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Acura Automobiles: 2016 Acura ILX

The ILX competition sedan’s updated calm continues into a cabin for 2016 with pivotal coming upgrades and apparatus additions. Offering a seamless multiple of luxury, opening and technology, a ILX interior exhibits a high spin of fit and finish approaching of Acura, and puts it in strech of some-more buyers than ever before.

Settle into a gentle and understanding driver’s seat, and a concentration on motorist control is unmistakable. The cockpit has an fit layout, with frail and pure LED-illuminated analog instrumentation. The thick, leather-wrapped steering circle puts a operation of ordinarily used facilities during your fingertips, and racing-inspired change paddles mounted on a behind side of a steering circle make for discerning rigging changes. A leather-wrapped shifter hoop is positioned on a core console.

Key Interior Upgrades for 2016

  • Euro stitching and High Intensity Silver interior trim
  • Power front passenger’s chair and driver’s chair memory total for Premium grade
  • HD Radio™ and Aha™ internet radio total for Premium and Tech Plus grades
  • HDMI pier for tethered smartphone-based navigation total for Premium grade
  • Next-generation AcuraLink™ and Siri™ Eyes Free connectivity total (Tech Plus grade)
  • Jewel Gray interior color
  • A-SPEC Package with seperated black Lux Suede chair trim, black headliner, red instrument illumination, resisting gray stitching and aluminum pedals
  • Standard Active Noise Control

The atmospheric 5-passenger interior offers customary leatherette seating surfaces, with leather customary in a Premium and Tech Plus Packages. Dual-zone involuntary meridian control is customary as is a full-color information arrangement in a instrument panel’s core stack—5 in. (diagonal) in a customary ILX and 8 inches in Premium and Tech Plus grades. In a behind seat, there’s room for 3 passengers, and a permitted fold-down behind seatback reveals a pass-through to a case that expands cargo-carrying versatility.

Acura’s repute for modernized and rarely organic record is clearly embodied in a ILX. A Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® mobile write and strain interface complement is standard, as is an SMS calm messaging duty and a Pandora® interface that can arrangement manuscript art in a tinge executive screen.

Although a ILX is Acura’s many affordable vehicle, it some-more than lives adult to a formula standards in terms of still interior refinement. The ILX has an unusually low volume of interior noise, vibration, and rudeness (NVH) due to facilities such as an acoustic potion front windshield, thick side glass, endless use of sound-deadening insulation and privately designed underfloor covers. For 2016, Active Noise Control becomes customary on all models and thicker front-door side glass, increasing siege for engine and delivery mounts, new noise-attenuating wheels, additional physique stiffeners and physique row insulators minister to a quieter, some-more vibration-free cabin environment.

The ILX offers a conspicuous spin of customary equipment, including a Keyless Access System, an 8-way energy driver’s seat, exhilarated front seats, a multi-view behind camera, a energy moonroof, 5-inch (diagonal) tinge executive display, dual-zone involuntary meridian control, 6-speaker audio system, Pandora® interface, SMS calm messaging function, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink mobile write and strain interface and many more.

The permitted Premium Package adds leather seating, a 4-way energy front passenger’s seat, 2-position driver’s chair memory, a Homelink® garage doorway opener, and a 7-speaker audio complement with SiriusXM® Radio. New for 2016 with a Premium Package is HD radio™, Aha™ compatibility, blind symbol information, Cross-Traffic Monitor and a tethered navigation link. The tethered navigation complement is powered by a user’s concordant smartphone and information plan. The complement connects to a smartphone around an HDMI pier located inside a core console.

The Tech Plus Package brings a fantastic Acura/ELS Studio® Premium Audio System with 10 speakers and Song By Voice™ searching. The package also includes a full-color Multi-Information Screen, a imbedded Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™, Siri™ Eyes Free and a subsequent era of a AcuraLink™ connected-car system. The voice-activated navigation complement offers invariably updated trade maps covering vital civil areas within a United States and Canada.

Standard Interior Features, At A Glance

  • Roomy interior with seating for five
  • Leatherette seating surfaces
  • 8-way energy driver’s seat
  • Heated front seats
  • Keyless Access System
  • Large, easy-to-read LED backlit analog instruments
  • Multi-Information Display (MID)
  • 5-inch (diagonal) tinge shade in a executive display
  • Automatic on/off headlights
  • Headlight formation with windshield wipers
  • Leather-wrapped steering circle with fingertip controls
  • Leather-wrapped change lever
  • Leather-wrapped parking stop hoop
  • NEW Contrasting Euro-style stitching on steering wheel, shifter and parking brake
  • NEW High-Intensity Silver interior trim
  • Tilt and telescopic steering column
  • Dual-zone involuntary meridian control system
  • Audio complement with 6 speakers, AM/FM tuner, and CD player
  • USB jack for digital media and iPod®/iPhone® compatibility
  • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® mobile write and strain interface
  • Pandora® interface
  • SMS calm messaging function
  • Power tilt/slide moonroof
  • Multi-view behind camera
  • Active Noise Control

Premium Package

  • Leather seating surfaces
  • NEW 2-position driver’s chair memory
  • NEW 4-way energy tractable front passenger’s seat
  • Audio complement with 7 speakers, AM/FM tuner, CD actor and SiriusXM® 2.0 Radio
  • NEW Aha™ harmony
  • NEW HD Radio™
  • NEW HDMI pier for digital media and iPhone compatibility
  • NEW 8-inch (diagonal) tip display
  • NEW 7-inch (diagonal) On-Demand Multi-Use Display touchscreen
  • NEW Smartphone Navigation Link
  • NEW Siri™ Eyes Free
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • HomeLink® remote control system

