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After a successful year 2012: Audi intends to continue the expansion in 2013

Audi presented all of a pivotal sum for a past financial year during a annual press discussion hold currently during a company’s domicile in Ingolstadt and attended by some-more than 300 general journalists. Rupert Stadler, a CEO of AUDI AG, stated: “2012 was a really successful year for us. We surpassed a targets and combined an appealing reward brand, Ducati, to a code portfolio. We intend to continue a expansion in 2013 and with dual new plants this year, we will emanate a right conditions to strengthen a explain to care over a prolonged term.” As of 2016, Audi will furnish a subsequent era of a Q5 during a new plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico.

2012 was another year of record sum for Audi: Worldwide, a association shipped 1,455,123 automobiles of a Audi code (2011: 1,302,659). That represents expansion of 11.7 percent or approximately 152,500 additional customers. The code with 4 rings increasing a income by 10.6 percent to €48,771 million (2011: €44,096 million).

Despite a increasingly formidable mercantile situation, a Audi Group somewhat increasing a handling distinction to a new record figure of €5,380 million in 2012 (2011: €5,348 million). The handling lapse on sales of 11.0 percent (2011: 12.1 percent) was once again significantly above a aim mezzanine of 8 to 10 percent.

Distribution costs amounted to €4,593 million in 2012 (2011: €3,599 million). The boost compared with a before year is due to a incomparable sales volume and aloft selling costs, as good as a marketplace launch of additional models and a doing of vital sales concepts such as Audi City in London and Beijing.

The Audi Group’s net financial income in a year underneath examination amounted to €576 million (2011: €692 million). As a result, a Group posted distinction before taxation of €5,956 million (2011: €6,041 million).

The categorical lapse sum simulate a company’s clever profitability. They denote that a Audi Group continues to be one of a world’s many successful vehicle manufacturers. In serve to a handling lapse on sales of 11.0 percent, a lapse on sales before taxes reached a glorious turn of 12.2 percent (2011: 13.7 percent). The lapse on collateral was 30.9 percent (2011: 35.4 percent).

For Axel Strotbek, Board of Management Member for Finance and Organization during AUDI AG, a company’s high profitability reflects a success of a expansion strategy. The CFO regards investing in a destiny as justification of farsighted management: “We already instituted a biggest investment module in a story in 2011. We now devise sum investment averaging some-more than €3.5 billion any year until 2015, in sequence to effectively pursue a expansion path.”

The high investment volume of new years is profitable off. The new Audi Q3 was launched in a initial markets in a tumble of 2011 and was so accessible for a initial full year in 2012. In Europe alone, Audi handed over scarcely 80,000 units of a compress SUV to customers. The Audi A6 Avant has also been during dealerships given a tumble of 2011 and is obliged for clever expansion procedure on a brand’s home continent. Sales of this vast car increasing in a shred by 38.9 percent to approximately 63,100 automobiles in 2012. Across all models, a Audi code sole about 739,000 cars in Europe final year, improving by a poignant 1.8 percent compared with a before year in a formidable marketplace environment.

In a United States, a association set new sales annals in any month of a year 2012, serve accelerating a expansion rates of 2011. And a code with a 4 rings confirmed a transparent lead in a reward shred in China. The company’s tellurian devise showed certain formula – Audi achieved record section sales in some-more than 50 markets final year.

The association would not be means to accommodate a targets though rarely encouraged employees. The Board of Management therefore interjection all members of a Audi workforce for their efforts and commitment. Once again, a employees of AUDI AG will advantage from a distinction share for final year: Employees during a German sites lonesome by common compensate agreements will accept an normal distinction share of €8,030. For a year 2013, AUDI AG skeleton to partisan 1,500 additional employees in Germany alone. And once again, approximately 700 immature people will start an tutelage or traineeship during Audi this year.

The Audi Group anticipates a slight boost in income in a years 2013 and 2014. The expansion of gain will distinction not usually from a targeted expansion in section sales, though also from a continual improvements in capability and processes instituted in a past, as good as from fit corporate structures. Despite high output for new products and technologies – in sold to perform stricter CO2 regulations all over a universe and investments to enhance a general prolongation network – a association anticipates an handling lapse on sales during a top finish of a vital aim mezzanine of 8 to 10 percent.

New models of a Audi code will assistance a association to grasp this goal. Last week, a vehicle manufacturer from Ingolstadt continued a indication descent during a Geneva Motor Show, with a Audi A3 Sportback e-tron for example. The A3 sedan will also have a universe premiere this year and will strengthen Audi’s position in strategically critical markets such as a United States and China. And Audi has some-more sporty RS models in a product operation this year than ever before. In serve to a RS 7 Sportback and a RS Q3, a RS 6 Avant and a RS 5 Cabriolet will also be launched in 2013.

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