge shade (right) with an additional arrangement positioned usually above. This arrangement shows a many frequently used audio element and meridian control settings, that are accessed around a easy-to-use interface dial.


When a RDX delivery is placed in Reverse, a perspective from a rear-mounted camera is displayed on a 5-inch LCD arrangement that is positioned in a instrument panel. To make it easier for a motorist to decider stretch and clearance, plain yellow on-screen discipline prove a vehicle’s width, as good as distances of 1, 2 and 3 meters as totalled from a behind of a RDX. In addition, a dotted yellow line outlines off a stretch compulsory to open a behind hatch.

When versed with a permitted Technology Package, a multi-view camera is enclosed that shows one of 3 opposite behind perspective images as displayed on a new W-VGA 8-inch tinge guard used for a navigation system.

The primary perspective is “Normal View,” that delivers 130-degrees of rearward visibility. For special conditions, there is a “Wide View,” that delivers 175-degrees of rearward visibility. Finally, a “Top View” generates a straight-down demeanour during a trailer join area or parking area- so severely easing fixing of a trailer or assisting when maneuvering in parsimonious parking spaces.


The 2013 RDX gets a new leather wrapped 3-spoke steering circle is designed to offer glorious feel and puts a many ordinarily used controls within fingertip reach. Within a circle core is SRS front airbag with a cover that is many smoother in settlement than used with a prior RDX. Audio element controls are positioned on a left spoke with journey control switches located are on a right spoke. A camber of racing-inspired paddle shifters are located usually behind a steering wheel, yet are within easy fingertip strech to be means to manually upshift and downshift a new Sequential SportShift 6-speed involuntary transmission.

The 4 o’clock position on a steering circle has switches that work a Multi-Information Display. The 8 o’clock position is indifferent for navigation element controls, including a push-to-talk symbol to activate a voice approval system, that provides voice control over a navigation system. Controls for Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® are located on a revoke left dilemma of a steering wheel.


The 2013 RDX facilities a new one-touch spin vigilance element that creates line changes some-more convenient. If a RDX motorist moves a spin vigilance push adult (right turn) or down (left turn) for rebate than 100 milliseconds, a spin signals will peep 3 times and thereafter self cancel. However, if a spin vigilance push is changed up/down for some-more than 100 milliseconds, normal spin vigilance operation (consisting of continual flashing) will start until a movement is cancelled- possibly manually cancelled by a motorist or cancelled around a poignant spin of a steering circle (such as when branch onto a side street).


The leather seating surfaces and ergonomically designed chair contours in a 2013 RDX are designed to yield plenty support during energetic drives or prolonged highway trips. The motorist chair is 10-way energy tractable (8-way energy chair and 2-way energy lumbar support) and includes a power-adjustable lumbar support mechanism.


The RDX interior offers inexhaustible headroom and legroom for 5 passengers. Rear outboard passengers will also find plenty feet room underneath a front seats.

Convenient storage areas are simply permitted around a interior. Each front doorway quarrel has a application dungeon built in while in a behind chair area, a core armrest folds down to exhibit twin cupholders. The 5.6-liter glovebox is lockable.

Up front, there are twin cupholders in a core console that use rubber inserts to softened keep contents. Beneath a padded lid of a core console, there is a sum of 8.2 liters of storage space. An interior divider creates a console simply variable for a accumulation of needs, including out-of-view storage of valuables such as a camera or a personal strain player. The core console also includes an integrated tray that is a permitted approach to store equipment such as a wallet, gangling keys, or such.


The beyond console incorporates a accumulation of useful features, including a controls for a HomeLink® system. HomeLink® is a customary underline that allows adult to 3 remote control inclination (such as a garage doorway opener or skill embankment opener) to be synched to a RDX- so permitting a remote duty to be triggered by a automobile yet wanting to lift a accumulation of large remote control devices. Other beyond console facilities embody controls for interior lighting and a energy tilt/slide moonroof.


Versatile bucket application is an critical assign of any SUV- something done even softened with a 2013 RDX. Behind a behind seats, there is 26.1 cubic feet of storage that is simply permitted around an permitted new power-actuated behind tailgate. For 2013, a behind opening is 48.8 inches wide- 6.5 inches wider than a 2012 RDX behind opening.

Even some-more so than ever before, transformability of a automobile is of tip regard with buyers- so to be means to discerning and simply renovate a RDX from a people hauler to a bucket hauler was paramount. With a new “one touch” activation of a 60/40 split-folding behind seatbacks, a behind bucket area (with behind seatbacks folded down) offers 76.9 cubic feet of storage.

The 2013 RDX has a sum newcomer volume of 103.5 cubic feet (versus 101.4 cubic feet with prior RDX) that means it has a largest volume in a class.