Tech Plus Package

  • Acura/ELS Studio® Premium Audio System with 10 speakers, DTS™ CD, AM/FM radio, SiriusXM® Radio, Song By Voice™ and DTS™ Neural Surround
  • Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™
  • NEW Next-generation AcuraLink™ connected-car system

NEW A-SPEC Package

  • Premium Black interior tinge scheme
  • Black headliner
  • Perforated Black Lux Suede® chair trim inserts
  • Red instrument illumination
  • Gray interior stitching
  • Aluminum stop and accelerator pedals

The ILX interior blends sporting opening and upscale oppulance themes into a rarely organic and technologically-advanced layout. Sweeping interior shapes upsurge by a doors, instrument row and core console to emanate a cohesive look. The interior has an open, atmospheric feel, and soft-touch materials are used in pivotal locations around a cabin, contributing to a rich, reward feel. New this year is contrasting-color Euro Stitching on a steering wheel, shifter and parking stop handle, and new High-Intensity Silver accents on a dashboard, core console and doorway trim. Vehicle entrance is over steel sill plates temperament a Acura logo.

The control blueprint is focused on accurate efficiency, with vast analog gauges and a steering circle with a thick, leather-wrapped edge for a sporting feel. Controls for many frequently used systems are positioned on a steering circle within fingertip reach, including racing-inspired steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters for a new 8-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission with Sequential SportShift. In a sport-minded A-SPEC, red instrument lighting and aluminum accents on a pedals minister to a opening atmosphere.

Interior Color Schemes
The ILX can be propitious with 3 interior tinge schemes – Black, Ivory or Grey – depending on extraneous color.  Standard models underline leatherette seating surfaces, while Premium and Tech Plus grades underline leather trim.  A-SPEC models underline a Premium Black interior tinge intrigue featuring a black headliner, seperated black Lux Suede® chair trim inserts, red instrument enlightenment and gray interior stitching.

Driver-Oriented Cockpit
The ILX’s concentration on fit opening is clear: The primary controls (the steering wheel, pedals, and console shifter) are positioned for glorious comfort and control. Supportive sport-minded seating offers parallel support for assertive cornering, and a steering mainstay tilts and telescopes to accommodate drivers of varying sizes.

Instrumentation and controls are clearly pure and switchgear offers accurate pleasing feedback. The new 8-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) with Sequential SportShift is designed for palliate of operation, featuring a straight-style shifter public located on a core console along with racing-inspired paddle shifters that are within fingertip strech on a behind side of a steering wheel.

Controls for a customary energy moonroof (with lean and auto-open/close) are located beyond in an discerning location. The case can be non-stop around a fasten positioned on a floorboard usually to a left of a motorist seat.

Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel
The ILX has a thick leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering circle that integrates many control functions. Audio controls are positioned on a left spoke while cruise-control switches are on a right spoke. When versed with a Tech Plus Package, Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ controls are located on a bottom spoke of a steering wheel. Racing-inspired change paddles for a 8-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission with Sequential SportShift are positioned behind a steering wheel.

LED Instrumentation
The ILX’s analog orchestration has a clean, polished demeanour and LED backlighting creates a vast gauges easy to review and appreciate day or night. The gauges have red bright needles and sub-scale graduations. A digital rigging preference indicator positioned between a tachometer and speedometer.

Multi-Information Display
The ILX provides vicious automobile information around a Multi-Information Display (MID) that is positioned between a tachometer and speedometer. The MID is a monochromatic LCD on customary and Premium models and a full tinge TFT on Tech Plus models and ILX models versed with AcuraWatch. The monochromatic shade in bottom models shows MID apparatus such as rigging selected, outward atmosphere temperature, odometer reading, outing mileage and normal fuel economy. The capabilities of a full-color MID arrangement raise to cover turn-by-turn navigation instructions, audio source, volume and line settings, hands-free phone information, and on models with Acura Watch, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System imagery. The MID is operated around controls positioned on a steering circle that concede a motorist to cycle a arrangement by additional screens of information while gripping both hands on a wheel.

The MID can display:

  • Upcoming upkeep needs
  • TPMS tire-pressure warning
  • Average and immediate fuel economy
  • Fuel range
  • Average automobile speed
  • Elapsed time

The full-color MID adds:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation instructions
  • Audio source, volume and track
  • Hands-free phone with series arrangement
  • TPMS tire-pressure readouts for particular tires

The full-color MID in models with AcuraWatch adds Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System status

Multi-View Rear Camera
When a customary ILX delivery is placed in Reverse, a perspective from a rear-mounted camera is displayed on a 5-inch tinge executive display. When versed with a Premium or Tech Plus Package regulating a rearward-view, images seem on a W-VGA 8-inch tinge guard used for a navigation system.

To make it easier for a motorist to decider stretch and clearance, plain yellow discipline prove a vehicle’s width, as good as distances of 1, 2 and 3 meters (about 1, 2 and 3 yards) as totalled from a behind of a ILX.

The rearview camera has a multi-view display. The motorist can name from top, normal and far-reaching views. The primary perspective is “Normal View,” that delivers 130 degrees of rearward visibility. For special conditions, there is a “Wide View,” that delivers 175 degrees of rearward visibility. Finally, a “Top View” generates a bird’s eye perspective of a parking area— aiding a motorist to scheme in parsimonious spaces.

