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Acura Automobiles: Acura 2016 New York International Auto Show Press Conference

John Mendel – Executive Vice President, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Good morning, everyone. We’re vehement to have we here with us currently to share some critical new developments that pronounce to a clever opening instruction we are holding with a Acura brand, starting with this restyled and rested 2017 Acura MDX.

As we can see, upping a opening extraction of a MDX with confidant styling and a Sport Hybrid powertrain represents a vital injection of a Acura Brand’s Precision Crafted Performance DNA. MDX is a post of a Acura brand, a tip volume indication 7 years running, and a best-selling three-row oppulance SUV of all time. And with America’s adore event with SUVs flourishing stronger by a day, we are holding a event to make MDX even better.

The centerpiece of this redesigned MDX is a signature new solid pentagon grille. We previewed it in Detroit on a Acura Precision Concept, where we told we that it wouldn’t be too prolonged before we saw this confidant new face of Acura on a prolongation model, and here it is.

The new grille transitions into a re-styled Jewel Eye headlights and is interconnected with some-more assertive bodywork.The some-more neatly contoured hood, front fenders, and side sill are all new, with a revised fender pattern housing new LED haze lights. And it’s complemented in behind by a freshened behind fascia and twin empty pipes, again, reflecting a concentration on performance. And for tip grades, that comment for roughly 80 percent of a altogether indication mix, we’re requesting incomparable 20-inch wheels and tires that give MDX a some-more jaunty position and boon a opening capabilities of a Super-Handling All Wheel Drive powertrain.

Taken together, these styling changes take MDX a vast step into a destiny of Acura designand styling infused by a Precision Crafted Performance direction.

But a vital pattern changes aren’t singular to extraneous styling. Inside, we’ve given MDX a many reward calm in this best-selling model’s 15-year history.This includes accessible genuine timber accents and, for a Advance models, we’re wise MDX with second-row captain’s chairs and a core console in place of a three-person dais seat. Further, all models get an electronic parking stop and SiriusXM Radio 2.0, while tip grades supplement all a facilities we see listed here, including accessible remote engine start, a exhilarated steering wheel, HD Digital Traffic and a new Surround View camera.

The refinements to a 2017 MDX continue underneath a hood. We’re giving MDX business a choice of dual powertrains: a 3.5-liter approach injected V-6 corresponding to a 9-speed involuntary transmission, accessible in two-wheel expostulate or Super-Handling All Wheel Drive; and for a initial time on MDX, Acura’s insubordinate Sport Hybrid technology. The MDX follows a new NSX supercar and a RLX flagship sedan as a third Acura indication to request a disdainful three-motor Sport Hybrid technology.

Using a immediate torque smoothness from a 3 hybrid electric motors, a Sport Hybrid MDX will broach polished and manageable opening and is approaching to accept a 7-mpg boost in a city fuel economy rating contra a all-wheel expostulate model. Pairing a 3.0-liter V-6 with 3 electric motors, a MDX Sport Hybrid’s sum complement outlay is 325 horsepower, adult 35 horsepower from a non-hybrid model. And with electric motor-powered torque vectoring, a Sport Hybrid MDX elevates a Acura Super-Handling energetic knowledge with sensory cornering capability, electrified all-wheel expostulate power, and energetic nonetheless fit braking performance.

In addition, a Sport Hybrid MDX gets a new Active Sport Suspension complement that offers softened float and doing performance. And a new cessation is integrated with IDS (Integrated Dynamics System), that adds a new fourth mode – Sport+  – giving a hybrid MDX an stretched operation of customizable opening options.

On tip of that, a 2017 MDX will be a initial SUV in a category to request a extensive apartment of reserve and motorist assistive technologies as customary apparatus on all grades. These are technologies that many in a attention impute to as semi-autonomous. AcuraWatch is accessible on each Acura indication now and will be customary on a 2017 MDX.

Bold, particular new styling, increasing oppulance calm and features, customary AcuraWatch record and a refined,responsive and fit opening of Acura Sport Hybrid SH – All Wheel Drive.This is another step brazen in a sensory concentration on Acura Performance.

Now, changeable gears a bit, as we know, we are in a routine of bringing to marketplace a apex countenance of Acura Precision Crafted Performance and a usually supercar done in America – a implausible next-generation 2017 Acura NSX. We started holding patron orders final month with a launch of a NSX online configurator, and we’re usually weeks divided from a start of sequence prolongation in late April, during a Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, with patron deliveries to follow immediately thereafter.