Interior Lighting

The RDX’s driver-oriented interior takes on a technical corner after dark. The analog instruments are LED backlit, with high-contrast markings and a resigned white accent hue. When a driver’s doorway is opened, a instrument lighting comes to life- and thereafter brightens gradually to 100-percent enlightenment when a ignition is switched on. The bright instrument lights thereafter come alive, indicating that a RDX is prepared to go. At a finish of a drive, a instrument lighting dims progressively.

Interior switches are bright to make them easy to locate during night, including a switches on all 4 doors. All 4 doors have pleasantness lights that irradiate when a doors are open. The RDX has interior lights featuring “theater dimming,” that can be customized by a motorist around a Multi-Information Display to any of 3 dimming speeds.


RDX has a dual-zone, involuntary meridian control element that lets a motorist and front newcomer set a heat to their sold liking. Large, simple-to-use element controls are positioned within easy reach, usually subsequent a core instrument quarrel vents.

In addition, a RDX with Technology Package offers a GPS-linked, solar-sensing, dual-zone, involuntary meridian control system. Based on invariably updated automobile position and instruction of travel, a navigation element determines a position of a object relations to a motorist and passenger. Combining this information with submit from a solar sensor located on tip of a instrument panel, a meridian control element automatically adjusts a heating and cooling inputs, fan speed, and opening position from side to side as indispensable to recompense for asymmetrical solar heating and say a set cabin temperatures.


In a initial for a RDX, a 2013 indication debuts a use of an Active Sound Control element that not usually helps discharge low decibel sepulchral sound entering a cabin, yet also helps diminution neglected high magnitude noise. In addition, Active Sound Control is related to stifle position and engine rpm to yield a quieter cockpit during normal cruising while permitting a 3.5L V-6’s robust sound to be enjoyed during aloft rpm, some-more energetic driving.

The Active Sound Control element operates whenever a automobile is running, regardless of either a audio element is on or off. There are twin microphones mounted in a headliner- one usually behind a front beyond console and another usually brazen of a beyond behind light module. The microphones constraint low-end drivetrain frequencies entering a cabin, and send a vigilance to a Active Sound Control unit. The Active Sound Control section thereafter creates a precisely timed retreat proviso audio vigilance that is sent to an amplifier, that powers a doorway speakers and a subwoofer positioned on a behind deck.

The Active Sound Control dramatically reduces a sepulchral sound of a exhaust, front and rear. In a magnitude operation subsequent 100 hertz, Active Sound Control formula in an considerable 10 dB rebate in sound level. Moreover, a new Active Sound Control element dramatically reduces high magnitude and middle-frequency sound attenuation during normal cruising. In addition, highway sound attenuation is also softened over both well-spoken and serious roads.


Built in unison with Panasonic, a new audio element for a 2013 RDX is a 7-speaker settlement with a CD player, AM/FM tuner, XM® Radio with Note duty and Bluetooth® Audio. The CD element can review MP3 and WMA files and includes a Radio Data System (RDS) and Speed Volume Control (SVC).

The element can play audio element from a accumulation of sources:

  • Single front CD player:
    • CD audio
    • MP3 or WMA files (on CD)
  • AM/FM radio with Radio Data System (RDS)
  • XM® Radio with Note duty strain reminder
  • Bluetooth® Audio
  • Pandora Internet Radio Interface
  • USB pier connectivity for equipment such as an iPod®, iPhone®, or USB storage device
  • Auxiliary jack for tie of a unstable MP3 player

The new audio element uses a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 360-watt amplifier to expostulate 1-inch aluminum architecture tweeters mounted in any A-pillar, 6.7-inch mid-range speakers positioned in any front doorway panel, and 3-inch speakers in any behind doorway panel, as good as an 8-inch subwoofer mounted within a dark quarrel during a right behind side of a RDX.

Speed-sensitive Volume Compensation
For best sound regardless of automobile speed, a audio element includes involuntary Speed-sensitive Volume Compensation (SVC). SVC adjusts audio volume formed on automobile speed to recompense for ceaselessly augmenting or dwindling outmost credentials sounds in a RDX. The outcome of SVC is pure operation and a some-more unchanging viewed sound spin regardless of automobile speed. SVC is customary on both a RDX Premium audio element and RDX with Technology Package.

The sound element offers USB pier connectivity (for equipment such as an iPod®, iPhone® or removable USB storage devices) that now facilities a significantly faster tie rate (144 ms/track contra a prior 16 ms/track design) for 2013. The USB pier is powered and can concurrently assign plug-in inclination while transferring information to a audio system. The USB-connected inclination can be operated around a audio system’s controls, with filenames and folders appearing on a audio system’s three-line calm display. When an iPod® is connected around a USB port, a manuscript design can now be displayed on a new W-VGA tinge monitor.

