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Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Press Kit

NOTE TO EDITORS: See a 2017 MDX Press Kit for additional information on
features, systems and components that are common with that indication and not
lonesome in this document.

2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid


Building on a rested and resolutely restyled 2017 Acura MDX and contracting a innovative three-motor Sport Hybrid Super Handling-All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD™) powertrain record that was introduced in a RLX sedan and modernized in a 2017 NSX supercar, a 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid is Acura’s first-ever hybrid SUV and a technological flagship of a Acura SUV lineup.

The 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid is engineered for business who enterprise a ultimate in pushing refinement, technological sophistication and status in a three-row Acura SUV. The MDX Sport Hybrid takes full advantage of a immediate, high-torque opening of a 3 absolute electric motors, along with a always-on capabilities of electric torque vectoring, to almost urge fuel potency and raise energetic opening for a oppulance SUV customers’ bland pushing needs – all but scapegoat to interior space or load volume.

Unique elements of a MDX Sport Hybrid’s pattern and engineering contra a non-hybrid reflection embody a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD powertrain with 3 electric motors and 7-speed twin purchase smoothness (7DCT), and modernized Electro Servo braking system, new and model-exclusive Active Damper technology, and an expanded-range Integrated Dynamics System with new SPORT+ mode.

Moreover, a Integrated Dynamics System engages with countless opposite energetic systems within a vehicle, including a electric motors, throttle, steering, smoothness and Active Dampers, to yield a motorist with an stretched operation of selectable opening characteristics to fit their sundry pushing needs and desires. (See Chassis territory for some-more fact on a Integrated Dynamics System)

The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is charity in twin grades: a MDX with Technology Package and a MDX with Advance Package. Both grades have disdainful interior trim and a Advance package facilities timber interior accents. The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD with a Technology Package includes versatile seating for 7 passengers, while a Advance Package facilities a 6-passenger interior with second-row captain’s chairs and vast second-row core console in place of a three-person dais seat.

What’s New:

  • Sport Hybrid SH-AWD™ powertrain
  • 3.0-liter, SOHC i-VTEC V6 engine
  • 7-speed dual-clutch smoothness (7DCT) with integrated electric motor
  • 26/27/271 mpg (city/highway/combined) EPA fuel economy ratings
  • 4-mode Integrated Dynamics System with SPORT+ mode
  • Active Dampers
  • Electric Servo Brake System
  • Exclusive interior trim
  • Body-color revoke side sills and front/rear transformation garnishes
  • SH-AWD badge on back and Hybrid badges on front fenders


The MDX Sport Hybrid powertrain boasts a sum complement outlay of 321 horsepower and 289 lb.-ft. of torque, creation this a many absolute Acura prolongation SUV ever built. A 3.0 liter, 24-valve, SOHC V6 gas engine with i-VTEC® valvetrain and selectable idle-stop capability provides primary ground force, with a rise outlay of 257 horsepower (SAE net) during 6,300 rpm and 218 lb.-ft. of torque (SAE net) during 5,000 rpm. Three electric motors – a front engine built into a 7DCT, and a back Twin Motor Unit (TMU) yield present torque for a some-more manageable and clear pushing experience.

An modernized 7-speed dual-clutch smoothness (7DCT) is customary – a underline in common with a RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD sedan and closely compared to a NSX 9-speed DCT. Unlike a required involuntary transmission, a DCT offers ultra-quick rigging changes and operates but a torque converter, significantly improving efficiency. The 7DCT can work in entirely involuntary mode, or it can be shifted manually around steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.


3.0-liter engine and 7DCT with integrated electric motor

The hybrid powertrain also facilities several advancements as partial of a persisting growth of Acura hybrid technology, including improvements in cooling and wrapping of a IPU and PCU, as good as augmenting hybrid battery appetite density.

