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Acura Automobiles: 2017 Acura NSX Press Kit

The all-new 2017 Acura NSX includes an advanced, user-friendly apartment of audio and connectivity technologies tranquil by a 7-inch Display Audio capacitive touchscreen interface with discerning touch, appropriate and daub control motions. The Display Audio complement is supplemented by steering circle mounted controls to put entrance to facilities and functions during a driver’s fingertips.

Audio and Connectivity Features

  • 290-watt Acura Premium Audio System with 8 speakers
  • Speed-Sensitive Volume Control (SVC)
  • Seven-inch Display Audio complement touchscreen
  • HD Radio®
  • Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS)
  • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility
  • Siri Eyes Free®
  • Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®
  • Bluetooth® Streaming Audio
  • Pandora® compatibility
  • MP3/Windows Media®
  • SMS Text Message function
  • USB audio interface
  • MP3/auxiliary submit jack

Optional Technology Package Features:

  • 580-watt Acura ELS Surround® Sound System with 9 speakers
  • Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition™
  • Acura HD Digital Traffic™
  • Next-generation AcuraLink® connected-car complement
  • Front and back parking sensors
  • Available SiriusXM Radio®

Acura Premium Audio System
Every NSX includes as customary a 290-watt Acura Premium Audio complement with FM radio and 8 speakers, including a absolute subwoofer, that has been engineered to be lighter than allied systems found in competing high-end sports cars. Portable electronic inclination can be connected to a complement wirelessly around a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, or hard-wired by a USB and submit ports. The audio complement in a NSX also supports a Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) record customary that allows digital information to be perceived from FM radio broadcasts including radio hire identification, tide time, radio hire ID call letters and, if available, low-pitched artist and strain title.

Display Audio Touchscreen
The seven-inch Display Audio touchscreen is able of displaying abounding graphics and allows a motorist or newcomer to work a high-resolution touchscreen in matching conform to a intelligent phone or inscription by tap, splash and appropriate user inputs.

The accessible Technology Package adds Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition, while Acura HD Digital Traffic adds a ability to yield maritime instructions and landmarks (gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, etc.) along a route, adding a preference of invariably updated real-time trade information.

Intuitive operation of a complement is ensured interjection to an easy-to-use menu interface and countless NSX-exclusive icons that resemble intelligent phone apps. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are upheld by a system, as is Pandora Internet-sourced music, a latter of that allows users to perspective manuscript artwork, daub to “like” songs and emanate personalized stations directly from a touchscreen.

HD Radio
A customary underline on any NSX, HD Radio delivers subscription-free high-quality digital sound with many clearer sound peculiarity and fealty from FM radio stations broadcasting in this format. HD Radio record enables receivers to arrangement a artist, strain title, manuscript art and radio hire information while a strain is being played. Also, HD Radio can accept invariably updated trade and continue information, as good as sports measure updates.

Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS)
The NSX’s Display Audio complement also supports a Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS). RBDS allows FM radio stations not broadcasting in a HD Radio format (stations regulating a required FM radio signal) to hide tiny packets of information within their broadcasted radio signal. Like HD Radio, this allows a radio hire to promote information—such as module information including artist and strain pretension and radio hire identification—that can be displayed on a audio system.

Next-Generation AcuraLink
Seamlessly integrated into a Display Audio complement of a NSX with Technology Package is a next-generation of AcuraLink, enabling a immeasurable array of information, connectivity and useful services that broach new levels of convenience, accessibility and assistance, permitting business to bond with online/cloud-based calm and services both inside and outward of a car.