The RDX audio element can also play Bluetooth® Audio when interconnected with a concordant device. Bluetooth® Audio is a wireless send strain format that is apart from Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® used for write voice communication. Bluetooth® Audio will a arrangement of strain pretension and artist name (when regulating a concordant phone). There is also an auxiliary (AUX) jack tie enabling use of a unstable MP3 strain player. The AUX tie requires a strain actor to be tranquil around a device’s possess interface, yet a RDX audio element can control volume, or be used to name a opposite input- such as a radio, CD actor or others.

XM® Radio
XM® Radio is a customary underline with a RDX audio element and it provides some-more than 200 channels of digital programming with nearby CD-quality sound. The XM® vigilance is beamed to twin promote satellites positioned in geostationary circuit above Earth. The beams from these twin promote satellites mix to camber a whole continental United States and some of Canada.

XM® Radio programming includes channels clinging to music, sports, talk, traffic, weather, children’s programming and entertainment. Of a some-more than 200 XM® channels, 71 are commercial-free. When a RDX audio element plays XM® Radio, a arrangement shade shows a stream station, strain title, or artist’s name. A nominal three-month subscription to a XM® Radio use is enclosed with squeeze of a new RDX, and business are means to continue a use or cancel any time afterwards.

Note Function for XM®
The RDX audio element includes a Note duty for XM® Radio that is designed to be a preference for owners who wish to make note of songs listened on XM®. With a reason of a button, a Note duty for XM® Radio annals a stream strain pretension and artist name in calm form, along with a brief audio mention of a song.

The Note duty captures adult to 10 seconds of any comparison strain and can store a sum of 30 strain excerpts for after playback. Thus, if a RDX motorist likes a sold strain or artist, it is easy to note (and impute behind to) for after consideration.

Pandora Internet Radio Interface
Marking a initial ever use by Acura, a 2013 RDX facilities Pandora® internet radio interface. Pandora® is a giveaway strain use that allows users to open an comment online and emanate adult to 100 personalized internet “radio stations” that are formed on favorite songs or artists. Users can name among their stations and listen around computer, and can also download a giveaway Pandora® app, that allows users listen to a same list of personalized stations around their concordant intelligent phone. Although a Pandora® use is free, phone information charges will apply.

At this time, a Pandora® interface in a RDX is usually upheld on a iPhone®. To use Pandora® in a RDX, an iPhone® is connected around a USB pier usually brazen of a shifter within in a core console. The audio source is set to iPod®, and regulating a wireless telephone, a Pandora® app is launched. (Note: a Pandora® app is not launched, a iPhone® will duty as an iPod®) The Multi-Information Display (MID) displays Pandora® information and manuscript artwork, and a RDX’s audio controls concede listeners to name from among existent stations, pause, resume, skip forward, and symbol a line with “like” or “dislike” ratings. To palliate motorist use, some functionality of a Pandora® iPhone® app is sealed out when regulating a Pandora® interface.

Pandora® internet radio audio can also be streamed wirelessly to a RDX by a concordant dungeon phone (not usually a iPhone®) around a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® connection. With this form of connection, Pandora contingency be tranquil around a phone. Though a RDX volume control can be used to set a sound level, a other facilities of a Pandora® interface are not available.

SMS Text Messaging Function
All RDX models have as customary a new SMS calm messaging underline that can review incoming texts aloud over a audio system, and concede a motorist to respond with any of 6 bureau preset messages. The element works with SMS-capable mobile telephones (such as a Blackberry® and Droid X) that have an active information devise and a Message Access Profile (MAP). Currently, a iPhone® does not support a MAP feature.

Once a concordant dungeon phone is interconnected with a RDX’s Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system, a calm messaging duty is enabled. When a phone receives a calm message, an warning appears on a Multi-Information Display (MID). Using a audio element controls, a motorist can name to have a summary review aloud, can name among a preset respond choices (see below), or can call a sender- all yet touching a phone.

To assistance equivocate motorist distraction, a calm of a incoming summary is not displayed on shade unless a delivery is in Park. Available bureau preset calm replies:

  • Talk to we later, I’m driving.
  • I’m on my way.
  • I’m regulating late.
  • OK
  • Yes
  • No


The 2013 RDX with Technology Package is versed with a new Acura/ELS Surround® 410-watt Premium Audio System with 10 speakers. This rarely able audio element is a subsequent era of a acclaimed Acura/ELS® element permitted in a prior era RDX. Although unusually capable, a Acura/ELS® audio element is designed to be elementary to operate. Clear, large-format head-unit controls and permitted steering-wheel-mounted buttons make operation intuitive. Select audio element functions can also be achieved around voice commands.