One-Touch Turn Signals
The ILX facilities a new one-touch spin vigilance complement that creates line changes some-more convenient. If a ILX motorist moves a spin vigilance pull adult (right turn) or down (left turn) for rebate than one second, a spin signals will peep 3 times and thereafter self-cancel.

Supportive seating is vicious in a competition sedan, where assertive pulling can emanate high longitudinal and parallel loadings on interior occupants. During energetic acceleration, cornering and braking, secure seating for a motorist and passengers is an vicious partial of altogether comfort and motorist control. The ILX front seats are privately designed to offer estimable parallel support, both in a revoke behind and shoulder areas. The ILX is versed with an 8-way energy tractable driver’s chair and exhilarated front seats that can gentle during dual opposite levels. When an ILX is optioned with a Premium or Tech Plus package, a 4-way energy tractable passenger’s chair and 2-position driver’s chair memory are also included.

The customary ILX seats have leatherette seating surfaces permitted in Premium Black, Sandstorm or new Jewel Gray color. The ILX Premium or Tech Plus Packages ascent to seperated leather seating sections and fake leather side bolsters, also offering in Premium Black, Sandstorm or new Jewel Gray color. When Premium or Tech Plus is total with a new A-SPEC package, a seats are embellished in seperated black Lux Suede R with disdainful gray stitching.

Interior Room
Though it has compress extraneous dimensions, inside a ILX offers a surprisingly atmospheric 89.3 cubic-feet of newcomer space. Efficient wrapping offers gentle long-haul space for 4 passengers and a ILX can accommodate 5 passengers for shorter drives. The scarcely prosaic behind building center-section affords good feet room for a core passenger.

Cargo Carrying Versatility
The case load volume is 12.4 cubic feet, or 12.3 cubic feet with a Premium or Tech Plus Package. When some-more space is indispensable for cargo, a customary one-piece fold-down behind seatback can be lowered to exhibit a pass-through to a behind chair area.

Comfort and Convenience Items
The ILX interior offers a operation of useful facilities to raise newcomer comfort and convenience. A camber of console-mounted cupholders can accommodate vast drinks, and a front doorway panels have bottle holders. There are padded armrests and permitted storage bins in all 4 doors, and a large, lockable glovebox offers 7.4 liters of storage space. Beneath a padded core armrest, a core console storage dungeon has an inner 12-volt energy point, a USB jack and a 2.5 mm auxiliary submit mini-jack for a easy tie of a concordant audio device (such as an iPod®) to a ILX audio system. New for 2016 models, when versed with a Premium Package, an HDMI jack is also enclosed in a core console storage bin to yield a navigation complement couple with a tethered intelligent phone. In a behind chair area, a fold-down padded armrest with dual cupholders provides total comfort and convenience.

Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
The ILX facilities an electrochromic interior rearview counterpart that automatically dims during night pulling to revoke glisten from a headlights of following vehicles.

HomeLink® Remote System
The Acura ILX with a Premium or Tech Plus Package underline a HomeLink® wireless remote system. Built into a beyond module, HomeLink can be involuntary with a remote-control codes of adult to 3 devices, such as a garage-door opener, a remote lighting system, or a home confidence system.

Power Windows with Auto-Up/Down
All ILX models have front and behind energy windows with one-touch auto-up/down driver’s and front passenger’s windows also featuring auto-up/down capability. Illuminated controls concede for easy operation during night.

Door Auto-Locking/Unlocking
The ILX facilities a programmable auto-locking/unlocking complement that is preset to automatically close a doors when a automobile reaches approximately 10 mph. Drivers can module a complement to close and pure doors in several opposite ways, or else deactivate some or all of a complement if desired.

Variable-Speed Windshield Wipers
All ILX models have variable-speed windshield wipers that automatically adjust a rate of operation according to automobile speed. The outcome is a many fit clearing of dampness from a windshield, and minimal breeze sound during highway speeds. The pattern of a wipers also helps a blades press resolutely opposite a windshield even during aloft speeds, serve aiding a clearing process.

Auto On/Off Headlights
The ILX facilities auto-on/off headlights for larger convenience. A sensor atop a instrument row detects ambient light levels and turns on a car’s headlights and taillights during dusk, for night pulling or when pulling by a dimly illuminated areas such as a parking garage or tunnel.

Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control System
The ILX has as customary a dual-zone involuntary meridian control with clear, discerning controls. A replaceable filter complement helps mislay particulates from a interior air. When operated in Auto mode, a complement can automatically change defrost airflow, formed on feverishness and humidity. When versed with a Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™, pivotal HVAC complement functions can be achieved around voice command. In addition, a navigation complement calculates object position to adjust complement operation from side to side to assistance recompense for solar heating.

Keyless Access System
The ILX receives as customary apparatus a latest era of Acura’s Keyless Access System. The complement lets a ILX owners benefit entrance to a automobile though carrying to pure it with a remote conductor or a compulsory key. The Keyless Access Remote has a singular digital temperament and a ILX can be unbarred when a motorist pulls one of a front doorway handles while a remote in his/her possession. Once a motorist has non-stop a doorway and is seated, a Keyless Access System allows a ILX to be started by joyless a stop pedal and thereafter pulling a Engine Start/Stop symbol (it is nonessential to insert and turn a normal ignition key).