Powertrain during a Glance


  • 3.0-liter, SOHC, V6 engine produces 257 horsepower (SAE net) during 6,300 rpm and 218 lb.-ft. of torque (SAE net) during 5,000 rpm
  • i-VTEC® (intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) for intake valves
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
  • 10.5:1 application ratio
  • High-strength steel crankshaft
  • Drive-by-Wire™ stifle system
  • Direct ignition system
  • Detonation/knock control system
  • High-flow, close-coupled next-generation precious-metal catalytic converters and underneath building catalytic converter
  • High ability 32-bit RISC processor emissions control section
  • Maintenance Minder™ complement optimizes use intervals
  • 100,000 +/- miles tune-up interval

3-Motor Sport Hybrid System

  • 47 horsepower front electric engine built in to a 7DCT
  • 72 horsepower back inboard-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU) (two 36-horsepower motors)
  • 1.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack

Emissions/Fuel Economy Ratings

  • EPA 26/27/27 mpg1 (city/highway/combined) fuel economy ratings
  • ULEV125 emissions compliant 

Noise Vibration (NV)

  • 60-degree cylinder V-angle for well-spoken operation 
  • Automatically tensioned, maintenance-free twisted belt appendage drive 
  • Active Control engine Mount (ACM) 
  • Active Sound Control (ASC) 

7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (7DCT)

  • Electronic Gear Selector provides entirely electronic push-button change control
  • Steering circle mounted racing-inspired paddle shifters
  • Advanced shift-hold control boundary adult shifts during energetic pushing
  • Grade Logic Control System reduces rigging “hunting” on high hills 

Hybrid System Components

Front Motor
The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD front engine delivers rise outlay of 47 horsepower. The engine is built into a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission and is connected to a front driveshaft around gears.

The front engine has 3 functions: (1) Provides supplemental power/torque to a V6 engine in pushing a front wheels; (2) Provides regenerative braking capability to support interlude power; and (3) Uses this regenerative duty to modify engine appetite to electricity to assistance recharge a lithium-ion batteries.

Twin Motor Unit

Packaged inboard between a back wheels (where a required AWD back differential would routinely be located) is a Twin Motor Unit (TMU).  Inside a die-cast aluminum surrounding are twin 36 horsepower electric motors positioned back-to-back. The TMU provides for modernized all-wheel expostulate capability and extended cornering opening around energetic torque vectoring by eccentric smoothness of electric-motor torque (positive and disastrous torque) to a left and right back wheels, while also providing regenerative braking to support in battery recharge. A purchase allows any engine to be decoupled from a compared circle in certain doing situations to urge efficiency.

Twin Motor Unit (TMU)

Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) and Power Control Unit (PCU)

The MDX Intelligent Power Control Unit (IPU) contains a 72-cell, 1.3-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Evolved from a RLX, a battery pattern employs smaller cells in aloft volume with optimized electrode materials ensuing in 10 percent boost of appetite firmness and a 20 percent boost in appetite density. The IPU is atmosphere cooled around a fan section located in a front core console that draws atmosphere from inside a car cabin.

Mounted outward underneath a building of a car and totally H2O proofed, a Power Control Unit (PCU) is glass cooled and incorporates a engine ECU. The ECU dictates a appetite government plan of a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD complement and 3 apart inverters to modify approach stream to swapping stream for use by a Sport Hybrid SH‑AWD appetite unit’s 3 electric motors.

Previously air-cooled, a newly grown 12V DC-DC converter with glass cooling increases acclimatisation potency by 2.5 percent, augmenting fuel efficiency.  

System Packaging

The MDX Sport Hybrid’s pivotal hybrid components are laid out for limit wrapping efficiency, permitting a MDX Sport Hybrid to offer a same interior space and flexibility as a non-hybrid counterpart. Further, following a same pattern truth as a next-generation Acura NSX supercar, pivotal hybrid complement components are finished low and toward a core of a car to support a MDX’s energetic opening by centering a mass and obscure a core of gravity. 

The Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) is located in a cell directly underneath a motorist and front passenger. The Power Control Unit (PCU) is mounted underneath a building and positioned directly abaft of a IPU compartment. The IPU is common with a NSX supercar and advantages from advancements done in a development, including a aforementioned battery and other improvements, ensuing in a some-more compress distance and reduced weight. The total volume of a IPU and PCU is reduced by 39 percent, from 118 liters to 72 liters, when compared to a RLX Sport Hybrid sedan.