Available in-vehicle as good as on a free-to-download mobile device app, AcuraLink offers these useful facilities and benefits:

  • Cloud-Based Navigation Services – Find your approach by promulgation directions from your desktop or mobile device to your vehicle; store and collect critical and/or frequently used destinations
  • Mobile Assist Services – Includes live-operator puncture assistance, involuntary collision presentation and roadside assistance, and by law coercion agencies—stolen automobile plcae tracking
  • Messages and Alerts – Allows Acura to send we a latest information about your automobile including confidence alarm notification, remote diagnostics and parking scale assist
  • Remote Services – Allows we to check your vehicle’s fuel spin or clear a automobile from a remote location
  • Schedule Maintenance – Your NSX will forewarn we when your subsequent automobile use is due and concede we to report an appointment
  • Assist Services (subscription fee) – A concierge use accessible 24 hours a day/seven days a week, simply with a hold of a button

The AcuraLink® smartphone app—available for possibly Apple iOS or Android-enabled dungeon phones—is designed to yield in-vehicle navigation facilities mirrored from a intelligent phone to a NSX, permitting for in-dash guided mapping directions with voice instruction over a audio complement speakers. Users can accept all a preference of in-vehicle maps and routing, including invariably updated trade information for freeways, highways and vital aspect streets. It also allows users to hunt for points of seductiveness (POI) or specific addresses, and includes giveaway annual map updates. By downloading a AcuraLink® navigation app onto your smartphone, we can tide a whole navigation complement onto a Acura NSX’s Display Audio touchscreen.

Apple CarPlay
Apple CarPlay allows a use of apps within a driver’s iPhone to work seamlessly within a vehicle’s Display Audio system. CarPlay radically turns a local in-car control complement (NSX’s touchscreen) into an Apple iOS device, permitting a motorist to use their iPhone within a automobile by a Display Audio touchscreen instead of looking down during a iPhone (when plugged in). What’s more, discerning operation is positive as a icons and graphics that seem on a NSX’s Display Audio complement touchscreen are matching in coming to a iPhone apps when regulating CarPlay. CarPlay relies heavily on a hands-free voice operation facilities of Siri that are embedded within a CarPlay system, permitting users to keep their eyes on a highway and hands on a steering wheel.

Using a Siri hands-free voice control functionality or dire a informed idol on a Display Audio complement touchscreen, a driver/front newcomer can entrance a series of accessible CarPlay features. These embody navigation (Maps); creation phone calls, returning missed calls and listening to voicemail (Phone); sending, carrying review aloud and replying to content messages (Messages); and listening to music, radio hire apps, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone’s iTunes—all though ever looking during your iPhone.

When regulating a navigation underline (Maps), turn-by-turn directions, trade conditions and estimated transport time are displayed on a Display Audio system’s touchscreen. While regulating a navigation underline (Maps), CarPlay can also envision where we many wish to go regulating addresses from your email, content messages, contacts and calendars.

Android Auto
Android Auto integrates concordant Android smartphones with a NSX’s in-car Display Audio system. Android Auto projects a customized chronicle of an Android smartphone onto a NSX’s Display Audio touchscreen when it is plugged into a car’s USB pier in a core console back storage box. Once plugged in, all phone calls are rubbed over a NSX’s onboard Bluetooth wireless connectivity feature.

Android Auto allows inputs to be done by drumming and/or swiping a Display Audio system’s electrostatic touchscreen or by creation elementary voice commands. Once connected with a vehicle, a driver/front newcomer have entrance to Google Maps, Google Now and Google Play Music, along with a accumulation of renouned third-party Android-compatible strain apps including iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon Music and Spotify, as good as a far-reaching array of sports, financial, continue and media information apps. There is also an Android Auto messaging app that will peep a presentation of an incoming summary on a Display Audio touchscreen, review a summary aloud, and concede a driver/front newcomer to respond to a summary by voice.

(Note: Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto need a concordant Apple or Android-based dungeon phone to be plugged into a 1.5-amp USB interface pier in a core console’s back storage box.)

Siri Eyes Free
Playing a pivotal purpose to support Apple CarPlay, Siri Eyes Free builds on Apple’s hands-free Siri functionality by enabling voice control operation of an Apple iOS mobile device that is related with a Acura NSX’s worldly in-dash Display Audio system. Using Siri Eyes Free, drivers can pronounce a probably vast array of voice commands, holding Siri’s hands-free functionality to a new spin while concurrently minimizing a intensity for distraction.

