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Repsol. When engine racing enthusiasts hear a name of a Spanish oil association these days, their thoughts fundamentally spin to top-class motorsport and bureau teams with state-of-the-art apparatus – such as in MotoGP, circuit racing array or rallying.

As early as 1970, Repsol had motionless to form a motorsport group underneath a care of Spanish convene motorist Eladio Doncel. This group had a bill of some-more than 8 million pesetas, homogeneous to around 457,000 Deutsche Mark. The vehicles: dual Porsche 911 ST 2.3 cars, whose Group 4 sequence was applicable financially. Under Spanish law, these racing cars were deliberate to be sports apparatus and, in contrariety to Group 3 vehicles, were therefore not theme to etiquette avocation and import VAT.

Eladio Doncel collected a cars from Stuttgart privately and brought them to Spain temperament etiquette plates 428-Z-9869 and 428-Z-9743. Shortly thereafter a Repsol trademark – a white “R” on a blue credentials with a red limit – ornate a dual racing 911s. Elacio Doncel and Alberto Ruiz-Giménez took to a start lines of several Spanish rallies alongside their sold co-drivers. In 1970 they dominated a Spanish Rally Championship, with Alberto Ruiz-Giménez eventually collecting a pretension of “Campéon de España de Rallyes” during a finish of a season, followed by Eladio Doncel in second place. The group remained successful and kept a Porsche dwindle drifting high in Spain until Eladio Doncel had a critical collision during a “Rally Internacional de Oviedo” in Sep 1972 in that his automobile was broken over repair. Eladio Doncel and his co-driver Antonio G Mantecón were severely harmed in a collision and Doncel late from active motorsport.

911 ST 2.3, Steiermark, 2018, Porsche AG

This 911 ST 2.3 found a approach to a stream owners in a south of Munich

“El Oso” – “The Bear”, as Alberto Ruiz-Giménez was nicknamed, took partial in some circuit races in 1972 in an Opel Commodore, during that time Spanish motorist José Manuel Lencina took over during a circle of his Porsche 911 ST 2.3. Porsche Factory Customer Miguel Lopez Jiménez eventually purchased a automobile in a mid-1980s, had it repainted and used it on a road. At a commencement of 2015, this 911 ST 2.3 afterwards found a approach to a stream owners Nikolas Knoll in a south of Munich.

Although a lerned economist by profession, a Bavarian has been preoccupied with vehicles and their record ever given he was a child, initial with mopeds, afterwards with cars and for a past 15 years exclusively with Porsche. “I held a Porsche bug most progressing than that from a crony who frequently had vehicles built in a former patron sports dialect during Helmut Pietsch. As a teenage convene fan, we was of march really excited”, says a 57-year-old, who – with assistance from friends and experts – set about operative on his possess vehicles with good passion.

Step by step, both a strange and a reproduction were completed

This unrestrained for Porsche and a record finally led to him determining in 2014 to modify a 911 S from indication year 1970 into a 911 ST 2.3, regulating all of a special tools that a contemporary racing text “Sporttechnische Leitfaden für Porsche-Fahrer” from 1970 indicates for this vehicle. These embody wings, carp and bumpers done from glass-fibre reinforced plastic, lightweight plexiglass glazing during a side and rear, lightweight doorway panels, widened back wings, a lowered framework with seven-inch Fuchs rims during a front and nine-inch Minilite wheels during a back and, of course, a some-more absolute engine.

Although a crankcase, crankshaft and joining rod have been taken from a customary 911 S, a converted automobile uses hard-chrome-coated cylinders with an 85-mm bore. The automobile also facilities special cylinder heads with incomparable channels and dual tiny hint plugs per explosion chamber, a Marelli twin-plug distributor, Carrera 6 camshafts and a form 46 IDA 3C Weber carburettor. While Knoll was in a center of converting a ST in 2015, he came opposite a remaining strange Repsol 911 ST 2.3. “Unfortunately, it had some engine damage, though after a consummate visible investigation with experts, we did not demur for a singular second and decided: now we have two!” recalls Knoll. For a consequence of newness he usually had to reinstate teenager things like a seats and a back fender on a former Spanish racing car. Step by step, both a strange and a reproduction were completed. Today, they pleasure fans of ancestral rallying in sold when they seem during classical motorsport events.

Porsche 911 ST 2.3

Technical data
Engine: 911/02 six-cylinder prosaic engine
Displacement: 2,247 cm3
Bore x stroke: 85 x 66 mm
Compression ratio: 10.3:1
Maximum power: 230 hp during 8,000 rpm
Power transmission: 911/01 five-speed primer delivery with differential lock
Unladen weight: 930 kg

Text initial published in a repository “Porsche Klassik 13”.

Text by Jürgen Gassebner // Photos by Stefan Bogner

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