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Acura Automobiles: Executive Remarks from a SEMA 2015 Acura Press Conference

Jon Ikeda – Vice President and General Manager, Acura Division:

Good afternoon everyone. Let’s usually contend we adore entrance to SEMA.

This is by distant a automobile fan collateral of a world, and it’s good to be behind in my new purpose heading a Acura Division, and I’m going to contend that it is a unequivocally sparkling time in a story of a brand.

This is SEMA, so we’re going to have some fun now with a integrate of vehicles a group had a lot of fun formulating and that denote a critical purpose of styling, in delivering on a core Acura DNA – “Precision Crafted Performance.”

Of course, a truly apex illustration of Precision Crafted Performance is a next-gen Acura NSX, that is on arrangement here now in a pleasing Nouvelle Blue Pearl. Yes, that is a prolongation color, one that we competence remember debuting right here during SEMA final year on a rarely mutated TLX from Galpin. So we never know, what we see during SEMA, where it competence spin adult next.

NSX is some-more than an impossibly energetic supercar. It is a usually supercar now to be grown and done right here in a United States, and when it goes on sale subsequent spring, a NSX will be a loyal flagship product in a Acura lineup.

Today, however, we wish to spin a spotlight on a integrate of unequivocally engaging projects that, like a NSX, were spearheaded by Acura’s U.S. pattern group in California. We’ve got a few unequivocally cold ideas from a past and a destiny of Acura to share with we today, and as we good know, SEMA is a good height for that.

This is a place where people from all corners of a automobile business can come together and share their furious and crazy dreams. That’s because Acura keeps entrance behind each year with new expressions of a passion for opening and customizing as core elements of a Acura experience. Performance and customizing is in a heritage, and will sojourn as a focal indicate in a code into a future. So, let’s get to it.

We have a payoff of display we dual cars with rather of a common purpose. Both compensate faithfulness to a implausible passion and faithfulness of one of a longtime Acura customers, an award-winning low-pitched artist, actor and businessman by a name of Ludacris, and I’ve asked Dave Marek to fill we in on all a details. Dave is not usually ardent about opening cars; he’s a Global Creative Director for a Acura brand. So, ladies and gentlemen, greatfully acquire to a stage, Mr. Dave Marek.

Dave Marek – Global Creative Director, Acura:

Thanks, Jon. At Acura, we are formulating products that pronounce with an even stronger voice to a core values and severe suggestion of Acura, and that is performance.

But opening is not usually about a powertrain. We have to uncover opening in a proceed a vehicles are styled. That means low and far-reaching design, wider wheels and tires and unprotected empty tips. You will see and hear some-more about this instruction in a entrance months.

But we can uncover we a spirit of it now. Because now is a jubilee of one man’s clever affinity for a Acura brand, and how it symbolizes a kind of passion and faithfulness that we unequivocally wish each Acura owners to feel. we meant he put his Acura Legend on a cover of an album.

We met Ludacris and his family behind in Jan during a Detroit Auto Show. And that started a conversation, and when we schooled that his dear 93 Legend Sedan had been concerned in an accident, and that his word association was prepared to sum it, we motionless we indispensable to do something to keep it off a throw heap. Honestly, with or though us, Chris was dynamic to hang on to this car.

So we took adult a plea of restoring his Legend to a strange glory, and maybe balance it a little. It’s singular for an OEM RD group to correct someone’s personal car. But it was a fun project, both to prerogative Chris’ faithfulness and to give him an bargain of how RD works.

To try and put a automobile like this into strange condition is a vital understanding in itself. It took us to throw yards, visits to physique and support correct shops, interior replacement experts, and into a possess phony emporium in California. It was kind of a Humpty Dumpty story, though this time, all a king’s horses and all a king’s group were means to put it behind together again.

Chris had never customized his Legend, and we had sum honour for that. He was fine with usually a restoration, though we wanted to adult a ante a bit, and so did he. So we took a few liberties that aren’t accurately a back-to-factory-spec approach.

Now, we could have stopped there, though we wanted to have some some-more fun, while progressing a tighten ties with Chris, and joining a attribute to a stream product lineup.

It also so happens he started The Ludacris Foundation to do mythological good in a community. So we suspicion it would be fun to emanate another plan car, one that we’re donating to a substructure for one propitious target who is also doing mythological work within a community.

You already saw a teaser picture for this one, and it’s a second year in a quarrel that we’ve partnered with Galpin Auto Sports for a SEMA show. This time around, we chose an ILX sedan for customization, in partial to applaud a extensive upgrades we’ve done to a 2016 Acura ILX, in styling, feature-content, and powertrain with it’s new 200 horsepower i-VTEC engine and 8-speed DCT.

Let’s take a demeanour during how we brought both of these projects to life, to emanate a truly “Legendary Duo.”

[Reveal of Restored 1993 “Ludacris Legend” sedan and sport-modified 2016 Acura ILX by Galpin Auto Sports]

I would call a Legend a amiable custom, again, respecting a nostalgia aspect that Ludacris loves about his car. But we wanted to move a opening cause up.
So in further to a frame, physique and framework work we went and dual on a circle distance and lowered a automobile two-inches. All to safeguard a Legend continues to be an beguiling float for Chris for years to come.

We also combined a small solid dirt to a exterior, with a tradition tone we churned adult in a possess phony emporium called Warm Cashmere. This champagne bullion is usually a cold tone that we felt would unequivocally ring with a customer. It’s a three-step routine with a colored primer, a pearlescent layer, and afterwards a transparent topcoat.

Inside, we’ve worked to move it behind to bureau spec, though again with a few special touches. It’s Ludacris, so we wanted to put in a unequivocally kick-ass sound system. we wish we beheld that subwoofer in a trunk, usually in box he skeleton to emanate some new songs in his studio Legend.

We also worked closely with Galpin on a ILX, vital explanation that a ILX is a good height for a aftermarket. We lowered a physique by dual inches. There’s a new tradition front bumper, chin spoiler, back diffusers, and tradition twin Borla empty pipes, all from a friends during Galpin.

There are 19-inch, matte brushed smoked finished wheels, one-size adult from stock, wrapped in Pirelli run-flats.

We also wanted to make a transparent tie between this tradition ILX and Chris’s Legend. So we drew on a same bullion tone palette with Sunburst Yellow regulating a three-stage candy paint process. And we’ve carried this tone thesis into a stitched elements of a cabin, a seats, steering wheel, doorway panels and core console.

We had a lot of fun with this car; again, demonstrating how we can uncover opening by styling, a joining we pledge will be a hallmark of destiny Acura design.

And it all came home for us when a customer, Ludacris, embraced both of these vehicles.

Thank you.


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