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Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura NSX Press Kit

A History of Innovation
When a strange Acura NSX done a entrance over 25 years ago, it perpetually altered sports automobile universe by mixing outlandish automobile styling and opening with a new dimension of quality, well-developed ergonomics and energetic poise. The NSX introduced and tangible Acura’s proceed to “Precision Crafted Performance” with a slicing corner pattern and innovative record that supposing permitted outlandish automobile opening for genuine drivers in a genuine world.

By origination use of modernized new technologies such as a lightweight nonetheless firm all-aluminum monocoque body/chassis corresponding to a mid-mounted cranky V-6 engine, a strange NSX challenged compulsory knowledge for an outlandish car. Its high-revving V6 engine featured a series of innovative production-car technologies, including fake pistons, titanium fasten rods and VTEC valvetrain.


Moreover, a NSX sought a some-more insinuate tie between a car, a motorist and a road, followed by essential pattern elements – low automobile mass and high power-to-weight ratio, a firm physique ancillary a performance-focused chassis, superb visibility, well-developed ergonomics, and permitted performance—creating a indication change in what it meant to be an outlandish car.

Importantly, a initial era NSX also exemplified Acura’s high standards of quality, continuance and day-to-day trustworthiness though compromising performance—something frequency found in outlandish sports cars of a day.

Next-Generation Acura NSX Concept
Respecting these foundational concepts of a strange NSX, a 2017 Acura NSX pursues an altogether new and insubordinate thought for Acura supercar performance, melding undying sports automobile values with next-generation technologies to emanate a New Sports eXperience. And many like Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance DNA guided a origination of a strange NSX, any aspect of this new NSX is a next-generation countenance of those same values.

Based on a “man-machine synergy” proceed that guides a growth of all Acura vehicles, a association has combined a driver-centered supercar where any partial of a automobile is deferential of a smartest partial of a car—the driver.

Foremost among a many innovations is Sport Hybrid Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive (Sport Hybrid SH-AWD), a first-of-its-kind record in a supercar realm. Marrying this cutting-edge and electrified new countenance of Acura Super-Handling opening with new approaches to automobile design—including modernized physique construction, member wrapping and aerodynamic optimization—results in a supercar that steadily translates a acceleration, steering and braking inputs of a motorist with implausible fealty and probably 0 delay, so amplifying a capabilities of any motorist while severely elevating a energetic knowledge in any pushing situation—qualities that conclude a New Sports eXperience.

Sport Hybrid SH-AWD utilizes a electric motors to support acceleration, braking and cornering. With electrically-powered torque vectoring supposing by a front-mounted Twin Motor Unit, a NSX takes Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive record to a new dimension—using a dynamic, evident and continual placement of electric engine torque to raise doing pointing and cornering opening in all pushing situations.

The insubordinate NSX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD appetite territory and a modernized energetic capabilities are upheld by new concepts in supercar pattern and physique construction. The NSX’s multi-material body/frame is a clean-sheet design, utilizing a crowd of materials and fasten technologies, any comparison for a singular capability to broach ultimate tellurian and internal physique acerbity in multiple with low mass, superb prominence and world-class passenger pile-up protection. The NSX’s multi-material physique integrates several world-first technologies, including three-dimensionally focussed and quenched ultra-high-strength steel A-pillars and ablation expel aluminum support nodes.

Likewise, a pattern and wrapping of a Sport Hybrid appetite unit’s components—engine, transmission, motors, batteries and control systems—is optimized to support and raise a energetic capabilities by obscure a core of sobriety and centering a mass within a car.

Sport Hybrid Super Handling-AWD Power Unit
The next-generation Sport Hybrid SH-AWD appetite territory consists of an all-new twin-turbocharged mid-mounted V6 engine interconnected with an all-new 9-speed twin purchase delivery (DCT) and Direct Drive Motor that supplements a engine with present torque response. The Direct Drive Motor also operates as a generator, progressing a state of assign of a hybrid batteries to consistently support motorist demands.