When withdrawal a ILX, a press of a soft-touch symbol on a outward of a extraneous doorway hoop concurrently thatch all a doors. Alternatively, a press of a Lock symbol on a Keyless Access Remote will also close all a doors. The Keyless Access System will not concede a conductor fob to be sealed in a interior of a ILX. When carrying a fob (or if all doors are unlocked), a case can be non-stop by dire a symbol located on a ILX’s behind fascia.

The Keyless Access System also facilities a singular “quick vent” underline (activated by dire a Keyless Access Remote “unlock” symbol dual times and thereafter holding it) that automatically lowers all side windows and opens a energy moonroof to fast opening built-up interior heat. In addition, branch a pivotal in a driver’s doorway pivotal cylinder to a “lock” position twice (and thereafter holding it a second time), concurrently closes all open windows and a moonroof.

When a remote battery is low, a ILX will vigilance a motorist to move a pivotal fob closer to a Start Button for ignition, and a MID will arrangement that a pivotal fob battery is low. A automatic pivotal is built into a remote fob and provides a behind adult to enter a automobile in a eventuality that a Keyless Access Remote battery should fail.

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® Wireless Telephone Interface
All ILX models underline as customary a Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® hands-free write interface that is designed to work with many Bluetooth-enabled mobile telephones. Bluetooth is a radio frequency-based record that lets unstable inclination (such as mobile telephones, PDAs and laptop computers) promulgate wirelessly. The ILX complement is concordant with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones that have a Hands Free Profile (HFP); some early Bluetooth®-enabled phones do not have this communications protocol. After a motorist completes a one-time pairing process, a ILX will promulgate wirelessly with a driver’s mobile write when it is within approximately 10 feet of a car. The phone needs to be on, though it can be stowed in a pocket, purse, briefcase or anywhere inside a ILX cabin.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink allows a motorist to send or answer write calls though stealing hands from a steering wheel. When a call comes in, a write series of a incoming tourist is displayed on a core arrangement and a write ring tinge is played over a audio system. If a motorist chooses to answer a call, a press of a “Pick up” symbol located on a steering circle mutes a audio complement and a incoming tourist is listened over a audio complement speakers. An beyond microphone picks adult a driver’s voice. Algorithms built into a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink complement assistance cancel “echo effect” and revoke credentials sound to urge a delivery peculiarity of a driver’s speech.

To make a call hands-free, a motorist can dial a series by voice after regulating a fingertip controls on a steering circle to activate a system. The motorist also can store frequently called numbers with voice tags in a system’s residence book. Up to 6 opposite concordant mobile telephones can be interconnected with a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink complement during one time. Additional information can be found during

Audio System with CD and AM/FM Tuner
The ILX’s customary audio complement facilities 6 speakers and delivers a high-performance listening experience. Engineered for elementary and discerning operation, a audio complement incorporates a single-disc CD actor and an AM/FM tuner. Audio information is displayed on a 5-inch tinge LCD display, that is positioned during a tip of a core stack. On all ILX models, a audio complement also displays Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) information, that appears as calm arrangement hire name and module type.

Located on a roof is a “shark fin” form receiver that is optimized to assistance broach glorious radio accepting though a disastrous impact on automobile aerodynamics that would be caused by a normal pillar antenna. Remote controls located on a ILX’s 3-spoke steering circle put frequently used audio functions within fingertip strech of a driver.

The sound complement offers USB pier connectivity for apparatus such as an iPod®, iPhone® or removable USB flash-drive storage inclination containing WMA, MP3 or AAC format music. The USB pier is powered and can concurrently assign plug-in inclination while transferring information to a audio system. The USB-connected inclination can be operated around a audio system’s controls, with filenames and folders appearing on a executive display. When an iPod is connected around a USB port, a manuscript pattern can be displayed on a executive display.

The ILX audio complement can play Bluetooth Audio when interconnected with a concordant device. Bluetooth Audio is a wireless send strain format that is apart from Bluetooth HandsFreeLink used for write voice communication. Bluetooth Audio will arrangement a strain pretension and artist name (when regulating a concordant phone). There is also an auxiliary (AUX) jack tie enabling use of a unstable MP3 strain player. The AUX tie requires a strain actor to be tranquil around a device’s possess interface, nonetheless a ILX audio complement can control volume, or be used to name a opposite input, such as a radio, CD actor or others.

Pandora® Interface
The ILX facilities a Pandora® interface, permitting users to use a audio complement to control a giveaway strain use on their smartphone, accessing adult to 100 personalized internet “radio stations” they combined on their mechanism formed on favorite songs or artists. Although a Pandora use now is free, phone information charges will apply.

Starting with a Premium Package, an iPhone or concordant Android phone can be connected wirelessly, regulating Bluetooth HandsFreeLink (iPhone is also upheld around a Pandora® Audio USB interface on all trims). To use Pandora, a Pandora app is launched on a concordant connected smartphone and a vehicle’s audio source is set to Pandora. The audio/information shade (or navigation arrangement in vehicles with navigation) and executive tinge shade shows Pandora information and manuscript art, and a audio controls concede listeners to name from among existent stations, pause, resume, skip forward, and symbol a line with “Like” or “Dislike” ratings. Some functionality of a Pandora app is sealed out when regulating a ILX’s Pandora interface.

Pandora audio can also be streamed wirelessly to a ILX by a concordant dungeon phone around a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink connection. With this form of connection, however, Pandora contingency be tranquil around a phone when a automobile is stopped and it is protected to do so. Though a ILX volume control can be used to set a sound level, a other facilities of a Pandora interface are not available.