The Acura/ELS® element gets a name from multi-time Grammy® Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner’s recording industry-recognized moniker “ELS®.” Scheiner’s idea in a growth of a RDX audio element was to constraint and imitate strain a approach it is listened in a recording studio. The worldly ELS® element Scheiner grown together with Panasonic is designed to yield studio peculiarity sound to a interior of a RDX.

The Acura/ELS Surround® premium audio element can play element from:

  • Single front player: DVD-Audio, CD audio, DTS CD and MP3 or WMA files (on CD)
  • 15-gigabyte tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage (with 3,500-song* capacity)
  • AM/FM radio with Radio Data System (RDS)
  • XM® Radio with Note duty strain reminder
  • Bluetooth® Audio
  • Pandora® internet radio interface
  • USB pier connectivity for equipment such as an iPod®, iPhone®, or removable USB storage device
  • Auxiliary jack connectivity for a unstable MP3 player

*Approximate ability formed on an normal strain distance of 4.0 MB per strain during a 128kbps bitrate

The audio system’s far-reaching operation of formats means it can play audio module element from many common sources. The RDX audio element plays DVD-Audio discs, an allege in facsimile record that delivers over 500-times aloft fortitude than normal CD audio. DVD-Audio delivers smoother, fuller and distant some-more accurate sound by 6 dissimilar audio channels.

The serve of tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage means a RDX owners can now download CDs to 15 gigabytes of dedicated tough expostulate space- adequate HDD space to reason about 3,500 songs* for after playback. The tough drive’s discerning file-access time speeds hunt and retrieval of tracks, and allows marks to be shuffled by album, artist and genre. Only strange CDs and uncompressed CD-R files can be copied to a tough expostulate (other formats such as DVD-Audio, MP3/WMA, DTS CD, USB, Bluetooth® audio and AUX inputs can not be permitted to a tough drive).

On-board information supposing by Gracenote® allows a audio element to arrangement a artist, manuscript name, line name and genre for a module element stored on a tough hoop expostulate (HDD). Gracenote® uses a multi-step approval routine to capacitate identification, categorization, and classification of digital music. The Gracenote® database is updated quarterly to embody new audio releases. The RDX owners can download Gracenote® updates during, and thereafter bucket them onto a USB ride expostulate or CD-R which, in turn, can be downloaded into a audio system. Without a Gracenote® update, newly expelled audio marks will play on a Acura/ELS® audio system, yet will play yet concomitant calm information on genre, artist, manuscript name and line name.

The Acura/ELS Surround® reward audio element also offers USB pier connectivity for equipment such as an iPod®, iPhone® or removable USB storage device. The USB pier facilities a significantly faster tie rate than prior versions- 144 ms/track contra 16 ms/track. When an iPod® is connected around a USB port, a manuscript design will be displayed on a new W-VGA tinge monitor.

Moreover, a Acura/ELS® audio element can play Bluetooth® Audio when interconnected with a concordant device. Bluetooth® audio is a strain format that is apart from Bluetooth® used for write voice communication. The Bluetooth® Audio allows for a arrangement of strain pretension and artist name (with concordant mobile phone), and Bluetooth® Audio can be simply operated around a audio system’s controls.

The audio system’s AM/FM radio tuner includes a Radio Data System (RDS). RDS allows digital information sent in FM radio broadcasts to arrangement on a automobile stereo equipment such as module information and artist/song info. XM® Radio with Note duty strain sign is integrated into a receiver to yield some-more than 200 channels of digital module element with near-CD peculiarity sound. A calm arrangement provides information calm on a XM® module material. There is also an auxiliary jack tie for MP3 strain players. This simple audio tie requires a strain actor to be tranquil around a device’s possess interface, yet a RDX audio element can control volume- or can be used to name a opposite input, such as a radio, CD actor or others.

The Acura/ELS Surround® reward audio system’s 10 speakers emanate an accurate and energetic listening knowledge for all seating positions. Compact 1-inch soft-dome tweeters are positioned in any A-pillar with a 3.2-inch Super Dynamic Range (SDR) motorist centered in a tip of a instrument panel. Two some-more 3.2-inch SDR drivers are located high adult in a rear. Fitted to a front and behind doorway panels are 6.7-inch SDR speakers, and during a behind is an 8-inch Super Low Distortion Driver (SLDD) subwoofer. The 10 orator array is driven by a 410-watt Digital Signal Processing (DSP) amplifier that is located nearby a conduct unit.

