Porsche Canada

Air-cooled northerner

He usually misses San Diego occasionally, and it’s whenever he is on a house and when he thinks behind to a loose Californian lifestyle. “The Pacific’s waves are usually one of a kind, not even a severe North Sea can compare them,” says Ken Hake, who was innate on a North Sea island of Sylt in 1979.

He learnt how to scrupulously float a waves, either on a Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, in a North of Germany – primarily by windsurfing, after exclusively regulating a surfboard. In 1996, Hake even won a German surfing championship. “It’s tough to trust though Sylt can demeanour behind during a prolonged surfing history. As early as a 1950s, lifeguards used play to master a waves of a North Sea. At some indicate they afterwards brought behind surfboards from their holidays in France and took to a waves on them,” says Ken Hake.

At 18, a local of Sylt was penetrating to try out opposite a sea and finished adult in California. In 1997, Hake shaped partial of a German inhabitant team, holding partial in a World Surfing Championships in Huntington Beach, where he immediately held a bug of a Californian approach of life. A year after he returned to a Golden State – this time to San Diego, where Hake complicated selling and economics. “However, many of a time we was bustling surfing in La Jolla, that has one of a world’s oldest roller clubs. There was a special suggestion in a air, something though comparison,” he romanticises to this day.

However, after carrying spent twelve years in a US, he returned to Germany. Pivotal in his preference was his employer’s relocation from San Diego to Los Angeles. “I like L.A., though vital there usually seemed too hectic,” says Hake, looking back. “I knew that if we didn’t lapse to Germany during that point, we would never do so.” Back in Hamburg, Hake, who had always been preoccupied by design, combined his possess label: Marine Machine. Ever since, leather jackets meant to final a lifetime have been on sale from Hamburg opposite a practical emporium counter. However, Hake is also surfing his possess call in terms of Porsche.

The code has been concomitant him given he was a child. “My father sparked a passion in me for sports cars from a unequivocally early age,” Ken explains. Hake Senior is station right behind him. “I was a second chairman to ever move a Porsche to a island of Sylt. And we sojourn a usually one who has been doing so to this day,” Hake’s father says.

“Porsche is unique, a code that is tighten to my heart”
Ken Hake

His initial Porsche was a 356 Super, followed by a Carrera 2, “the one with a famous Fuhrmann engine featuring beyond camshafts … You know what we mean. we am still angry that we sole it, even currently …,” Hake Senior, vegetable oil businessman and former pilot, admits. He used to fly famous publishers like Rudolf Augstein, former publisher of a German repository “Der Spiegel”, around a world.

“Looking during a preference of Porsche cars my father has owned over a years, we roughly get goosebumps. There was an S chronicle of a F Model he had mutated by Rennsport Kremer. Then dual Carrera 2.7, both as a Touring and also a racing version, and an SC, that Alois Ruf tweaked for him,” Hake Junior explains. Today, Hake Senior drives a Porsche Type 964 Turbo including bureau powerkit (WTL). Ken, on a other hand, swears by a G Model in Granite-Green Metallic. He uses it to transport as distant as a French seashore to go surfing.

“Porsche is unique, a code that is tighten to my heart,” Ken says. His matter is underlined by his many new project: Petro-Surf, something he brought to life together with his crony Angelo Schmitt. It’s a kind of partnership between surfers and Porsche enthusiasts. Recently, a village met on Sylt for a second time, attracting not usually sports automobile aficionados from all over Germany, though even fans from New York and Australia. Ken never unequivocally burnt his bridges with California.

For example, he has already upheld works motorist Patrick Long in his aim to settle a US-based Luftgekühlt Porsche entertainment in England and Munich. “Back afterwards my partner Matthias Hoeing and we were on a approach to Spa to revisit Patrick during one of his races. In that deteriorate he raced alongside Patrick Dempsey and Marco Seefried. We fast became close,” Hake reminisces, who was unsuccessfully seeking a identical suggestion in Germany to that embodied by Luftgekühlt.

After carrying started in Los Angeles, Luftgekühlt also became a success in Munich and in a English city of Bicester. Petro-Surf now enhances a suggestion of classical Porsche gatherings. However, it’s all according to Ken Hake’s liking: with a Northern German flair.

“I demeanour brazen to anticipating out where Porsche and Petro-Surf will take us,” Hake explains. “The initial dual gatherings were a success. They valid that a air-cooled stage in Germany is roughly as cold out as a one in Los Angeles.”


Text by Bastian Fuhrmann
Photos by Frank Kayser