These systems, that contain a back appetite unit, are supplemented by a insubordinate capabilities of a front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU). Containing twin electric motors that exclusively expostulate a left and right front wheels, a TMU provides “active AWD,” augmenting brazen acceleration and invariably varying torque—both certain and negative—supplied to a front wheels. The ensuing “direct bend control” outcome enhances agility, stability, opening and response—it is loyal torque vectoring, accessible during any speed. Finally, a TMU also provides regenerative braking force, ancillary braking final while also recharging a hybrid battery.

By holding advantage of a evident and accurate torque response of a appetite unit’s 3 electric motors, a Sport Hybrid SH AWD complement can rouse any driver’s certainty and opening while extracting some-more opening than could be performed though it.

Multi-Material Body
Like a strange Acura NSX—the world’s initial all-aluminum outlandish car—the all-new NSX has a cutting-edge structure. Its multi-material physique utilizes new materials and construction methods to grasp rare energetic rigidity, superb external visibility, and world-class collision performance. Making use of a space-frame design, a new NSX is stoical essentially of lightweight aluminum, with a vital use of steel and CO fiber in name areas.

  • Unmatched energetic torsional rigidity – The NSX directly responds to a driver’s cornering demands, now transmitting those inputs to a framework while progressing ideal tie between front and back axles, communicating both a driver’s transformation and any changes in a highway aspect with a pinnacle fidelity.
  • Ultra-high internal framework rigidity – Each framework member is mounted to a firm casting upheld by extruded aluminum support members that act like “truss structures” such that high internal attachment-area acerbity is ensured in all directions—thus progressing a precisely-designed framework geometry during all times.
  • World’s initial automotive focus of ablation casting record – Used both during front and rear, these ablation expel aluminum support nodes use as ultra-rigid ascent points for a suspension. Applied in pivotal pile-up zones, these nodes couple support sections together and singly twist in a demeanour identical to a fake member though with revoke weight, enabling shorter front and back overhang, reduced automobile mass and aloft collision performance.
  • A-pillars: Super strong, nonetheless slender – In another world’s first, a new three-dimensional focussed and quenched support member was employed to emanate skinny nonetheless stout A-pillars. The ensuing ultra-high strength component allows a slim cranky territory to maximize brazen prominence while public constructional demands, including roof-crush requirements.

Other modernized construction and prolongation techniques employed in a all-new Acura NSX embody a world’s initial use of all-robotic MIG welding of a space support for uniform and accurate fasten of a aluminum components.

As with a space frame, NSX designers employed a crowd of lightweight materials for a extraneous physique that are ideal for a task. Sheet hydro-formed aluminum is used for a outdoor doorway panels; aluminum stampings are used for a hood and roof (a CO fiber roof is optional); piece support devalue (SMC) is used for a fenders and case lid; and a high-temperature-resistant ABS cosmetic is used nearby a engine. This optimized component plan is pivotal to achieving preferred row acerbity with low weight, walking reserve performance, preferred cultured pattern and well-developed aspect finish.

NSX Chassis
The next-generation NSX framework combines best-practice elemental sports automobile pattern with modernized new technologies to rouse and raise a NSX pushing experience. Mounted directly (without subframes) to a ultra-rigid space frame, a NSX’s all-aluminum front and back cessation systems—augmented by third-generation active magnetorheological (MR) dampers and a rigidly-mounted dual-pinion variable-ratio electric appetite steering (EPS) system—elevate a NSX’s dynamics opening while ancillary a breakthrough capabilities of a Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system.

Front double round corner cessation eliminates torque vectoring steering disturbances. The rigidly mounted EPS provides high fealty steering feedback. The back suspension’s high together acerbity is pivotal to minimizing together acceleration response delay, and progressing correct response phasing of a back spindle with honour to a front, to grasp fast cornering over 180 mph.

