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Acura Automobiles: Executive Remarks

Mike Accavitti – Acura Division Senior Vice President and General Manager

Good morning everyone.  It’s good to be with we today.

Perhaps we beheld that we recently announced U.S. sales of a 2 millionth Acura car done in this region. That miracle speaks not usually to a success of a Acura code over a past 3 decades yet a fact that we have been building and building Acura’s in America for 20 years.

Today, we’re going to broach a redesigned chronicle of one such car is a renouned Acura RDX entrance reward SUV that has been built in Ohio given a launch of a initial era 2007 model. More on that in usually a moment.

First, we wish to pronounce to a extensive movement that continues to appetite a Acura brand.

We’re entrance off a third loyal year of increasing sales and a best opening given a recession. We finished a year flexing a muscles with a MDX and RDX dogmatic shrill and transparent they’re standing as a strongest 1-2 punch in a oppulance SUV game.

In fact, with all-time record total sales of some-more than 110,000 vehicles, MDX and RDX knocked out a foe in 2014, clocking in scarcely double a total sales of a Audi Q5 and 7 and some-more than 25 percent aloft than a BMW X3 and 5.

And final month that success continued with both MDX and RDX environment Jan sales records, with RDX sales adult a whopping 29 percent. Yesterday, U.S. News usually certified a care with a proclamation that both MDX and RDX were named Best Luxury 3-Row SUV and Best Luxury Compact SUV.

And while I’m during it, I’ll supplement that a Acura TLX was named Best Upscale Midsize Car. To accelerate a movement relocating forward, you’re going to see us concentration even some-more earnestly on a core code values and Acura DNA.

The ILX blurb we saw a impulse ago speaks to these core values and a birthright as a challenger code doing a astonishing to emanate new value for oppulance buyers. That means Acura will place even larger importance on Prestige, Proportion and Performance, with products that concentration on a reward oppulance knowledge energetic pattern and super-handling capability.

This was never some-more clear than with a new NSX… that is some-more than usually a new Acura supercar it’s a apex countenance of a joining to broach some-more strongly on these undying Acura values in any new product. That includes a RDX that we’re debuting here today.

The Acura NSX and a Chicago automobile uncover have a common history. It was 26 years ago during this unequivocally uncover that Acura launched a initial era NSX perpetually changing a universe of supercars. The next-generation NSX supercar will be here on a uncover building tomorrow and during open days. And it’s certain to be a throng favorite.

We’re investing implausible appetite in a opening cars and that began with a launch of a TLX final fall, when we took a vital step brazen in a reconstitute of a sedan lineup. Since going on-sale in August, a TLX has fast turn a tip offered indication for a brand. We’re unequivocally vehement about what a full year of undeviating sales will move in 2015.

And a all-new TLX is now being assimilated by a reborn ILX sedan that went on sale during Acura dealerships national on Tuesday with some-more features, some-more leading-edge technology, and a vital shot of Acura DNA.

We’re vehement about a good reviews we’re starting to see formed on a launch eventuality final week. This 2016 ILX is some-more than usually a normal mid-cycle refresh. Changes embody all from styling to interior excellence and cabin serenity to heading corner AcuraWatch reserve technologies. Mostly yet it’s about stirring sports sedan opening pleasantness of a new 2.4-liter direct-injected engine and 8DCT transmission. ILX is now a loyal gateway to what it means to be an Acura sports sedan.

And usually final week, a TLX and ILX were assimilated on a salon building by a significantly upgraded 2016 MDX that hits a highway with a new 9-speed involuntary transmission, and an extended Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system.

This is a same twin-clutch section that we introduced on a TLX final fall. Further MDX gets an stretched apartment of accessible AcuraWatch reserve and driver-assistive facilities including Road Departure Mitigation and Rear Cross Traffic Monitor.

MDX was not usually a sales personality among 3-row oppulance SUVs final year, it’s a best-selling 3-row oppulance SUV of all time. We have clever expectations for a MDX again in 2015 as a volume and picture personality in a SUV lineup.

So a proclamation this week that we will supplement a second U.S. prolongation plcae for MDX expanding from Alabama to a East Liberty Plant in Ohio that’s already home to a RDX is good news. Which brings me to a story of a day, and a bigger change entrance this open with a launch of a 2016 RDX.

The second-gen RDX has been an implausible performer for Acura given a tumble 2013 launch, entrance out of a embankment with 25 uninterrupted months of sales annals and it resumed that gait with all-time sales annals in any of a past dual months.

But again, we’re not resting on a laurels. The 2016 RDX gets a vital distillate of Acura code DNA, including styling, pushing performance, and sparkling new oppulance underline content.

So but serve ado, let’s take a demeanour ladies and gentlemen. The 2016 Acura RDX!


The initial thing you’ll notice about this new RDX is a some-more assertive position with a new circle design, and sportier front end.

This is highlighted by signature Acura Jewel Eye LED headlights that are complemented by a some-more three-dimensional grille and back LED taillights with light-pipe design.

Under a hood, there’s a new some-more absolute and manageable 3.5-liter i-VTEC engine with VCM that offers some-more appetite and a fatter torque bend opposite a full rev operation while assisting RDX collect adult 1 mpg in EPA highway fuel economy.

And underneath a skin, a engineers have serve strengthened a RDX physique to make RDX a usually car in a shred to acquire tip NCAP and IIHS reserve ratings.

In fact, with a ILX and RDX upping their reserve performance, we design EVERY indication in a Acura lineup will shortly grasp an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating, that would make Acura a usually oppulance marque that can make this claim. So, when we consider reserve care and oppulance consider Acura.

The RDX reserve story includes a stretched focus of all of these AcuraWatch technologies. A series of these facilities advantage from a focus of Acura sensor alloy technology, that expands a range and fealty of a RDX’s reserve intuiting and response capabilities, including walking sensing.

And that’s not all. Every RDX adds a feverishness and atmosphere conditioning complement for backseat comfort and a appetite tailgate for all models.

And we’ve upped status and excellence with a horde of new facilities and a new top-of-the-line Advance grade.

Both Tech and Advance grades get a horde of new entertainment, reserve and comfort features. And a new Advance Package adds even some-more reward content.

All this new style, modernized record and engineering integrity will ratchet adult a RDX’s romantic quotient.

We also trust it will make RDX even some-more rival than it is now and strengthen a position as a class-leading entry-luxury SUV.

So with a launch of a rarely expected next-gen NSX supercar after this year, TLX banishment on all cylinders, a reborn ILX gateway sedan, and now vital upgrades to a best 1-2 punch in a oppulance SUV game, 2015 is moulding adult to be one truly Xtraordinary year for Acura.

Thanks for your time and attention. Now greatfully join me on theatre for a closer demeanour during a 2016 Acura RDX!