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Acura Automobiles: Acura Announces Nov 2011 Sales Results

In a stability trend, a MDX oppulance SUV remained Acura’s best offered indication in Nov with 3,308 units sold, down 24.2 percent formed on Daily Selling Rate* (DSR). Acura light lorry sales were 4,761 (down 17.3 percent) while sum automobile sales were 5,148 (down 4.7 percent). Total sales for Acura were 9,909 units (down 11.2 percent) while year-to-date** sales totaled 110,170 (down 7.1 percent).

In October, Acura’s best offered automobile was a TSX sports sedan with 2,691 units sole that was a record for Nov sales. The TL opening oppulance sedan closely followed a TSX in sales with 2,412 units sold, down 4.8 percent.

While light lorry sales were led by a MDX oppulance SUV, a RDX crossover SUV was Acura’s subsequent best offered light lorry with 1,326 units sold, an boost of 7.6 percent.

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*The daily offered rate (DSR) is distributed with 25 offered days for Nov 2011 and 24 offered days for Nov 2010.
**Year-to-date sales formed on 280 days for Nov 2011 and 279 days for Nov 2010.

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