Song By Voice™
With so many audio calm permitted with a RDX’s new tough hoop expostulate (HDD) storage and in a user’s iPod®, Acura engineers set out to make it easy to name audio calm while driving. Song By Voice™ (SBV) lets a motorist name strain by artist, album, strain title, genre, playlist and even composer.

From many navigation screens, a motorist simply presses a “TALK” symbol on a steering circle and thereafter says “iPod Search” or “HDD Search.” A difficulty shade appears, and a user can name by voice among categories to name a calm they want. Alternately, selections can also be done regulating a interface dial. To urge voice approval opening with singular words, a element has a underline that accommodates phonetic composition for adult to 2,000 names. These updated phonetic names thereafter request to Song By Voice™ use of a tough expostulate or a connected iPod®.


All RDX models underline as customary Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® hands-free write interface that is designed to work with many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile telephones. Bluetooth® is a radio frequency-based wire deputy record that lets unstable inclination (such as mobile telephones, PDAs, and laptop computers) promulgate wirelessly. The RDX element is concordant with Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones that have a Hands Free Profile (HFP). Some early Bluetooth®-enabled phones do not have this communications protocol. After a motorist completes a one-time pairing process, a RDX will promulgate wirelessly and firmly with a driver’s mobile telephone. The phone needs to be on, yet it can be stowed in a pocket, briefcase, purse, or anywhere inside a RDX cabin.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® allows a motorist to send or answer write calls yet stealing hands from a steering wheel. When a call comes in, a write series of a incoming tourist is displayed on a Multi-Information Display located in a speedometer face. In addition, a write ring tinge is played over a audio system. If a motorist chooses to answer a call, a press of a “Pick up” symbol (located during a 8 o’clock position of a steering wheel) mutes a audio element and a incoming tourist is listened over a audio element speakers. An beyond microphone picks adult a driver’s voice. Algorithms built into a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® element cancel “echo effect” and revoke credentials sound to urge a delivery peculiarity of a driver’s speech.

To send a call hands-free, a motorist can dial a series by voice to activate a system. The motorist also can store frequently called numbers with voice tags in a system’s residence book. Up to 6 opposite concordant mobile telephones can be interconnected with a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® element during one time. Additional information can be found during or

AcuraLink® Satellite Communication System

The RDX with Technology Package comes with a latest era of a AcuraLink® Satellite Communication System that allows for 2-way communication between Acura and a vehicle- permitting business entrance to a latest information specific to their vehicle. In cases where communication to and from a Acura Telematics server is needed, a owner’s Bluetooth®-compatible mobile write is used.

AcuraLink® messages embody of calm displayed on a navigation shade and sum around Text-To-Speech that can be listened over a RDX audio system. Each AcuraLink® summary is prioritized by significance and high priority messages are displayed immediately on receipt. Other messages trigger an idol on a navigation screen. Low priority messages arrangement during automobile start-up to equivocate distractions. The RDX owners can name to review a summary immediately, or repository a summary to be review later.

A accumulation of AcuraLink® messages can be sent to a RDX, including Maintenance Minder™ (detailed information per a subsequent compulsory maintenance), Quick Tips (information to assistance maximize a advantage and delight of RDX features), Feature Guide (supplements to a Owner’s Manual), Diagnostic Info (detailed information and instruction should an onboard element emanate arise), information per a use or correct compulsory as good as use appointment reminders. The RDX owners has finish control over a forms of messages perceived and all AcuraLink® preferences can be set around a Owner Link® website.

Since a element allows 2-way information communication between a RDX and a Acura Telematics Server, AcuraLink® can yield a motorist with critical information that formerly has been unavailable. For example, if an ABS/BRAKE warning light were to seem on a RDX instrument panel, AcuraLink® would automatically send a difficulty formula to a Acura Telematics Server (if a linked-phone is in operation and a user has certified information transmission), that would appreciate a formula and thereafter sends a summary behind to a RDX (for example, “ABS and EBD close down. Drive slowly. Avoid remarkable tough braking.”). With this critical information, a RDX motorist knows if a sold emanate is critical adequate to cancel a trip, if it can be dealt with after or if it requires special pulling techniques. The AcuraLink® information tie is enabled even if a monthly XM® Radio use package is not activated.


With AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic with Traffic Rerouting™, a RDX’s navigation shade can arrangement ceaselessly updated trade information including trade flow, incidents and construction on freeways in 130 vital civil areas. The information is partial of a XM NavTraffic® underline (aggregated by NAVTEQ™ from mixed sources including military and highway unit occurrence reports and transport departments). Information is transmitted by XM® satellites to a automobile where it is graphically displayed on a RDX’s navigation shade with a wizz scale trimming between 1/20-mile to 5-mile increments.