And a really initial one is going to a tip bidder, a really possess Acura play and eminent foe organisation owner, Rick Hendrick, who is formulation to revisit a new prolongation trickery to watch a NSX he purchased during a Barrett-Jackson auction come down a public line.That was a fun night and a good night for charity, with a NSX lifting an implausible $1.2 million for a Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and song artist Zac Brown’s Camp Southern Ground.

Today, we’re here to tell we that a new NSX isn’t usually about to strike American roadways though American raceways. From a beginning, it was partial of a NSX pattern and engineering team’s charge to emanate a new knowledge within a super automobile segment, a automobile with extraordinary on-road and on-track energetic capabilities though not usually that. We also set out to make a world-class racing machine, and currently we’re fulfilling that commitment.

So, now, I’m unapproachable to benefaction to we this initial demeanour during a Acura NSX GT3 car.

Art St. Cyr – President, Honda Performance Development

Good morning everyone. As John said, this NSX GT3 will perform a joining to go racing with a new NSX.But it’s some-more than a commitment, it’s partial of a “racing spirit” and a Acura code DNA. Acura has a good bequest of foe in sports automobile racing that dates behind to a early 1990s with 3 uninterrupted IMSA Camel Lights motorist and manufacturer championships, followed by a initial incursion into GT racing with a initial era Acura NSX.

A decade ago we began campaigning in a American LeMans series, winning a 2009 driver, manufacturer and organisation championships in both a LMP1 and LMP2 classes. And currently we’re campaigning dual Acura TLX GT foe cars with a longtime partners, Realtime Racing, in a Pirelli World Challenge.

This new NSX GT3 automobile carries brazen that legacy. Initial expansion and contrast of this NSX GT3 was undertaken by a Japan race-engineering group, with contrast on highway circuits in Europe, Japan and right here in a U.S. Now, a U.S. foe engineers will finish a expansion in sequence to grasp FIA GT3 homologation this tumble with a goal of racing in North America in 2017.

Consistent with a GT3 formula, this NSX foe automobile will be behind circle expostulate with energy from a same 75-degree, twin-turbocharged V-6 that powers a prolongation NSX. The prolongation engine was indeed designed with GT3 racing in mind. The GT3 foe automobile will utlize a same block, heads, valvetrain, holder and dry sump lubrication complement as a prolongation NSX. The further of motorsports wiring and slight modifications to a empty complement will concede us to strike adult rise outlay to accommodate a GT3 opening targets. And a engine will be constructed during a Ohio engine plant by a same master builders that are palm convention a prolongation NSX energy unit.

Like a prolongation NSX, this NSX GT3 foe automobile will implement a same multi-material physique and aluminum complete space frame, that will be constructed by a learned technicians during a Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, that is a disdainful tellurian production trickery for all NSX models.

The NSX GT3 is wrapped in a tradition bodywork and aero package we see here. To urge aerodynamics and cooling for a racetrack in this GT3 configuration, we’re requesting a vast behind rug spoiler, incomparable hood vents and a new underbody diffuser.

Right now, we’re environment a sites on a initial full-season debate in North America starting in 2017.The NSX was designed as a apex countenance of Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance, and we’re looking brazen to proof out a ultimate lane opening capabilities in North American GT3 competition.

We demeanour brazen to pity some-more sum of a NSX foe skeleton in a days forward including information about teams, drivers and foe array as those skeleton mature. Now, I’ll ask John to come behind adult for some shutting words.

John Mendel – Executive Vice President, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Thanks, Art. That’s an overwhelming looking appurtenance we guys are building.

And vocalization of Precision Crafted Performance, in usually 3 days we will symbol a 30th anniversary of a Acura brand. Yes, 30 years given Acura shook adult a marketplace as a initial oppulance code from a Japanese automaker resolutely secure in a U.S. with a tip repute for peculiarity and reliability.

And with products that enclosed a initial era NSX, Legend, Integra, and a concentration on superb patron service, Acura got off to an implausible start. Now, we’re strongly focused on a essential impression and DNA of a Acura code that began 3 decades ago – Precision Crafted Performance.

We have good movement with 4 uninterrupted years of sales growth, a extraordinary new NSX supercar and, progressing this year, a Acura Precision Concept, that set a styling instruction for this energetic new MDX and a subsequent era of Acura products still to come.

Born in America and built in America, Acura stands utterly literally as an American brand. Last year, in fact, scarcely 98 percent of a Acura cars and light trucks were built during a plants in Ohio and Alabama; with some-more than half of all a Acura vehicles sole over a past 30 years being done right here in North America.

So, we have a lot to applaud as partial of this 30th anniversary. Please make certain we collect adult your 30th anniversary collectible, and we are acquire to join Art and me on theatre for a closer demeanour during a 2017 MDX and a NSX GT3 car.