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Acura Automobiles: Acura Debuts 2018 TLX with ‘What A Ride’ Marketing Campaign

  • Innovative, mobile-first debate combined wholly regulating straight video
  • Multi-platform selling beginning introduces rested and significantly extended 2018 Acura TLX opening oppulance sedan
  • New artistic facilities colourful lane “The Movement” by hip-hop recording artist and writer Kid Ink:

Coinciding with a universe entrance of Acura’s rested and significantly extended 2018 TLX opening oppulance sedan, Acura currently debuted a new integrated, mobile-first selling debate titled, “What A Ride.”  

The “What A Ride” debate takes viewers on a color-rich, visually enterprising and astonishing tour filled with lightning-fast imagery and thought-provoking language. The debate is set to hip-hop recording artist and writer Kid Ink’s tranquil anthem, “The Movement.”  

The 2018 TLX selling debate continues a brand’s Precision Crafted Performance messaging with high-energy, a confidant tone pallet as good as a complicated and childish demeanour and feel. The artistic showcases a sedan’s sporty and assertive attributes, including a new TLX A-Spec with signature red leather seating, pointing doing capabilities, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and AcuraWatchTM apartment of active reserve and motorist assistive technologies, all customary apparatus on all 2018 Acura TLX models. The debate aims to enlarge a interest of a TLX to younger buyers by showcasing these new performance, record and styling enhancements inside and out, and by focusing on a new A-Spec indication via a creative, with guest appearances by Acura’s acclaimed supercar, a 2017 Acura NSX.

“Building on a success of a MDX campaign, we’re rising TLX with a enterprising and enterprising proceed that facilities abounding colors and confidant sounds,” pronounced Jon Ikeda, clamp boss and ubiquitous manager, Acura. “Over a past year, we’ve determined a singular and unchanging voice that is resonating with consumers and differentiating a brand.”

TLX Gets Creative

The 2018 TLX debate facilities several commercials illustrating a many new aspects of a opening sedan, culminating with a debate tagline: “What a Ride.”

“Geek + Chic” ( highlights Acura’s proceed to performance, regulating a TLX to denote what happens when we mix high-level engineering with a adore for pushing to emanate one-of-a-kind practice behind a wheel. The alluring A-Spec, with a romantic styling and competition tuning, is prominently featured.

“Wild + Things” ( introduces a neat TLX A-Spec indication alongside a NSX supercar for a high-performance family outing.

“Warp + Speed” ( shows off a TLX’s precision-handling and higher control with heart-pounding pushing footage. Features like a Integrated Dynamic System’s 4 graphic pushing modes and Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel DriveTM and Precision All-Wheel Steer technologies are front and center.

“Force +Field” ( focuses on Acura’s apartment of active reserve and driver-assistive features, famous collectively as AcuraWatchTM, by both mystic imagery and singular demonstrations that align with a tryptic story arcs.

Vertical Approach: Mobile-First

With calm on digital platforms – mostly mobile – set to overtake normal TV in 2017, Acura’s artistic proceed has developed formed on consumer habits. For a 2018 TLX campaign, Acura is embracing an innovative, mobile-fist rollout approach. The whole “What A Ride” debate was shot with straight cameras, heading with amicable media artistic techniques to beget calm that is not compromised when translated to mobile. This same calm works opposite plane formats, like television, by simply dividing a shade into three, relying on triptych story arcs and provocative word pairings to demonstrate a multi-faceted and enterprising inlet of a TLX – and a Acura brand.

The TLX media debate will concentration on lifting widespread recognition and fad for a new model, while targeting will expostulate care among TLX’s best prospects. Consumers will see TLX opposite Acura’s reward networks in Cable TV and reward environments in online video. Local TV efforts will boost recognition in Acura’s pivotal sales markets and among Hispanic consumers. Acura will continue to occupy a data-driven proceed to strech pivotal selling prospects by pinpointing in-market households by Addressable TV.

Digital and amicable efforts surrounding a 2018 TLX will also be targeted to tradition shopper profiles, enchanting impending shoppers online, on mobile, and on social. Through several high impact, immersive opportunities such as Tapad’s mobile straight video, Facebook board and carousel ad units, and Snapchat’s Snap Ads web perspective ad event where users can indeed learn some-more about and rivet with a TLX, Acura will have a ability to not usually prioritize messaging formed on consumers’ interests and needs, though also bond with them in an wholly new way.

The 2018 Acura TLX

The rested and significantly extended 2018 TLX opening oppulance sedan, rising this open in 3 graphic variants, facilities an aggressive, sporty redesign joined with new record and reward features. The new TLX A-Spec package takes a sedan’s assertive new pattern in an even some-more romantic direction, serve broadening a brand’s interest to younger buyers. The Acura TLX also will be one of a many technologically modernized and well-equipped vehicles in a shred with new record facilities including Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM compatibility, and AcuraWatch™ customary on all grades. The 2018 Acura TLX is slated to go on sale during Acura dealerships national in June.

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Acura is a heading automotive oppulance nameplate that delivers Precision Crafted Performance, an strange proceed to record and pattern that creates a new pushing experience.

The Acura lineup facilities 6 particular models – a RLX premium, oppulance sedan, a TLX opening oppulance sedan, a ILX competition sedan, a 5-passenger RDX oppulance crossover SUV, and a seven-passenger Acura MDX, America’s all-time best-selling three-row oppulance SUV. Last spring, Acura launched a next-generation, electrified NSX supercar as a new and apex countenance of Acura Precision Crafted Performance.


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