SMS Text Messaging Function
All ILX models have as customary apparatus an SMS calm messaging underline that can review incoming texts aloud over a audio system. In addition, a motorist can respond to a calm with any of 6 bureau preset messages. The complement works with SMS-capable mobile telephones (such as a Blackberry, Droid X and others) that have an active information devise and a Message Access Profile (MAP). Currently, a iPhone5 and 6 support some of a MAP facilities (such as receiving texts) though not others (such as promulgation replies).

Once a concordant dungeon phone is interconnected with a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system, a calm messaging duty is enabled. When a phone receives a calm message, an warning appears on a executive display. Using a audio complement controls, a motorist can name to have a summary review aloud, can name among a preset respond choices (see below), or can call a sender— all though doing a mobile phone.

To assistance equivocate motorist distraction, a calm of a incoming summary is not displayed on shade unless a delivery is in Park.

Available bureau preset calm replies:

  • Talk to we later, I’m driving.
  • I’m on my way.
  • I’m regulating late.
  • OK
  • Yes
  • No

Speed-Sensitive Volume Compensation
For best sound regardless of automobile speed, all ILX modes embody Speed-sensitive Volume Compensation (SVC). SVC adjusts audio volume formed on automobile speed to assistance recompense for ceaselessly increasing/decreasing outmost credentials sounds in a ILX. The outcome of SVC is pure in operation and a some-more unchanging viewed sound spin is generated regardless of automobile speed. SVC is customary with a audio systems on all ILX models.

Wallpaper Image Display
To serve customize a ILX interior, a navigation complement allows a storage of 3 images that can be displayed on a LCD shade when a arrangement is not differently in use. To equivocate motorist distraction, there is no “slide show” function.

Premium Package Audio System
The ILX with Premium Package facilities an AM/FM/CD audio complement with 7 speakers, including a subwoofer. A camber of 2.5-cm tweeters are positioned in a tip of a instrument panel, and dual 17-cm drivers are positioned in a front doors. The behind doors have another camber of 17-cm drivers and a 20-cm subwoofer is located in a behind package tray.

Audio information is presented in a On-Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD) that consists of an tip 8-inch tinge arrangement during a tip of a core smoke-stack and a revoke 7-inch hold screen. For 2016, a ODMD receives some-more than 50 pattern changes to raise discerning operation and functionality. As before, remote controls located on a ILX’s 3-spoke steering circle put frequently used audio functions within fingertip strech of a driver.

New for 2016 is a tethered navigation complement powered by a user’s concordant smartphone and information plan. The complement connects to a smartphone around an HDMI pier located inside a core console. Once tethered, a user can wizz in, wizz out and corkscrew a car’s navigation map regulating a vast controller dial underneath a revoke touchscreen. Destination searches can be achieved around calm inputted onto a ODMD touchscreen keyboard.

Also enclosed with a Premium Package audio complement are SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, Aha™ harmony and HD Radio™.

SiriusXM® Radio
SiriusXM® Radio is a customary underline with a ILX Premium and Tech Plus audio systems and it provides some-more than 165 channels of digital programming with nearby CD-quality sound. The SiriusXM vigilance is beamed from dual promote satellites positioned in geostationary circuit above Earth. The beams from these dual promote satellites mix to camber a whole continental United States and some of Canada. SiriusXM Radio programming includes channels privately clinging to music, sports, talk, traffic, weather, children’s programming and entertainment. Of a some-more than 165 SiriusXM channels, 72 are commercial-free. When a ILX audio complement plays SiriusXM Radio, a arrangement shade shows a stream station, strain title, or artist’s name. A nominal 3-month subscription to SiriusXM Radio use is enclosed with squeeze of a new ILX, and business are means to continue a use or cancel any time afterwards.

NEW SiriusXM® “Advanced Audio” Feature Set 
The ILX is approaching to be initial to marketplace with a organisation of sparkling new facilities offering by SiriusXM Radio called Advanced Audio. This new underline set is designed to severely extend a listening pleasure and preference for users. There are 5 vital components of this new group:

Smart Favorites
Smart Favorites concede we to play/pause/forward/rewind SiriusXM calm by buffering your preset channels. Smart Favorite Features include: Instant Replay, Tune Start Tune Scan.

  • Instant Replay – Listeners can rewind a strain they are now listening to, or rewind a song/program on any of your presets.
  • Tune Start – Allows listeners to hear all songs from a commencement on all of their preset channels.  Each preset channel will aegis adult to 30 mins of content.
  • Tune Scan – Allows listeners to indicate all of their preset channels with any strain starting from a beginning.  Instant Replay lets users indicate formerly aired calm buffered on their preset channels.

Featured Favorites
Featured Favorites are Sirius-XM curated “presets” promote directly into your vehicle.
How does it work?

  • SiriusXM sends out one or some-more additional banks of preset channels to a automobile that will automatically uncover adult when a listener scrolls by their presets
  • Featured Favorites groupings will refurbish on a unchanging basement to underline a many applicable calm (i.e. holidays, Superbowl, Oscars, etc.)

Tune Mix
Tune Mix enables users to emanate a preset comprised wholly of their favorite SXM strain stations.

How does it work?

  • Tune Mix utilizes a Smart Favorites underline and plays songs from a user’s existent preset bank of strain channels.
  • Allows for users to build their possess Tune Mix channels

What does this mean?