By dire and holding a TALK symbol on a steering circle when their iPhone is interconnected around Bluetooth, a motorist can use Siri to perform a series of tasks while gripping their hands on a steering circle and their eyes on a road. Siri Eyes Free can:

  • Audibly send and accept content messages
  • Audibly send and accept emails
  • Audibly accept notifications
  • Make and accept calls
  • Select and play music
  • Set adult reminders, alarms and calendar entries
  • Check sports scores, continue and batch quotes
  • Provide turn-by-turn voice navigation (when a audio complement is set to Bluetooth audio or iPod mode)

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink
A customary underline enclosed on any Acura NSX, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink allows a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone to be wirelessly interconnected with a vehicle’s Display Audio system, permitting for accessible hands-free operation to answer incoming calls or to make calls though stealing hands from a steering circle (the Bluetooth-enabled dungeon phone contingency have a Hands Free Profile (HFP) record embedded within a phone in sequence for it to be compatible).

Bluetooth Streaming Audio
Like a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink record that enables a safer approach of creation and responding phone calls, a Acura NSX’s Bluetooth Streaming Audio hands-free in-car complement helps a motorist to stay focused on a road.

The Bluetooth Streaming Audio record allows a audio underline of a concordant Bluetooth-enabled device such as a intelligent phone or MP3 actor to be interconnected wirelessly with a vehicle’s audio system. Music, podcasts, and books-on-tape can afterwards be streamed wirelessly to a NSX’s sound system. Certain concordant inclination will even arrangement metadata of a low-pitched artist, manuscript and strain pretension on a NSX’s Display Audio touchscreen.

Pandora Compatibility
The NSX’s Display Audio complement includes an interface for listening to Pandora, a giveaway streaming strain use that allows users to open an online comment and emanate adult to 100 personalized Internet “radio stations” formed on their favorite strain genres or artists. Pandora listeners can entrance their strain by their desktop or laptop mechanism as good as by their smartphone by downloading a giveaway Pandora app.

SMS Text Messaging
The Acura NSX’s SMS (Short Message System) Text and Email Message record allows content messages and emails to be audibly review aloud and allows a motorist to respond with any one of 6 opposite preset messages. The preset responses include:

  • Talk to we later, I’m driving.
  • I’m regulating late.
  • I’m on my way.
  • Okay
  • Yes
  • No

Once a concordant phone is interconnected with a Acura’s Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system, a content summary duty is enabled. When a phone receives a content message, an warning appears on a NSX’s Display Audio touchscreen. Using a touchscreen, a motorist can name to have a summary review aloud, name a preset respond choice, or call a sender—all though touching a phone. To assistance lessen a intensity for motorist distraction, a content of a incoming summary is not displayed on shade unless a delivery is in Park.

The NSX’s SMS complement is concordant with SMS-capable Android and BlackBerry inclination that have an active information devise and a Message Access Profile (MAP). Apple iPhones do not support this feature, though a Acura NSX’s Siri Eyes Free mode (iPhone 5 and 6) offers a ability to initiate, hear and respond to content messages around voice commands.

USB Ports
The NSX is versed with dual USB interface ports inside a vehicle. The core console storage box has an integrated 1.5-amp USB interface pier that connects with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as good as a vehicle’s audio system, including a Display Audio touchscreen. Located in a glove box is a 1.0-amp USB interface pier with support for iPod, MP3 and other USB functionality.

Acura NSX Technology Package
The Technology Package accessible for a 2017 Acura NSX includes a following features:

580-watt Nine-Speaker ELS Studio Audio System
Designed, engineered and made in partnership with Grammy® and Emmy® award-winning recording operative and strain writer Elliot Sheiner, a ELS Studio® Studio System produces colourful and sleek approximate sound peculiarity with strikingly authentic tonal peculiarity that can “finally constraint and imitate strain a approach we hear it in a studio,” according to Sheiner. The ELS Studio Premium Audio sound complement has been designed to yield extended opening and sound peculiarity within a compelled acoustic space while respecting other automobile pattern priorities, including progressing a low automobile weight.