The chain of a IPU in a building area of a car lowers a core of sobriety by one in. (26 mm) when compared to a non-hybrid model, assisting to revoke physique hurl while cornering. Ground clearance, during 7.3 inches, is a same as a non-hybrid MDX SH-AWD.

Importantly, a new exquisite blueprint of a battery cooling atmosphere intake and empty ducts improves cooling potency and severely reduces heat transformation of a battery cells, assisting to urge battery life.  

Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD)

Acura’s SH-AWD complement distributes appetite side-to-side between a left and right back wheels, regulating “torque vectoring” to emanate a bend impulse to assistance a car spin by promulgation some-more appetite to a outward back circle during cornering, providing for crisper turn-in, some-more manageable steering and softened line traceability.

Unlike a automatic Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) accessible in a non-Hybrid MDX, a MDX Sport Hybrid’s electric SH-AWD operates eccentric of a gasoline engine; as a twin rear-mounted electric motors boldly dispense both certain and disastrous torque directly to a back wheels. This complement provides for dynamic, evident and always-on torque vectoring capabilities while expelling a weight and appetite waste compared with a required driveshaft and differential mechanism.

When cornering, a MDX Sport Hybrid delivers certain torque to a outward back wheel, many like automatic SH-AWD, to emanate a bend moment. Unlike required SH-AWD though, Sport Hybrid SH-AWD can also concurrently request regenerative stop torque to a inside back circle during cornering to serve raise cornering control. In addition, given it doesn’t rest on engine torque, electric SH-AWD can emanate a incomparable torque disproportion between a left and right back wheels, even during tiny stifle applications, during low engine speeds or when decelerating. This almost magnifies a certain doing advantages of SH-AWD opposite a many wider operation of pushing conditions.

Powertrain Drive Modes

The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD complement is optimized to yield both superb opening and class-leading fuel efficiency. Depending on a pushing mode (COMFORT, NORMAL, SPORT and SPORT+), a complement utilizes a V6 engine, 7DCT with built-in motor, TMU and battery container to yield refreshing and confidence-inspiring opening while maximizing efficiency.

Powertrain Comparison

Transmission Comparison

Body Exterior

The infancy of a MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD;s unit-body pattern and construction is common with MDX, with a few modifications to concede ideal member packaging. In a building vessel underneath a front seats, a recessed area is combined to accommodate a Intelligent Power Unit (IPU).

Additionally, a back subframe is mutated reasonably for a MDX Sport Hybrid’s quell weight (4,471 lbs. for MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD vs. 4,244 lbs. for a MDX SH-AWD, both with Technology Package).

Exterior Design

The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD shares a physique pattern with a 2017 MDX and MDX SH-AWD, charity a new MDX Diamond Pentagon grille, low and far-reaching stance, atmospheric interior and load capacity, LED headlamps and haze lights, and a reward altogether presentation. The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD also includes twin exhausts mirroring those on a MDX, and an Auto High Beam underline that improves active safety, adds motorist convenience, and allows a MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD to accept a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from a Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

A few outmost visible cues heed a MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD from a MDX and MDX SH-AWD during a glance. The revoke side sills and front/rear transformation garnishes are embellished physique tone instead of as-molded black. Additionally, a front fenders lift Hybrid badges and a remote-linked power-operated tailgate displays an SH-AWD badge.


Specifications Comparison


* Based on SAE J1100 load volume dimensions standard

† Based on SAE J1100 load volume dimensions customary and building space between initial and second seats and front seats changed forward. This figure compares some-more accurately with many rival measurements.


The 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD framework is formed on that of a stream MDX. It includes front MacPherson strut and back multi-link cessation systems with new Active Dampers and Motion-Adaptive Electric Power Steering (EPS). The opening of all these components is invariably practiced by a MDX’s driver-selectable Integrated Dynamics System that tailors suspension, steering, and powertrain opening to a driver’s preference. The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD also facilities a special 4-wheel front braking complement that utilizes a multiple of regenerative braking and for charging a vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries and Electric Servo Brakes, that yield assured and linear braking.