To see sum or name trade incidents, a RDX owners can click on an idol on a map by pulling “Enter” on a interface dial. The RDX motorist can equivocate overload en line and name a fastest trail to their finish with trade information that is invariably updated. The element displays trade incidents, determines normal trade speed and estimates transport time along a comparison route. It can automatically recalculate formula as factors change. Plus, a XM NavTraffic® record alerts drivers of scheduled trade incidents such as construction and highway closures, and unscheduled incidents such as collisions or infirm vehicles.

When trade overload or highway incidents are rescued along a comparison expostulate line entered into a navigation system, Traffic Rerouting™ can automatically recalculate a road line and arrangement a pop-up box signifying a line change. Alternately, a motorist can recalculate a line in primer mode simply by selecting “TRAFFIC INCIDENTS” from a Map Info menu followed by selecting a “AVOID” authority applicable to an incident.

AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ with Traffic Rerouting™ gives RDX owners a useful time saving apparatus on freeways. AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ is charity on a subscription basement following a 3-month giveaway hearing period. In serve to on-screen trade information, RDX owners who say their XM® Radio use also accept some-more ubiquitous audio trade information for some-more than 130 vital civil areas that runs on a 2-3 notation loop.

130 vital civil markets
(Traffic upsurge information and occurrence stating coverage change by market)

Akron, OH
Albuquerque, NM
Allentown/Bethlehem, PA
Ann Arbor, MI
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Baltimore, MD
Baton Rouge, LA
Beaumont, TX
Birmingham, AL
Boston, MA
Bridgeport/Stamford, CT
Brigham City, UT
Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
Calgary, AB, Canada
Cape Coral/Ft. Myers, FL
Charlotte, NC
Chattanooga, TN
Chicago, IL
Cincinnati, OH
Cleveland, OH
Colorado Springs, CO
Columbia, SC
Columbus, OH
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Dayton, OH
Daytona Beach, FL
Denver/Boulder, CO
Des Moins, IA
Detroit/Warren, MI
Durham, NC
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Ellensburg, WA
El Paso, TX
Flint, MI
Fresno, CA
Grand Rapids, MI
Greensboro, NC
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC
Hammond, LA
Harrisburg/Carlisle, PA
Hartford, CT
Hickory, NC
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN

Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, KS
Knoxville, TN
Lakeland, FL
Lancaster/York, PA
Lansing, MI
Las Vegas, NV
Lincoln, NE
Little Rock, AR
Los Angeles, CA
Louisville, KY
Macon, GA
Manchester, NH
Memphis, TN
Merced, CA
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/ Hollywood, FL
Milwaukee/Racine, WI
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Mobile, AL
Modesto, CA
Mount Airy, NC
Napa, CA
Naples/Ft. Myers, FL
Nashville, TN
New Haven/Milford, CT
New Orleans, LA
New York City, NY
Norwich/New London, CT
Ogden/Clearfield, UT
Oklahoma City, OK
Olympia, WA
Omaha/Council Bluffs, NE
Orlando/Kissimmee, FL
Ottowa, ON, Canada
Oxnard/Ventura, CA
Palm Bay/Titusville, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix/Mesa, AZ
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland, OR
Port St. Lucie, FL
Poughkeepsie/Middletown, NY
Providence, RI
Provo/Orem, UT

Punta Gorda, FL
Quebec City, QC, Canada
Raleigh/Durham, NC
Richmond, VA
Riverside/Ontario, CA
Rochester, NY
Sacramento, CA
Salem, OR
Salinas, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco/Oakland, CA
San Jose/Santa Clara, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Cruz/Watsonville, CA
Santa Rosa/Petaluma, CA
Sarasota/Bradenton, FL
Savannah, GA
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, PA
Sioux Falls, SD
Spartanburg, SC
Seattle/Tacoma, WA
Spokane, WA
Springfield, MA
Statesville, NC
St Louis, MO
Stockton, CA
Syracuse, NY
Tallahassee, FL
Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
Toledo, OH
Toronto, ON, Canada
Trenton/Ewing, NJ
Tucson, AZ
Tulsa, OK
Tuscaloosa, AL
Vallejo/Fairfield, CA
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA
Washington D.C.
Winston/Salem, NC
Worcester, MA
York/Hanover, PA
Youngstown, OH

Acura Navigation System WITH VOICE RECOGNITION

The RDX with Technology Package is versed with a Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ that is designed for discerning and discerning operation.