ELS Studio Premium Audio complement orator layout

Sporting 9 speakers and a 12-channel amplifier, a 580-watt ELS Studio Premium Audio complement is delicately tuned to maximize a opening and acoustic properties of any audio member in a new Acura NSX. The outcome is a remarkably accurate and energetic sound that creates a ultimate in-car listening knowledge for any low-pitched genre.

SiriusXM Radio
Available as a stand-alone choice for NSX models versed with a discretionary Technology Package, SiriusXM Radio is a satellite radio network that broadcasts some-more than 175 channels of digital programming with nearby CD-quality sound from dual promote satellites positioned in geostationary circuit above a earth. Sirius-XM Radio satellite accepting is accessible opposite a whole continental United States and portions of Canada.

SiriusXM Radio programming includes commercial-free strain of probably any genre imaginable, live play-by-play movement of vital sports including NFL and college football, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), PGA Tour golf and NASCAR; party news and speak radio; tide trade conditions in countless vital civil areas; news and weather; and several Spanish-language stations. When listening to SiriusXM Radio programming, a Display Audio complement shows a tide category, station, strain pretension and/or artist’s name.

Equipped with a latest chronicle of SiriusXM satellite radio, a Display Audio complement in a Acura NSX includes many accessible features, including:

  • Listen to all songs in their entirety on preset channels with an present replay underline that will replay a strain from a beginning
  • A Sport Flash underline that shows an on-screen warning if your favorite sports group scores or creates a large play in a live diversion that is being promote on SiriusXM Radio while we are listening to non-sports programming; touching a soft-key on a Display Audio touchscreen will concede we to hear adult to 30 seconds of audio before and including a large play
  • Fast-forward, rewind and postponement functionality

Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and HD Digital Traffic
Included as partial of a Technology Package, a Acura Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition and HD Digital Traffic utilizes GPS record to give a motorist rarely accurate and easy-to-follow turn-by-turn pushing directions to any residence in a U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico as a complement responds by displaying a matches accessible within a database. What’s more, a complement provides useful information along a given track (locations of gas stations, ATMs, restaurants and other critical landmarks) with a extensive points-of-interest (POI) database. The large point-of-interest (POI) database includes write numbers that can be dialed by regulating a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink complement when a driver’s mobile write is connected to a system.

Developed in partnership with Garmin, this modernized GPS-based navigation complement employs rich-looking graphics to vividly arrangement turf and 3D buildings while permitting a motorist to name faster, reduction undiluted pushing routes by a subscription-free HD Digital Traffic information. Additionally, a HD Digital Traffic complement enclosed with this package alerts a motorist to tide trade conditions in their surrounding area and can arrangement swap pushing routes (including aspect streets in a U.S.) to detour heavily undiluted trade areas. The complement includes a giveaway map database refurbish any year for adult to 10 years.

The navigation complement can be operated manually around a touchscreen by utilizing a tap, appropriate and splash functionality—including pinch-to-zoom to adjust a fact of a map interface—allowing for quick touch-scrolling opposite a map interjection to a navigation system’s high-speed microprocessor. Scrolling and zooming in or out can also be tranquil by voice commands. Additionally, a navigation complement can be tranquil by fully-featured voice commands such as, “find nearest gas station” or “find nearest quick food restaurant.” The complement can even commend shortened authority phrases. For example, simply uttering “98.7” to change a FM radio hire environment in place of vocalizing some-more required commands such as “radio 98.7 FM” or “change a radio hire to 98.7 FM” is upheld as well.

Using a Voice Recognition system, a motorist can not usually work a navigation and audio systems simply by regulating their voice, though also adjust a meridian control (turn on/off atmosphere conditioning or heater; set a temperature; spin a defrost on/off, increase/decrease fan speed, etc.) and work a concordant smartphone.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors
The front and back parking sensors located during a corners of a NSX muster ultrasonic waves to detect a stretch between a automobile and an barrier and will warning a motorist with an heard vigilance as a NSX approaches an obstacle. The heard warning sounds some-more fast as a automobile gets closer to an obstruction.