  • Users can listen to a accumulation of strain from their favorite channels though carrying to change a station.

Sports Flash
Sports Flash alerts users to vast plays from their favorite sports teams and allows them to balance in to hear all a action.
How does it work?

  • Sports Flash buffers live sports play-by-play channels for a user’s favorite teams in a background, and if a “big play” occurs, it stores audio for adult to 30 seconds before a play occurs.

What does this mean?

  • Users can listen to your favorite music, talk, or news, and never skip a kick when their group scores a vast touchdown, hits a home run, or swishes a game-winner during a buzzer.

Traffic and Weather Now
Traffic and Weather Now provides entrance to a latest trade continue news for pivotal inner markets, whenever desired.
How does it work?

  • SiriusXM provides unchanging trade and continue updates each few mins for a 22 largest civil areas.
  • The Traffic and Weather Now idol lights adult usually when a new refurbish is available, giving users usually a latest trade and continue conditions for that market.
  • Smart Favorites allows users to lapse to their strain or pronounce module right where they left off.

HD Radio™
Premium and Tech Plus ILX models underline HD Radio™. HD Radio record utilizes digital radio broadcasts and provides modernized audio and information facilities that raise a listening experience. Sound peculiarity is radically improved, and distinct satellite radio, HD Radio is free.

Instead of promulgation out one analog vigilance as with normal radio broadcasts, HD stations send out a bundled vigilance — both analog and digital. Because it is digital, textual information such as traffic, batch info and strain titles can be sent out, as well. Unlike compulsory radio, HD Radio stations promote additional channels, that are called HD2/HD3. These total channels offer ILX owners a star of additional choices.

Aha™ by Harman
The audio complement in ILXs versed with a Premium or Tech Plus Package also underline Aha™ by Harman This voice-based capability can be accessed regulating a concordant smartphone. Aha organizes a ILX owner’s favorite calm from a web into personalized on-demand radio stations in a vehicle. Aha is a comprehensive, cloud-based height optimized for a automotive sourroundings that provides a elementary formation indicate to move in a far-reaching operation of stream and destiny applications into a audio complement conduct unit. This capability allows users to entrance their favorite podcasts, internet radio, on-demand music, grill recommendations, and even audio updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Aha pivotal features:

  • Audio-based
  • Free use with far-reaching calm choice
  • Enables stretchable personalization and hire management
  • Content updated automatically around automobile life

Aha calm categories:

  • On-demand news and continue
  • Personalized strain including Slacker
  • Internet Radio
  • On-demand podcasts
  • Audio Books
  • Local Search: Restaurants, fuel, ATM, parking, etc.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. around audio
  • Custom Interactive OEM Channels: Direct communication to and from vehicle

Acura/ELS Studio® Premium Audio System
When versed with a Tech Plus Package, a ILX includes a fantastic Acura/ELS Studio® Premium Audio System. The ELS® system, grown together with Panasonic Automotive Systems, uses 10 speakers and a absolute amplifier to emanate a singular listening knowledge in a ILX. The Acura/ELS Studio Premium Audio System gets a name from multi-Grammy® Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner’s recording industry-recognized moniker “ELS®.” Scheiner’s idea in a growth of this audio complement was to imitate strain a approach it is listened in a recording studio.

As with a 7-speaker Premium audio system, a Acura/ELS Studio Premium Audio complement can play module element from a far-reaching operation of sources. The CD actor can review discs encoded with MP3 or WMA files. There’s a 2.5 mm auxiliary jack for use with an outmost MP3 player, and a USB pier is located in a core console for a tie of an iPod® or concordant MP3 player. When used with concordant iPod models, a USB tie provides iPod control around a audio conduct unit. Bluetooth Audio allows a concordant mobile write with a built-in audio actor to wirelessly play a phone’s audio calm on a ILX audio system.

The Acura/ELS Studio audio complement facilities selectable Dolby® Pro Logic® II vigilance estimate that creates unnatural 5.1-channel approximate sound from CD, MP3/WMA, SiriusXM Radio, AUX and USB inputs. The ILX audio complement plays compulsory CDs and DTS™ discs, in serve to DVD-Audio discs. The complement also includes SiriusXM Radio, along with a Note duty for SiriusXM Radio that is designed to be a preference for owners who wish to make note of songs listened on SiriusXM.

While Scheiner and Panasonic tuned a Acura/ELS Studio Premium Audio complement to emanate superb sound from any source, DVD-Audio is a system’s many considerable sounding format. This modernized audio facsimile record delivers over 500-times aloft fortitude than normal CD audio. DVD-Audio delivers smoother, fuller and distant some-more accurate sound by 6 dissimilar channels.

With this system, a core instrument smoke-stack facilities Acura’s On-Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD) with an tip 8-inch W-VGA full-color arrangement shade that displays navigation, audio, backup camera and other information and a revoke 7-inch touchscreen arrangement that provides meridian control, time and audio information. To make Acura/ELS Studio complement elementary to operate, it has large-format dash-mounted controls. In addition, steering wheel-mounted controls of pivotal audio functions are positioned within fingertip reach. Select audio complement functions can also be executed around voice commands.

The AM/FM tuner gets signals from a roof-mounted “shark fin” form antenna. The complement displays Radio Data System (RDS) information, that can uncover apparatus such as hire name and module type.