Integrated Dynamics System

The 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid, like a NSX before it, is designed to yield a far-reaching operation of pushing practice and energetic impression co-ordinate with a desires of a motorist and a pushing sourroundings around a Integrated Dynamics System. The MDX Sport Hybrid’s modernized technologies, including a Sport Hybrid appetite unit, Active Dampers, and electric appetite steering, capacitate a finer and some-more wide-ranging grade of control over a energetic impression of a MDX.

While a non-hybrid MDX facilities a 3-mode Integrated Dynamics System with COMFORT, NORMAL and SPORT modes, a 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD adds a fourth mode – SPORT+ – for limit energetic opening on a many severe (and rewarding) roads.

Driver-selectable energetic modes are automatically related to a twin customary remote pivotal fobs, and a car retains a comparison environment (except for SPORT+, that reverts to a SPORT environment when a car is incited off and afterwards restarted).

Integrated Dynamic System Modes:

  • COMFORT – Reduces steering effort, improves float comfort, softens drive-by-wire stifle response
  • NORMAL – Balances opening with extended steering, drive-by-wire, cessation and torque vectoring settings
  • SPORT – Provides firmer damping for some-more manageable doing and reduced physique motion, enhances steering feedback, increases torque vectoring
  • SPORT+ – Maximizes powertrain opening with first-gear starts, disables EV-only driving, changes smoothness change and stifle mapping, and provides limit battery support during launch

Active Dampers

      Front Active Damper Strut

The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD uses disdainful Active Dampers that are integrated with a Integrated Dynamics System functions. Similar in coming to a MDX’s coil-over dampers, a Active Dampers have electronically tractable damping that lets a Integrated Dynamics System automatically fine-tune float and doing to motorist preferences. As destined by a Integrated Dynamics System controller, an electric actuator within any check constantly controls a hydraulic liquid transformation inside a unit. Damper settings are automatically calibrated to a Integrated Dynamics System environment to grasp a following benefits:

  • COMFORT – Emphasizes float comfort and reduces highway noise, quivering and rudeness (NVH) to lowest levels ever for a MDX height in civic driving
  • NORMAL – Provides an ideal bland change of float and doing for a far-reaching operation of conditions
  • SPORT/SPORT+ – Flattens and stabilizes a car physique during quick steering inputs and maneuvers, improving pleasing feel and altogether responsiveness

Electric Servo Brake System

The MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD’s electric servo stop complement maximizes regenerative braking capability for softened fuel efficiency. The braking complement is entirely hydraulic from a master cylinder all a approach to a 4-wheel front brakes, usually like a normal braking system. The pivotal disproportion is that a braking duty is electronically tranquil rather than a quite automatic activation, permitting regenerative braking from a front and back electric motors to delayed a vehicle, rather than a hydraulic attrition brakes, underneath many circumstances. Besides a boon in efficiency, a complement offers glorious feel and feedback for a motorist by a stop pedal.

When a motorist relates a stop pedal, a vigilance is sent to a vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), that determines a suitable volume of braking force to allot to regenerative braking by a electric motors and to a hydraulic attrition braking system. In many cases, attrition braking is not indispensable until a car speed drops next 9 mph, as a car slows to a final stop to foster a well-spoken finish of a stop. Midway between a master cylinder and a calipers is a apart motorized electronic actuator. This actuator receives an electronic signal, generated in a master cylinder procedure that precisely defines how a motorist has practical a brakes – soothing or hard, delayed or fast. The ABS section afterwards directly apportions hydraulic vigour to a stop calipers during any wheel. While a MDX SH-AWD uses a 10.5-inch opening upholder to support a motorist in requesting indispensable stop pressure, a MDX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD uses an electric servo stop actuator.

Chassis Features Comparison

1 Based on 2017 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison functions only. Your tangible mileage will change depending on how we expostulate and say your vehicle.