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After a severe initial half of a year: Audi Group confirms gain foresee for 2019

* The common fuel output values of all models named and accessible on a German marketplace can be found in a list supposing during a finish of this MediaInfo

“As expected, 2019 is a genuine test. We are handling in a really formidable marketplace sourroundings with many inauspicious factors and are holding unchanging movement opposite this trend with a Audi Transformation Plan,” says Alexander Seitz, Member of a Board of Management for Finance, China and Legal Affairs during AUDI AG. “At a same time, we – like a competitors – contingency replenish a destiny viability of a business indication and work tough on a long-term competitiveness. With a new ‘Consistently Audi’ strategy, we have tangible a roadmap into a future. What depends now is unchanging implementation. Together with a worker representatives, we wish to determine on sound solutions to financial this change.”

The vital realignment presented by a Audi Board of Management during a Annual General Meeting in late May puts Group-wide decarbonization core theatre including a almost stretched foundation of a indication range. Profitability and corporate value are to boost significantly in a prolonged tenure with “Consistently Audi.” Audi’s designed allege expenditures will sum approximately €40 billion only until a finish of 2023.

In a initial half of 2019, a association handed over to business 906,180 automobiles of a Audi code and so fewer than in a prior year (2018: 949,233). The tellurian automobile marketplace engaged during a identical rate, so a Four Rings’ marketplace share remained stable. Adverse factors for Audi also resulted from aftereffects of a transition to a WLTP exam cycle and from a ramp-up of countless indication changes. The association expects a indication commencement to broach augmenting expansion impulse during a second half of a year. The upgraded A4 and Q7 volume models will be launched, as good as a Q3 Sportback – a new indication but a predecessor. Especially in a full-size segment, Audi is expanding a portfolio of plug-in variety – in a A7 and A8 indication array for instance – and with generally sporty automobiles such as a SQ8* and a many energetic member of a A8 family. In China, a all-electric Audi e-tron* and a Q8 will turn accessible for a initial time, and in a United States, a new era of a critical Q3 will be launched.

First-half income amounted to €28,761 million (2018: €31,183 million) and reflects a practiced stating structure of a Audi Group. Due to a prior inclusion of several multi-brand import companies, Audi’s combined financial statements also enclosed income from a sale of cars of other Volkswagen Group brands in prior years. This income has now been reported during Volkswagen Group turn given a commencement of 2019. Adjusted for these effects, income in a initial 6 months of a year was somewhat aloft than a prior-year level. Positive effects resulted from a indication mix, essentially from a launch of a Audi e-tron and a Q8. At Lamborghini, income increasing by 75.6 percent along with a success of a Urus* super SUV.

For a initial half of this year, a Audi Group posted handling distinction of €2,300 million (2018: €2,761 million). The diminution is attributable among others things to aloft debasement of a prolongation network stretched in a prior years and increasing crew costs. Higher allege output for destiny technologies also had an inauspicious impact and led to an boost in a ratio of investigate and growth output to income to 7.7 percent (2018: 6.5 percent). On a contrary, reduce placement costs had a certain outcome and a association done serve swell with a Audi Transformation Plan. In a context of this module for gain improvement, Audi took measures in a initial half of a year that will have a certain impact on full-year 2019 handling distinction in an volume of some-more than €1 billion.

The handling lapse on sales decreased to 8.0 percent in a initial half of a year (2018: 8.9 percent). The revenue-reducing effects from a deconsolidation of a multi-brand importers had a certain outcome on a lapse ratio and dampened a decrease.

The Audi Group reports distinction before taxation of €2,580 million for a initial half of this year (2018: €3,211 million). This includes a financial result, that decreased to €280 million (2018: €450 million), partially due to dimensions effects.

At €2,253 million (2018: €2,672 million), a net money upsurge nonetheless again reached a high turn also in a formidable initial half of this year, so confirming a Audi Group’s first-class solvency. Compared with a prior-year figure, decreased distinction before taxation and one-time effects from a deconsolidation of a multi-brand importers had a disastrous impact. Positive factors were increasing spending fortify and a sensory vital concentration of investment activities, that led to a diminution in a ratio of collateral output to income to 3.0 percent (2018: 3.4 percent).

“In a second half of a year, we will energetically pull forward with a restructuring. We intend to serve stabilise Audi’s opening in a violent environment,” says Alexander Seitz. “The upcoming introduction of a second theatre of a WLTP exam cycle will also plea us again. We have prepared for this intensively in new months and as a subsequent step will concentration on a rebate of a associated inventories.”

For a full year, a Audi Group affirms a gain foresee and anticipates an handling lapse on sales of between 7.0 und 8.5 percent. Along with tolerably rising deliveries of a Audi brand, income should somewhat surpass a prior-year figure practiced for a deconsolidated import companies. The association forecasts a net money upsurge of €2.5 billion to €3.0 billion. Audi now assumes that a ratio of investigate and growth output will be tolerably above a aim mezzanine of 6.5 to 7.0 percent; during a commencement of a year, a association had expected a ratio only somewhat above a aim corridor. On a other hand, a Audi Group now anticipates a reduce capital-expenditure ratio that is to be somewhat next instead of within a aim mezzanine of 5.5 to 6.0 percent.

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