10-Speaker Array
Each of a 10 speakers in a Acura/ELS Studio® Premium Audio complement uses a high-energy Neodymium magnet for glorious sound peculiarity and to revoke weight. There are 2.5-cm soft-dome tweeters in a front A-pillar location, and an 8-cm midrange polypropylene-cone core orator in a core of a dashboard top. Each of a doors has a 17-cm full-range dual-thickness polypropylene-cone speaker, and in a behind parcel shelf there are dual 8-cm drivers flanking a special Super Low Distortion 20-cm subwoofer. The multiple of high opening orator drivers, optimal orator locations and high energy creates an audio complement that delivers superb sound during any seating position.

Song By Voice®
Due to so many intensity audio calm permitted in a user’s iPod, Acura engineers set out to make it easy to name audio calm while driving. Song By Voice® (SBV) lets a motorist name strain by artist, album, strain title, genre, playlist and even composer.

Siri™ Eyes Free
Siri™ Eyes Free is enclosed with a ILX Premium and above grades. When a ILX’s Bluetooth HandsFreeLink complement is interconnected with a concordant iPhone, Siri Eyes Free allows we to use many of a facilities of Siri though stealing your hands from a steering wheel. A pull of approximately dual seconds on a steering wheel-mounted “talk” symbol activates Siri in a ILX. After a Siri carillon sounds, a motorist can ask a question, set adult a calendar entrance and more. Siri offers a far-reaching operation of capabilities including promulgation and reading aloud calm and email messages, environment alarms and reminders, checking a weather, posting to amicable media sites and many more. Siri can also find a indicate of seductiveness and thereafter yield turn-by-turn audio directions when a audio complement is set to Bluetooth audio or iPod mode. The complement switches automatically to Bluetooth audio when personification a strain or artist.

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition
All ILX models with a Tech Plus Package are versed with a Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ that is designed for discerning and discerning operation.

Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition facilities summary:

  • 8-inch W-VGA tinge shade for permitted viewing
  • Ultra-fast 100 gigabyte tough hoop expostulate (HDD)
  • Navigation coverage includes a United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico
  • Fast track calculation time
  • Fast Point Of Interest (POI) hunt time
  • AcuraLink® connected automobile system
  • Voice approval duty with over 1,100 navigation commands minimizes a need for primer impression entry
  • Voice approval complement recognizes city and travel names as oral words
  • Simple complement operation with pure visible prompts to beam voice navigation
  • Interface Dial simplifies control of a complement and is permitted to motorist and front chair passenger
  • Audio complement automatically mutes for turn-by-turn voice superintendence (voice superintendence can be incited off during any time)
  • Voice Recognition™ operates common audio and meridian control functions
  • Highly directional array microphone for accurate Voice Command recognition
  • On-screen design of highway interchanges indicates that lane(s) to use to stay on route
  • Three languages for all destinations (English, French and Spanish)
  • Destination memory recalls stream outing addresses, prior destinations and user residence books
  • Split-screen mode facilities coexisting “map view” and resourceful track visualization
  • Trip routing can equivocate user-selected areas
  • Telephone calls to on-screen points of seductiveness with Bluetooth HandsFreeLink
  • Trip routing can embody adult to 5 user-chosen approach points
  • Rearview camera displays picture on W-VGA tinge navigation screen
  • Navigation complement can be updated with permitted DVD
  • Store and arrangement owners picture files as wallpaper on navigation screen

Enhanced Database:

  • Point Of Interest (POI) database includes approximately 7 million locations
  • Fuzzy proof POI and residence acid simplifies and speeds searches
  • Smart proof for grill POI simplifies searching
  • Business office for probably all of a continental United States
  • ZIP formula entrance speeds residence input
  • Directory categories embody restaurants (searchable by form of cuisine), lodging, shopping, airports, hospitals, daze areas and many more
  • Scenic Route expostulate track listings categorized by particular state
  • Exact addressing locates approximately 80-percent of addresses during their tangible GPS coordinates (instead of estimating plcae formed on linear travel number)

Destinations Searchable by GPS Coordinates
The Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition™ marks a position of a ILX formed on positioning information from adult to 12 orbiting Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). If GPS accepting is blocked by a high building, hovel or parking garage, an inner gyroscopic complement with a speed sensor marks a plcae to keep a mapping information stream and arguable until satellite accepting is restored. The ILX navigation complement stores a mapping information on a vast inner tough hoop expostulate (HDD). The same expostulate is partitioned and used by a Tech Plus Acura/ELS Studio Premium audio complement to store audio files. Much faster than a DVD expostulate system, a HDD is a pivotal to a system’s considerable hunt and routing speed. The complement can be updated annually with a latest mapping information by inserting an refurbish front into a audio system’s slot-loading CD/DVD drive. DVD refurbish discs are permitted for squeeze on an annual basement on-line during or by job 888-549-3798.

The navigation complement can be tranquil by regulating a interface dial by selecting menu options or by spelling out a word (e.g., an address, business name or place). Characters on an on-screen keypad can be comparison regulating a Interface Dial. For voice operation, a motorist simply presses a “Talk” symbol on a steering circle and says any of a series of preset authority phrases. The complement responds to some-more than 1,100 authority phrases, as good as to oral city and travel names. Voice approval capability saves time and simplifies operation of a system.