Deceleration capability is also extended with a next-generation electro-mechanical super sports braking complement that combines a efficacy of a high-performance automatic (friction) braking complement with a seamlessly integrated regenerative braking system. This next-generation “super sports brake” judgment delivers class-leading braking opening probably blur free, while recuperating what would differently be squandered appetite to assistance keep a hybrid battery charged and prepared to support other dynamics demands.

Another critical component of a framework pattern includes a appetite territory ascent system, that utilizes a firm aluminum subframe and a ultra-rigid space support to resolutely anchor a appetite unit; strategically-located mounts minimize engine and delivery transformation (pitch and roll) within a body/frame.

Advanced Sports Package

The new Acura NSX’s “advanced sports package” is a pattern truth that seeks to optimize a wrapping and blueprint of vital automobile systems—including a Sport Hybrid appetite territory (engine, Direct Drive Motor and 9DCT) and pivotal hybrid components such as a Intelligent Power Unit (containing a lithium-ion battery pack)—to revoke a CG, centralize a mass of a vehicle, and grasp preferred weight placement for optimal handling.

  • The pattern of a bespoke all-aluminum twin-turbocharged V6 engine, including a 75 grade cylinder bank angle, dry sump lubrication complement and compress valvetrain, is optimized for a low core of sobriety and altogether compress design.
  • Likewise, a purpose-built 9DCT utilizes a new design, with a purchase and a differential situated corresponding in a common housing, and a together missile rigging set arrangement—both of that assistance revoke a length of a powertrain.
  • The Intelligent Power Unit, located in front a back bulkhead, contains a new, compress lithium-ion battery container with high appetite and appetite density, and featuring a new “caseless” pattern for reduced mass. The twin fuel tanks are mounted behind a back bulkhead, in front of a engine.
  • The hybrid system’s Power Control Unit (PDU) uses a compress “three-in-one” pattern (converting proceed stream to swapping stream to supply all 3 electric motors) permitting it to be finished orderly in a vehicle’s core tunnel.
  • Vehicle pattern also prioritizes tiny overhangs for a tiny footprint, helped by a aforementioned ablation expel nodes, while preserving gentle cockpit headroom for 95th percentile masculine drivers.

Aerodynamics: “Total Airflow Management”
The NSX’s pattern and growth group employed a “total airflow management” proceed to give a NSX a greatest aerodynamics one expects of a next-generation supercar, while concurrently providing a effective and fit thermal government compulsory for a hybrid appetite unit. Six opposite feverishness sources contingency be managed: The twin-turbo engine, a 9-speed DCT, a PDU, and a 3 electric expostulate motors. To yield fit cooling, airflow is managed by 10 feverishness exchangers situated to good use airflow by a front griddle area, side atmosphere intakes, and by a engine compartment.

The NSX effectively manages atmosphere issuing by a front engine room and back engine room as good as around a body, while still progressing a increasing fortitude of scrupulously distributed downforce. In fact, fortitude during speed is a hallmark of a new NSX, with rare change and certainty to raise a pushing experience.

Through endless investigate and development, a NSX aerodynamics group energetic that a 3-to-1 downforce ratio—placing 3 times as many downforce during a back of a automobile relations to a front of a car—would yield a optimal downforce placement for high-performance driving.

Through a endless use of computational liquid energetic (CFD) simulations as good as contrast of 40-percent scale indication contrast in a company’s modernized breeze hovel trickery in Ohio, a group fine-tuned a several physique shapes, intake and empty vents and automobile strakes to revoke aerodynamic drag, emanate downforce, maximize cooling and good empty neglected heat.

The innovative aerodynamic developments were invariably accurate during a company’s full-scale, relocating belligerent craft breeze hovel in Sakura, Japan.

NSX Cockpit
From a discerning orchestration and elementary control blueprint to a clever focus of materials and stuffing in a sports seats, steering circle and core console, a NSX provides exceptional, driver-centric ergonomics that supports and clarifies a pushing experience.