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ facilities summary:

  • W-VGA 8-inch tinge shade for permitted viewing
  • Ultra-fast 60 gigabyte tough hoop expostulate (HDD)
  • Navigation coverage includes a United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico
  • Fast line calculation time (3 seconds or less)
  • Fast Point Of Interest (POI) hunt time
  • AcuraLink® Satellite Communication System
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic with Traffic Rerouting™
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™
  • Voice approval duty with over 1,100 navigation commands minimizes a need for primer impression entry
  • Voice approval element recognizes city and transport names as oral words
  • Simple element operation with pure visible prompts to beam voice navigation
  • Interface Dial simplifies control of a element and is permitted to motorist and front chair passenger
  • Audio element automatically mutes for turn-by-turn voice superintendence (voice superintendence can be incited off during any time)
  • Voice Recognition™ operates common audio and meridian control functions
  • Highly directional array microphone for accurate Voice Command recognition
  • On-screen design of highway interchanges indicates that lane(s) to use to stay on route
  • 3 languages for all destinations (English, French and Spanish)
  • Destination memory recalls stream outing addresses, prior destinations and user residence books
  • Split-screen mode facilities coexisting “map view” and resourceful line visualization
  • Trip routing can equivocate user-selected areas
  • Telephone calls to on-screen points of seductiveness with Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
  • Trip routing can embody adult to 5 user-chosen approach points
  • Ambient light intuiting automatically adjusts shade liughtness for a conditions
  • Rearview camera displays design on W-VGA tinge navigation shade when delivery is placed in Reverse
  • Navigation element can be updated with permitted DVD
  • Store and arrangement owners design files as wallpaper on navigation shade (store adult to 10 images any for Driver 1 and Driver 2)

Enhanced database:

  • Point Of Interest (POI) database includes approximately 7 million locations
  • Fuzzy proof POI and residence acid simplifies and speeds searches
  • Smart proof for grill POI simplifies searching
  • Business and daze office of probably all of a continental United States finish with write numbers
  • ZIP formula entrance speeds residence input
  • Directory categories embody restaurants (searchable by form of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, daze areas and many more
  • Zagat Survey™ grill beam provides information and reviews on restaurants in database, that can be review on-screen or listened over a audio system
  • Scenic Route expostulate line listings categorized by sold state
  • Exact addressing locates approximately 80-percent of addresses during their tangible GPS coordinates (instead of estimating plcae formed on linear transport number)

Destinations are searchable by GPS coordinates

The Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ marks a position of a RDX formed on positioning information from adult to 12 orbiting Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). If GPS accepting is blocked by a high building, tunnel, or parking garage, an inner gyroscopic element with a speed sensor marks a plcae to keep a mapping information stream and arguable until satellite accepting is restored.

The RDX navigation element stores a mapping information on a new, incomparable inner tough hoop expostulate (HDD). The same expostulate is partitioned and used by a audio element to store audio files. Much faster than a DVD expostulate system, a new HDD is a pivotal to a system’s considerable hunt and routing speed. The element can be updated annually with a latest mapping information by inserting an refurbish front into a audio system’s slot-loading CD/DVD drive. DVD refurbish discs are permitted for squeeze on an annual basement on-line during or by job 888-549-3798.

The navigation element can be tranquil by regulating a interface dial by selecting menu options or by spelling out a word (e.g., an address, business name or place). Characters on an on-screen keypad can be comparison regulating a Interface Dial. For voice operation, a motorist simply presses a “Talk” symbol on a steering circle and says any of a series of preset authority phrases. The element responds to some-more than 1,100 authority phrases, as good as to oral city and transport names. Voice approval capability saves time and simplifies operation of a system.

The audio element is automatically pale when a “Talk” symbol is pressed, and an beyond array microphone receives a authority from a driver. Commands can be given in plain English, such as “Display gas stations,” “Find nearest hospital,” or “Find nearest Chinese restaurant.” The RDX voice approval record allows a motorist to simply pronounce city and transport names aloud, and a element responds by displaying matches permitted in a database. Points of seductiveness on a map (such as restaurants or grocery stores) can be displayed or we can have a element yield turn-by-turn navigation- all by voice command. The large point-of-interest (POI) database includes write numbers, that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® element or with a driver’s mobile telephone.

Wallpaper design display
To serve customize a RDX interior, a navigation element allows a storage of adult to 10 images any for any motorist (two RDX drivers total) on a built-in tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage. Any one of a stored images can be displayed as a full-screen design on a navigation arrangement when a arrangement is not differently in use. To equivocate motorist distraction, there is no “slide show” function.

JPEG images can be commissioned from a home mechanism onto a USB storage device, such as a ride drive. Then a ride expostulate can be plugged into a USB pier that located usually in front of a shifter within a core console. Using on-screen menus, a images can thereafter be eliminated to a RDX inner tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage. Each motorist can thereafter name among their stored images for display, or set a element to not arrangement wallpaper.