The audio complement is automatically pale when a “Talk” symbol is pressed, and an beyond array microphone receives a authority from a driver. Commands can be given in plain English, like “Display gas stations,” “Find nearest hospital,” or “Find nearest Chinese restaurant.” The voice approval record allows a motorist to simply pronounce city and travel names aloud, and a complement responds by displaying matches permitted in a database. Points of seductiveness on a map (such as restaurants or grocery stores) can be displayed or we can have a complement yield turn-by-turn navigation— all by voice command. The large point-of-interest (POI) database includes write numbers, that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink complement or with a driver’s mobile telephone.

Wallpaper Image Display
To serve customize a ILX interior, a navigation complement allows a storage of adult to 10 images on a built-in tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage. Any one of a stored images can be displayed as a full-screen picture on a navigation arrangement when a arrangement is not differently in use. To equivocate motorist distraction, there is no “slide show” function.

JPEG images can be commissioned from a home mechanism onto a USB storage device, such as a ride drive. Then a ride expostulate can be plugged into a USB pier that located in a core console. Using on-screen menus, a images can thereafter be eliminated to a ILX inner tough hoop expostulate (HDD) media storage. The motorist can thereafter name among their stored images for display, or set a complement to not arrangement wallpaper.

The ILX with a Tech Plus Package facilities a subsequent era of AcuraLink®, Acura’s cloud-based connected automobile complement that initial launched in 2005. This new era uses embedded mobile record along with a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package to offer a extended operation of convenience, media and permitted confidence features. AcuraLink is a new core indicate for owners for hands-free entrance to cloud-based services, audio and information, and is designed to keep ILX drivers sensitive and connected while on a go.

The connectivity compulsory for AcuraLink’s several facilities is distributed between a ILX’s embedded complement (for some of a fee-based features) and a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package (for giveaway features). AcuraLink works with a owner’s concordant smartphone and information package to bond a ILX with strain and information resources, internet apps, and more. Owners can use a AcuraLink website to entrance information or change preferences. AcuraLink allows for Twitter and Facebook access.

AcuraLink® Service Levels
AcuraLink® provides 3 permitted levels of services. The Standard Package is offering during no charge, with a difference surface-street and turnpike traffic, that is giveaway for a initial 3 years of ownership. The Connect Package adds a far-reaching operation of capabilities (using a embedded phone link) including programmed pile-up presentation and an in-vehicle Assist System that connects we with a live user with a pull of an beyond button. The Premium Package adds Live Concierge user assistance around a ILX’s embedded dungeon phone. The Concierge use can send end information directly to a driver’s ILX navigation system, make reservations on their behalf, and refurbish a user on weather, bonds and many more.

Standard (free use regulating owner’s concordant intelligent phone and information plan)

  • AcuraLink® Real-Time Traffic™ with turnpike trade and aspect travel trade (complimentary for 3 years)
  • Acura automobile underline guide

Connect Package (fee) includes Standard services and adds:

  • Automated pile-up presentation and plcae (cellular vigilance and use required)
  • Assist System to try to bond with live user (cellular vigilance and use required)
  • Local search
  • Automated use appointments
  • Destination hunt regulating interactive voice response

AcuraLink® remote features:

  • Door lock/unlock
  • Stolen automobile tracking
  • Vehicle finder (sounds horn and flashes lights)
  • Security alarm notification
  • Send end to vehicle
  • Virtual dashboard
    • Odometer
    • Fuel level
    • Fuel range
    • Door close status
    • Hood status
    • Tire pressure

Premium Package (additional fee) Includes Connect Package services and adds:

  • Live Concierge user assistance (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

 AcuraLink® Mobile App Features

  • Send to automobile (points of seductiveness and contacts)
  • Pedestrian navigation and routing
  • Virtual dashboard and automobile profile
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Car finder
  • AcuraLink puncture remote doorway lock/unlock
  • Vehicle alarm notification
  • Stolen automobile tracking
  • Parking scale assist

AcuraLink® Smartphone App/Website
With a active Connect or Premium Package, a AcuraLink complement gives a owners a operation of facilities they can control or guard remotely, around AcuraLink smartphone apps or a AcuraLink website.

Active Noise Control
The ILX facilities an Active Noise Control complement that not usually helps discharge low-decibel sepulchral sound entering a cabin. In addition, Active Noise Control is related to stifle position and engine rpm to yield a quieter cockpit during normal cruising while permitting a engine’s sound to be enjoyed during aloft rpm, some-more energetic driving.

The Active Noise Control complement operates whenever a automobile is running, regardless of either a audio complement is on or off. Interior microphones constraint low-end drivetrain frequencies entering a cabin, and send a vigilance to a Active Noise Control unit. The Active Noise Control section thereafter creates a precisely timed retreat proviso audio vigilance that is sent to an amplifier, that powers a doorway speakers.

The Active Noise Control dramatically reduces a sepulchral sound of a exhaust. At frequencies next 100 hertz, Active Noise Control formula in an considerable 10 dB rebate in sound level. Moreover, a Active Noise Control complement dramatically reduces middle-frequency sound during normal cruising. In addition, highway sound attenuation is also softened over both well-spoken and severe roads.

Interior Accessories
Available for a ILX are Acura Genuine Accessories that yield personalization for a Acura client. Like all Acura Genuine Accessories, a ILX accessories are lonesome by a 4-year/50,000-mile singular guaranty if commissioned during a time of strange automobile purchase. Available apparatus include:

  • Illuminated doorway sill
  • All-season building mats
  • Trunk tray
  • Trunk hooks
  • Cargo net
  • Ashtray/cupholder
  • First-aid pack
  • SiriusXM® Radio kit