To rise an interior with model ergonomics, a Acura pattern group employed a series of exam drivers with wide-ranging pushing knowledge and ability sets to accumulate information to urge all aspects of motorist feedback and support in a NSX.

Attractive as good as structurally firm and lightweight, a seats in a new NSX are designed to offer greatest comfort and support, with a together and fore/aft support indispensable for a supercar. Developed by endless contrast and vigour mapping measurements, these seats offer some-more comfort than those in competing high-performance vehicles while providing a torso and thigh bolstering indispensable in a high-limit automobile such as a NSX. Seat materials such as leather and Alcantara were delicately comparison for a ideal multiple of energetic pushing support and comfort, including palliate of ingress-egress.

Likewise, a core console/controls have been designed to minimize distractions from a many critical function—driving—ultimately portion as a “simple sports interface.”

Integrated Dynamics System
The singular inlet of a NSX’s Sport Hybrid appetite territory enables a aloft grade of coherence to customize a pushing knowledge and energetic opening to fit a needs and desires of a motorist and a pushing environment. This capability is supposing by a Integrated Dynamics System, tranquil by a Dynamic Mode dial on a NSX’s core console.

The NSX Integrated Dynamics System facilities 4 selectable energetic modes – Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track – integrating all of a vehicle’s energetic systems: steering, brakes, throttle, Vehicle Stability Assist, dampers and Sport Hybrid SH-AWD control systems, as good as providing a customizable heard knowledge around new Intake Sound Control and Active Exhaust Valve technologies. (See Dynamics and Performance Management for additional detail).

Design, Development and Manufacturing
Design and growth of a next-generation NSX concerned a tellurian group of engineers and designers. Design and growth work on a Sport Hybrid appetite territory was centered in Tochigi, Japan, while pattern and growth of a body, chassis, electrical and interior, along with sum automobile formation was strong in Raymond, Ohio. Initial pattern for a NSX was conducted during a company’s Wako, Japan pattern studio and was entirely developed and grown for prolongation by a Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles.

Throughout a roughly four-year development, a elemental concepts for a New Sports eXperience remained transparent and consistent. However, a technologies and means by that a RD group would comprehend their judgment underwent a routine of continual alleviation and evolution, many particularly in a area of engine design. Whereas a strange instruction called for a transverse-mounted, routinely aspirated V6, a NSX growth judgment developed to a new and some-more severe approach—an all-new bespoke twin-turbocharged, longitudinally-mounted V6 engine. This radical re-imagination of a engine pattern had surpassing implications for any component of a NSX design, generally a package, cooling systems and aerodynamics.

The NSX has been tested and tuned on streets and competition circuits around a world. In further to a Transportation Research Center in Ohio and on-road testing, primary growth marks were Virginia International Raceway, a famed Nürburgring in Germany and during Honda’s possess Takasu exam circuit in Hokkaido, Japan.

NSX prolongation group members poise with a 2017 NSX during a Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio.

The NSX is made during a new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio regulating domestic and globally-sourced parts. The PMC was designed to innovate new means and methods of producing low-volume specialty cars and to comprehend severe new ideas for next-generation craftsmanship and peculiarity determined by a NSX prolongation team. The Performance Manufacturing Center employs approximately 100 associates, including 70 rarely learned prolongation technicians intent in physique construction, painting, public and peculiarity acknowledgment of a NSX. Among a many innovative processes is a world’s initial use of all-robotic MIG welding for a construction of a NSX’s aluminum space frame.

The NSX’s bespoke twin-turbocharged V6 engine is meticulously palm fabricated by consultant technicians during a company’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio, regulating techniques and processes benchmarked opposite a company’s world-class competition engineering programs. Each engine is dais tested and damaged in to a homogeneous of 150 miles of service. The NSX’s 9-speed twin purchase transmission, Direct Drive Motor and engine are appurtenance offset and fabricated during a Anna Engine Plant. The Twin Motor Unit (TMU) and other hybrid complement components are built in Japan and sent directly to a Performance Manufacturing Center for fitment in a NSX.