The ideal element to AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ is a RDX’s integrated AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™. In formidable pulling conditions, AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ can yield an present continue picture.

Key features

  • Professional class continue information supposing by Baron Services, Inc.
  • Weather information ceaselessly updated to simulate fast occurring continue changes
  • AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ information for 21 specific civil areas
  • Weather forecasts for a subsequent 3 hours, 6 hours or over a subsequent 3 days in a given area
  • Severe continue alerts
  • Specific area continue information
  • Weather radar design maps

AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ was co-developed with XM NavWeather® to yield a personal continue tracking element for area specific, ceaselessly updated continue conditions between your stream plcae and your final destination. The element focuses on a specific continue on your personal expostulate route, rather than usually charity ubiquitous continue conditions for a region. AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ information is invariably updated and is delivered to a automobile navigation element around a RDX’s built-in XM® receiver.

AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ record is extended for specific transport conditions in 21 specific vital civil areas. The information focuses on identifying intensity continue threats along with stream and destiny foresee continue conditions. The navigation shade displays stream continue conditions in an easy-to-read format. By relocating a RDX’s navigation element cursor to a preferred plcae on a map we can obtain continue info for a specific location. Press a “Enter” symbol and information per your stream plcae will return.

Unique Threat Matrix Technology within AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ generates prompts with specific icons (within 46 opposite categories) that surprise a motorist if a automobile is headed into approaching serious weather- such as a building sleet storm, ice, breeze shear or an area lonesome by a hurricane warning. Based on this allege information, a RDX motorist can name to reroute before encountering a serious weather. When a arrangement is zoomed out to exhibit a whole United States, a continue radar design map shows stream continue patterns opposite a whole country. AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ offers 1- or 3-day continue forecasts for specific areas of a United States.

Weather information is supposing by Baron Services, Inc., that deciphers a formidable array of National Weather Service information to furnish a continue information supposing to Acura owners. RDX owners accept a interrelated 3-month hearing subscription that delivers AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ along with AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ and XM® Radio. After a interrelated subscription expires, AcuraLink Real-Time Weather™ is permitted by monthly subscription. In addition, it can be performed in multiple with AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic™ and/or XM® Radio- or as a total package of all 3 facilities on a monthly subscription basis.


Current Condition Weather Information

  • Clear
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Mostly Cloudy
  • Cloudy
  • Light Rain
  • Moderate Rain
  • Heavy Rain
  • Freezing Rain
  • Heavy Freezing Rain/Ice
  • Snow
  • Heavy Snow
  • Fog

Present Threats

  • Hail Storm
  • Shear Storm (Potential Tornado)
  • Lightning
  • Winds (expressed as Low, Medium, or Heavy)
  • Visibility (expressed as Good, Patchy, Marginal, or Very Poor)

Potential Threats (5- to 15-minute allege warning)

  • Hail Storm
  • Shear Storm (Potential Tornado)

Precipitation Forecast (30-minute allege warning)

  • No Predicted Weather Issues
  • Rain
  • Snow

Updated Road Conditions

  • Clear
  • Flooded
  • Slippery
  • Ice, Patchy Ice
  • Snow
  • Heavy Snow
  • Road Closed

National Weather Service (NWS) Warnings

  • Official NWS warnings for 46 hazard categories

Updated Conditions

  • Temperature and Dew Point
  • Wind (wind speed, breeze gusts, and breeze direction)
  • Sky conditions (OK, haze, fog, dust/sand, drizzle/mist, smoke/ash, rain, complicated rain, thunderstorm, hail, frozen rain/ice, snow, complicated snow, tornado/funnel cloud)

Future Weather Forecasts

  • Current weather
  • 1- or 3-day forecasts (with apart night and day forecasts for any day)
  • Daytime high and night low temperatures
  • Probability of flood (measured in 0- to 100-percent)
  • Precipitation form (rain, ice, sleet or snow, snow)
  • Chance of thunderstorm (yes/no)
  • Sky condition (clear, mostly clear, partly cloudy, cloudy)
  • Wind (wind speed, breeze gusts, and breeze direction)


A dedicated array of Acura Genuine Accessories interior accessories were grown for a 2013 Acura RDX. When commissioned during a time of automobile purchase, a accessories are lonesome by Acura’s 4-year/50,000-miles simple warranty.

The permitted accessories include:

  • All-season building mats
  • Wood settlement change knob
  • Wood patterned steering circle trim
  • Wood patterned interior trim
  • Rear bucket cover
  • Rear bucket net
  • Rear bucket liner
  • Rear bucket organizer
  • Rear bucket tray
  • Second quarrel chair covers

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